3 Main Steps To Making Money Online

3 Main Steps To Making Money Online

Today I was talking to one of my friends, then we started to talk about my online business. He asked me what he had to do to start making money online.

This was my response, there are a lot of ways to make money online, affiliate marketing (my favorite), drop shipping, selling physical products, selling downloadable digital products to name a few.

But whatever method of making money online you pick, there are 3 main steps you must follow and here are the three main steps to making money online.


There are 3 main steps to making money online.

Step 1 is positioning yourself in a profitable area online.

A niche is a group of people interested in a certain topic or a hobby. This means we identify a niche in which people are already spending money.

Your niche could be creating wealth, finding the better half, weight loss, muscle building, making money online, sport, shoes etc.

How do you find a niche?

Good question, there are two ways to find your niche, first ask, yes it is as simple as asking people what they want, you can do this in social media (twitter, facebook, Instagram etc), or you can do this offline ( i remember when me and my friend knocked doors in more than 200 houses in our neighborhood to find out if people would pay for a water generating machine), just do it ask.

The second way to find your niche is by following the money, just figure out where most people spend their money and find that thing, present to them and you will make money.

By doing those steps you will have 1-10 niche ideas, the most important question to ask yourself is if you can produce contents in that niche (if your an expert ) or if you have interest enough to learn about the topic.

After answering that question you will remain with 1-3 niche ideas, just pick the one that excites you the most and go to step two below.

Step 2 -Find out their problem

So now you have identified your profitable niche, the next step is to find out what is the problems in your niche, and among those problems find out which one you can fix, for example, in a weight loss niche there are people who want to lose weight but they don’t have time to go to a gym, there are people who don’t mind to go to the gym but they eat a lot, there are people who can’t do either, etc. That is why it is so important to ask.

After finding out their problem, it is time to give them the solution, the solution needs to be short, and direct to the point. The solution can be in the form of video audio or written words (ebook, blog post etc).

Now you create a one-page website to capture email addresses of visitors who are interested in the solution you provide in exchange to the solution, in another word they give you their email and you give them the simple solution.

Step 3 -Send them more solutions and make money

When people who want the solution you created give you their email they will be placed in a software called an autoresponder. The most used autoresponder software is called Aweber.

You will start following up with these people with more tips and solutions related to their origin problem, you can create an email, login in your autoresponder software send that email with tips and resources ( free and paid ones) with your affiliate link, and if those people open and click the link in the email and buy something you will be paid a percentage of that sell.

Final words

These are 3 main steps to making money online, as I said those are main steps means there are a lot of small steps you will need to do if you want to increase your profitability, here is when my man Kevin Fahey comes in.

Kevin has created a perfect program for you. It’s the perfect “starting place” for anyone who is new.

It’s called “IMNEWBIE”, and it’s EXACTLY what I followed to start earning money online. It only costs around $9.95, but the information is priceless.

Here it is:



Why Most People Fail Online?…

In this post, I am going to tell you Why Most People Fail Online.

But first thing let me ask you something and answer honestly here…

How many times have you sat in front of the TV and said to yourself ‘I should really be working on my online business’… when really you only continued sitting in front of the TV, flicking through channels, looking for something that you ‘must watch’ and making up excuses to yourself that you just didn’t have enough time?

How many times have you said that you’ve got to do something, made a mental note of it and possibly even planned your day ahead only to be distracted from friends, family or colleagues?

How many times have you actually got down to work, but found it so hard to concentrate and get any real tasks done that you eventually gave up and started chatting on the forums?

Seriously how many times has that happened to you?… It’s all happened to us at some point in our lives – so don’t worry, we’re all in the same boat.

It’s no secret that you have to work to achieve your goals. Without working toward the achievement of your goals, you simply will never get there.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that the only option is grueling, back-breaking work to get from where you are to where you want to be.

Thankfully, that’s not the case either!

What you need to do is combine hard work along with techniques for effective decision making to make progress toward your goals. The combination of these creates a synergetic approach which helps you achieve your goals faster and much easier.

It goes without saying that decision making is one of, if not the most, important factors in determining success in life, business, relationships, and emotions.

Sadly, the majority of people in the world suffer from wishy-washy decision making that doesn’t move them toward their goals but keeps them floundering instead! Most people sit on important decisions for hours, days, weeks, and even months or years when a fast decision would have been more than ample.

The stress comes from over analyzation of a decision and wanting to make the “perfect” decision. This usually results in no decision which means NO results!

