My Affiliate Marketing Predictions for 2019

Affiliate marketing is one of the most exciting careers in digital marketing. It is predicted to be a 6.8 billion dollar industry in 2020. I know it is very difficult to predict because it keeps changing each year but I will do my best and this is my affiliate marketing prediction for 2019.

My Affiliate Marketing Predictions for 2019


Content will still be a King

They say content is a King, and they are right, I think content marketing will still be a King in 2019, it won’t matter if you are using free or paid methods to attract new prospects, you will need to créate a great piece of content.

So keep producing content in any of the three forms (text, audio, and video) and you will be ok.

Influencers will keep dominating

There is a significant growth in influencer marketing, in 2018, we have seen people with a large following in social media making the most money in this industry.

People they tend to believe influencers, so if you want to make it in 2019, it is a time to start building your online following, this can be building an email list, getting twitter followers, Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest etc.

If you can influence 1000 people to take any kind of action, you will become very successful in this industry.

Mobile will keep raising

The rise of mobile is not really new, but I think it’s at the most underestimated part of affiliate marketing or digital marketing in general.

Mobile is around for 10 years, but it’s not used to the full extent in many affiliate programs or digital marketing activities.

People they use voice searches from their phones and almost they use their phones for almost everything including searching and purchasing products and services online.

One of my niche sites gets more than 98% of its visitors from mobile visitors this week.

mobile marketing

Voice and Video will keep raising

Voice search is a rather new topic, but with a massive push from big players like Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google. So this will have a big impact on our lives in the future, on the life of our customers, on our business life and on affiliate marketing.

It is estimated that by 2020 more than 50% of online searches will be voice search, also we will see an increase of podcasts and video marketing.

Advertising cost will increase

This is not a secret, advertising cost has been increasing each and every year and I think for this year 2019 it will be the same. You will have to pay a lot more for a click

Funnels will become more popular

Because of an increase in advertising cost, smart marketers will optime more their funnels in order to increase their earnings per click. So knowing about how to create and optimize a marketing funnel will be a must-have skill in 2019.

If you want to learn more about creating marketing funnels and making the most money from them check out Clickfunnels as they are the best in tools and education about funnels.

Most affiliate marketers will struggle or quit

I know it sounds like cliché but I am really serious about this, there are many studies that only 4% of all people who try to make money online fail.

This trend will continue in 2019, most people they won’t make any money online in 2019, and the large percentage of those individuals will quit and go to find a ‘real job’ and call everything about affiliate marketing a scam.

If you didn’t do well in affiliate marketing in 2018 and you don’t want it to repeat in 2019 or just you don’t want to be a part of the statistics click here to learn how to start and run an online business.

Final words

Those are my affiliate marketing predictions for 2019, what are your predictions? Let me know in the comment section below.


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compoundly review and bonuses



Compoundly is a step by step blueprint on how to create your own $5k – $10k+ per month sales machine using free traffic.

Product Description:

Compoundly is a step by step blueprint on how to create your own $5k – $10k+ per month sales machine using free traffic. Created by two well-known Internet marketers, Paul Nicholls, and Anthony Mancuso.

Who This Product is Intended For: 

This training program is for those who are new to affiliate marketing or have been struggling to make decent money with this form of online income. It is not recommended for affiliate marketers who have been making good money and know affiliate marketing enough to do so. So, if you’ve been creating an income for yourself through affiliate marketing avenues, you can probably skip it.

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The knowledge you Will gain from compoundly will help you to set-up your affiliate business from start to finish. For me, it is one of the affiliate marketing training out there, this training will take you from no income to making at least $100 by using only free traffic methods.


I have been following Paul Nicholls for at least two years now, I have purchased some of his training, one thing I admire about this guy is the simplicity of his methods, he will take a complex affiliate marketing concept and explain it in a simple step by step actions.