So what I want to do today is help you when it comes to making decisions and taking action by sharing with you some tricks I use.

You can watch the intro video below:
==> Click here to watch the Introduction <==

5 Simple Tips To Increase Affiliate Sales

What if you can make more money in your Clickbank, Jvzoo, Warriorplus account by using the same amount of traffic? will you be interested? Keep reading.

In this post, I am going to give you 5 simple tips to increase affiliate sales with the same effort. You will learn how you can make more money from the same amount of traffic you’re getting right now.

5 Simple Tips To Increase Affiliate Sales

5 Simple Tips To Increase Affiliate Sales

1: Get a niche related domain name

This is a point where most of the beginners fail to understand, you need to have a niche related domain name, a domain name should be short, easy to remember and somehow related to your niche, for example, one of my domain names is bellybailout.com, as you can see it is easy to remember and the name is related to the niche( belly fat loss).

The main purpose of having your own domain name is that you can use to redirect your affiliate link, most affiliate links are ugly, you can use your domain name in order to create pretty and clean affiliate links.

Sometimes products go out of the marketplace if you affiliate links redirected with your own domain name you could just find a related product and change the affiliate link.

2: make your own landing page

Some people call it presale page or bridge page, it is a page your visitors land before going to see the affiliate page (hence landing page).

The main purpose of your landing page is to prepare your prospects before they buy from you, this can be done by a video, audio or written words.

It could be a simple page explaining your prospects what they are going to get, a simple review of a product, how the product helped you, a bonus, etc.

3: Create a bonus

Another technique you can use to increase your sales is by creating a bonus, the main purpose of your bonus is to give your prospects an extra push to buy a product by using your affiliate link.

The bonus must be a compliment of the affiliate products, for example, if you’re promoting a list building product your product could a squeeze page software, a small guide on how to create high converting squeeze pages etc, don’t offer them a weight loss bonus.

You can create your own bonuses if you want them to be unique, also you can buy a PLR product and offer it as a bonus, some vendors they can create bonuses for you, just write them an email and ask for it.

4: Build a mailing list

I am sure by now you know that ”the money is in the list”, but you can make more money by having a buyers list, for every person who buys from you, you can offer them a bonus and just create a simple squeeze page where they can give you their email address in order to receive the bonuses.

This way you can build a list of buyers without even creating your own product.

5: Show them how to buy

This seems stupid but trust me, it increases conversion a lot, you can do a very simple thing in your landing page by showing your prospects the whole buying process, what information is needed and how the pages look like.

By doing this reduces fears to your prospects and it increases the conversion rate.

Those are 5 simple tips to increase affiliate sales if you liked them don’t forget to subscribe to this blog so that you can get other tips like this when I post them.

Have a great day.


Top 6 ways to make money online 2018

There a lot of ways to make money online, from paid surveys, reading emails, filling data’s etc. in reality there are 100’s ways to make money on the internet, but in my experience, these are 6 top ways to make money online in 2018.

Top 6 ways to make money online 2018

1: Affiliate Marketing

For me, this is the best way to make money online especially if you’re just starting out. Affiliate marketing is when you sell other people products and you get paid a percentage of that sell.

How affiliate marketing work

In few words is that, you find a person with a certain problem or need, then you go to a merchant where you will find a product that can solve that problem, you will get a special link that you will send it to your prospect, if your prospect buys the product you will get paid a percentage of that sale, it can be as low as 1% to as high as 100%.

How to start affiliate marketing?

As I said above, affiliate marketing is a process of three steps, first you find peoples with a specific problem, second you find a solution to that problem using 1000’s of products you can find online and the last step is that you present the solution to the peoples who need it.

I know it sound very simple to start as an affiliate marketer but you will need someone to guide you in your journey and my best recommendation is affiloblueprint.

Pay Per Click (PPC)

Sometimes in order to make money online people they don’t have actually buy from you, actually, you can build a website and get a simple code from big media companies like Google AdSense, they will display ads in your site and when your visitors click on those ads you will get paid.

The difference between pay per click method and affiliate method is that in pay per click your visitors they don’t need to buy anything in order for you to make money, the only thing they need to do is to click the ad.

Another way to sell clicks is to build an email list and then sell solo ads to other marketers, I won’t recommend this if you’re new because you will need at least 10,000 subscribers to your email list.

How to start to make money with pay per click.

In order to make money with pay per click, the starting point is to build a blog and start posting new content, after you start getting visitors you can apply for Google AdSense and place the code in your blog.

This is the easiest way to make money online but also is the least profitable one.

Cost Per Action (CPA)

Some people they call it Cost Per Acquisition, this is when a person who visited your website has to complete some kind of action.

In this method your prospects they have to do something more than just clicking the link, they need to fill a form with their email address, make a phone call, their zip code, take a trial etc.

The amount of money you will receive each time will depend on the complexity of the action they have to realize.

If it is just to fill an email address or zip code, you might be paid between $1 to $2, depending on the niche sometimes you can get $40 for just offering free trials.

The best place to find these kinds of offers is websites like offervault.com, peerfly.com, the only problem with these kinds of offers is that it is a little bit complicated to get accepted to promote these kinds of offers, you need to have some kind of experience before you apply to promote them.

Selling digital downloadable products

This is another method to make money online, in this case, you are selling products that are downloadable for example eBooks, online courses, audios and software’s. The point is there are accessible online so there is no extra storage cost for you.

You can write an eBook, you can shoot a video or record an audio sell it online and make some money, also you can upload it in market places like Clickbank, Jvzoo etc. and let other people promote your product and split the money on the sale, you will be in the other side of the first method.

Selling physical products

You can sell really physical products, I mean like amazon.com, you can start your own ecommerce store, you can sell existing physical products and have a storage for them, I will never do this but I know people who are crazy enough to do this you can be one of them.

If you’re like me and you don’t like having a storage for your products, you can do a drop shipping.

With drop shipping you can have a business and sell your physical products without even touching them, you know you can have someone make them for you in China and ship them directly to amazon or to your clients. This goes from books, DVDs, gadgets, electronics appliances, actually, it can be anything you can think about.

Selling your Expertise

If you have a knowledge in something you can use the internet to sell your expertise, it does not matter if you are a graphic designer, a school teacher, a physicist, etc. There is a market for all services that you can provide.

There are websites that will pay you to teach English online, or do homework’s for some kids online, translate documents from one language to another or in multiple languages.

There are websites like Fiverr.com, odesk.com etc. that you will find people who are willing to pay you a certain amount of money to do a certain task, some people they can pay you just to be their online friends.

Also, you can create a course in your area of expertise and sell it online.

Final words

For me those are 6 best ways to make money online 2018, you can choose either of these method and make enough money to cover all your needs, but you will need to know this, it will take hard work and perseverance to do this, but the benefit is huge.

If do you need a blue print of how to make money with any of these methods check out my highest recommendation here.

4 Basic elements needed to start moving toward your goal

I have found that most people struggle with the basic elements needed to start moving toward the goal they seek.

You need 4 things in place before you can really start moving.


Those who are successful at achieving any goal share a common set of beliefs. If you don’t have those beliefs, then it is very hard to make progress.

You have the belief that your goal is possible, that YOU can do it, and that you are capable of learning whatever it takes to accomplish it.

I know that you are all of those things. Anyone CAN learn what is necessary to be successful. Most people underestimate what they are capable of.

It’s easier to say that you CAN’T do it then it is to admit that you WON’T do it. You CAN do it, most people just choose not to.


If you have unrealistic expectations, then you are setting yourself up for failure.

If you think it is possible to build a successful online business in weeks or months, rather than years, then you are going to be very disappointed. When that disappointment happens, you will lose motivation and probably quit.

Expect that this is going to be 10 times harder and take 10 times longer than you think. If you still want it, then you will be happily surprised if it takes less than that, but not surprised if it does.

Consistent Action:

Building a reliable income in the hundreds or thousands of dollars per month will require full-time effort.

You need to arrange your priorities and schedule to give you the time to put in those hours.

You sleep 8 hours, you work your job for 8 hours, that leave 8 hours each day for other things, like your business. Of course, you also have weekends.

Successful people don’t have more hours, they have different priorities as to how they spend them.


The right mindset, expectations, and tons of action cannot save you if you are following the wrong strategy.

The way most people are trying to make a living online hasn’t worked since 2008. Program owners keep telling people to follow that route because it is good for the program owners.

You can only be successful online if you have built up an audience that you have a relationship with. A group of people who know, like, and trust you. Until you have achieved that, everything you do must be in support of that goal.

Before you take any action, ask yourself “Is this helping to build my email list or deepen my relationship with my email list?” If the answer is no, then don’t do it.

Take ACTION to Supercharge Your Success.