This is what do you get from compoundly:

  • An untapped, PROVEN method for consistent fast cash in ANY niche
  • An untapped, PROVEN method for consistent fast cash in ANY niche
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  • An untapped, PROVEN method for consistent fast cash in ANY niche

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I really can’t think of anything that I don’t like about the program. If I had to choose something negative to say, it would be that you need to invest a Little money in the training (it is not free).

However, I’m certainly one to know that you have to invest a bit of money into training if you want to turbo-charge your business. Why spend days, weeks, or even months, struggling slowly and painfully up the learning curve if you don’t have to?

Personal Opinion:

The plans are laid out in a specific order for you to complete. There really is no way to mess up. I love the fact that it doesn’t just tell me why I should do something but how I could do it. That alone makes it much easier for me. I don’t have to figure anything out by myself or spend countless hours trying to figure out what I should be doing.

If you’ve tried learning affiliate marketing through other programs, eBooks, etc. and haven’t had success then it’s definitely worth it to invest in compoundly in order to see how this program may be different from others.

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Final words

This is my compoundly review and bonuses package, i know this blueprint works and many people including myself have made sales following the same blueprint, if do you get compoundly though any link in this review I am going personally to help you to implement everything that Paul Nicholls teaches, also remember you have your 30 money back guaranteed if for any reason you don’t like the training.

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Autoresponder Myths Debunked

Autoresponder Myths Debunked

We all know that building an email list is the most important activity you can do online for long-term profits. Marketing online is now all about building a list and building relationships with all the people in your email list. If you don’t have a relationship marketing strategy in place, you’re in trouble.

The number of myths about the use of auto-responders is astounding. If you want to maximize your email marketing, then you need to realize the truth about the use of auto-responders.

Let’s set the record straight with five Autoresponder Myths and I will tell you the truth about each myth that will help you to chose the best autoresponder that you can use to build your list and grow your business starting today!.


Many auto-responder companies market themselves as having unlimited size lists for a flat fee. They have convinced marketers that this is better.

The larger auto-responder companies like GetResponseAWeber or ConvertKit charge you based on the size of your list. Unlimited must save lots of money, right?

The truth

The truth is that all auto-responders are cheap when compared to the income that lists can generate if used properly. You don’t need a lot of subscribers to make a lot of money online, the truth is that if you have a good relationship with your list and you can generate clicks from a small number of people you can make money.

A person who generates 400 clicks from a list of 1000 subscribers will make more money than a person who generates 100 clicks from 10000 subscribers.

If you are keeping your list clean of those who have not opened or clicked an email in the last 6 months, then you can have a small, super-responsive list that should generate a minimum of $1 per month per list member. Most generate much more.

AWeber starts at $19 per month for 500 subscribers. GetResponse is $15 per month for 1,000 subscribers.ConvertKit is $29 per month for 1,000 subscribers. If you go over that number, the price for 2,500 goes up by about $20. If you are making $1,000 a month from your list and are now growing to $2,500 a month, do you think you will be worried about an extra $20?


Better for who? Better for the auto-responder company? Absolutely! Better for the marketer? Not a chance!

The truth

If you want to build a list, then you want to “minimize friction” when it comes to getting people subscribed to your list. We design processes to try to make it as easy as possible for people to join. We reduce the number of pieces of information we ask to the bare minimum. Maybe we just ask for email address, instead of email address and name.

After doing everything to make it easy, why would we make a large hurdle for someone to jump over as the last step? It makes no sense.

Frequently, the confirmation emails end up in spam folders or being delivered an hour after the person filled in the form. This is why 20-50% of those who join a double opt-in list never confirm their accounts. They wanted to join, but they never made it to your list.

You cannot find a single 7 or 6 figure online marketer that uses double opt-in. If single opt-in beats double opt-in for them, why not for us?


Some people think that double opt-in is required by law in certain countries, like Canada and Germany. That is absolutely false.

The truth

Some countries require “Express Consent” but that does not mean double opt-in. Single opt-in shows “Express Consent” by law.

No country requires double opt-in legally.


Double opt-in prevent spam abuse. Yes, it does, because someone else cannot sign you up for a list without access to your email account to click the confirmation email.

The truth

However, the risk of this happening is extremely low and abuse is very easy to spot. It is like eliminating all the doors and windows in your house to prevent burglars. Very effective, but not practical. We have to balance security with access.


It doesn’t matter which autoresponder you use, they’re basically all the same.

The Truth:

The auto-responder you use is directly linked to your success. Problem is, Google, Bing, Yahoo, and others tend to BLOCK your emails coming from some of those auto-responder providers.

All auto-responders are NOT the same.

Make sure that you really research the autoresponder that you choose beforehand to ensure that they have the features you need and that they have a good relationship with the major email providers.

Overcoming These Autoresponder Myths

There you have it… five Autoresponder Myths Debunked. I currently recommend only GetResponseConvertKit and AWeber due to the ability to set up your campaigns/list as single opt-in. Single opt-in is the accepted standard for professional email marketers.

Got a question about building an online business?

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List Of Top Affiliate Programs

There are a lot of affiliate programs that you can choose a product and start promoting, for anyone who is starting out in affiliate marketing, you’ll notice that there are so many programs to select from and at that can be very confusing.

I’ve personally gone through a lot of them and have made sales using them all. But to help any newbie out I’m going to list my personal list of top affiliate programs that I think you’ll find much better to promote from.

List Of Top Affiliate Programs




Amazon Associates

CJ (Commission Junkie)

Rakuten Affiliate Network


eBay Partner Network

Deal Guardian

 For me those affiliate programs mentioned in the list above all the best ones around. Don’t sign up to all of them, start with one and when you make some sells you can joint others.

if you need help to get started in affiliate marketing please check out this course as it is perfect for beginners.

Best Ways to Find the Right Keywords for Your Content Marketing

A critical component of creating an effective content marketing strategy is finding the right keywords for your content. Having the right keywords appear in your content will ensure that your content will see an increase in visibility, resulting in your website seeing a boost in traffic.

Finding the best keywords for your audience takes a little bit of time and effort but will pay off big in the long run. Here’s how to find the right keywords for your content marketing campaign.

Best Ways to Find the Right Keywords for Your Content Marketing

Brainstorm Possible Keywords

Before you can begin your keyword research and monitor the conversations online, you need to brainstorm a list of possible keywords. You want to consider topics that interest your audience in general that relate both directly and indirectly to your business.

Using a spreadsheet, list all the possible variations on a keyword that someone might be searching for regarding the topic you want to address.

Monitor Conversations on Social Media

To better understand how your customers think, become active in different social media communities and tools. Watching social media for topics that interest your audience can provide you with immediate insights into trending topics that affect your business.

You can start monitoring your audience’s conversations by using to see related conversations across multiple social media channels.

Use the Right SEO Keyword Research Tools

To improve your strategy for creating and promoting content, there are many free and low-cost online tools you can use. Google Wonder Wheel allows you to compile your initial keywords for further evaluations.

The tool provides you with a robust list of possible search terms that it thinks are related to your original search query. There is also the AdWords Keyword Tool and SEOmoz Keyword Difficulty Tool to help you narrow your focus.

My highest recommendation for free SEO tool will be Affilotools, you can get it here for free.

Organize Your Keyword Search

Every time you start on a new project, you should create a new spreadsheet that identifies the primary keywords you want to use. The spreadsheet should be used to track the following data:

  • The number of searches the keyword is getting from your location.
  • The number of searches done globally on the keyword.
  • The keyword difficulty (the lower the percentage, the easier it will be to rank in the search engines).

Your ideal keyword will take into consideration these factors and will illustrate the intent of those searching.

Finding the right keywords for your content is imperative if you want your audience to be able to find your content. Performing keyword research is the first step in any successful content marketing campaign.