Components of a sales funnel

A sales funnel is nothing but a series of web pages. These web pages are arranged methodically one after another, interlinking with each other.  If the traffic passes through the pages, they transform from random prospect to qualified leads and finally, to buyers.

Say some web visitors visit the 1st web page (squeeze page) of your sales funnel.  At this time, we can call them “random visitors.” If they go to the 2nd web page of your sales funnel passing through the 1st page, they are no longer a random visitor.

Their interest on the issue on the 1st page drove them to the 2nd page and turned them into “leads” or “prospects” to you. By the time they reach the 3rd page of our sales funnel, they would become your “buyers,” because you would put some products on your 2nd web page of your sales funnel.

They could not go to your 3rd web page unless they buy that product.  The interesting thing is your buyer bought one product from you so far, but you captured their email in the process. Now, you can send them emails with your other offers, our own or affiliate, any time you want.

Below is a step by step example of how sales funnel works.

Components of a sales funnel

The sales funnel is a series of inter-linking web pages. But there must be some important and interesting elements in these pages that would entice the visitors to visit one page after another. We must prepare these elements before we put together a sales funnel. The elements needed are:

  1. A free giveaway product
  2. A product to sell and make money
  3. A series of pre-written emails
  4. Services of an email auto-responder company and
  5. Page creation software


  1. A free giveaway product

This product can be a report on a specific issue of your niche, a video tutorial, or it can be software that solves specific problems. If a visitor is interested in learning specific things and getting it for free, he or she generally jumps for it, giving away their name and email address. And that’s the exact thing we are trying to capture; their names and email addresses.

  1. A product to sell and make money

After we get the name and email, we place this product in front of the visitors to buy. Some of them buy immediately, and some decide not to buy at this point.

This can be your own product or an affiliate product it does not matter.


  1. A series of pre-written emails

We have to prepare some strong, motivating emails that discuss the benefits of our paid product. We are going to send these emails to the people who did not buy our paid product the first time we placed it before them. They may change their mind after learning the benefits through the emails we sent.

  1. Service of an auto-responder company

An auto-responder is a compulsory tool for every list builder. An auto-responder is a software database for email and an email list management system. We keep our list of subscribers in this account. It collects and manages the sign-ups for us.

We can set a pre-written email sequence to send out to our subscribers with the autoresponder. Despite the pre-written email sequence, we can send a special email called “broadcast email” with our offer any time we want.

We have to pay monthly fees to use an auto-responder service. This is the only monthly investment we have to carry in this business model.

Charges are different for different companies and vary from $10 to $20 per month initially. There are many auto-responder companies on the market. Aweber and Getresponse are the two best, in my opinion. I use both, you cant make a wrong choice if you choose one of them.

  1. Page creation software

After having all components above, we will need a software that we can use to builder those pages, a funnel builder and in the market the best one is clickfunnels.

You can build any type of marketing funnels with clickfunells, they have a lot of built-in templates that you can use to create amazing funnels in just a few minutes.

The only problem with clickfunnels is that there are monthly fees to use their service so if right now you’re on a tight budget I will recommend you to use my second favorite page builder, Instabuilder.

They also have a lot of drag and drop features that will help you to build funnels in minutes and they dont have monthly fees.

final words

Those are five components of the sales funnel, you need then if you want to make a simple funnel that will make you money. If you have problems with any of them let me know in the comment section below and I will help you.


Picking a good web hosting company is important to keep your website open and your costs down. There are many to choose from, as well as different pricing plans to look over. Depending on the number of sites that you intend on building, you may want to consider a larger web space in the long run.


You will want to choose a provider that has a reliable service. If your site is down or takes too long to open up when visitors are trying to get in, it may lead them to click out of your site and move on to the next one. They will also more than likely not visit in the future since they will remember the bad experience.

For this reason, it is probably best to stick with a well-known company who you can check reliable references on. There are many small hosting providers that offer space for as low as $.50 to $1 per month, however, you never know what you will be getting and many of them want you to pay for at least a years’ worth in advance.

You will also want one that has the most affordable hosting. If you can create your own small site or have one made for you, then you will probably be able to find space for as low as $3 to $4 per month. However, if you need to choose a company that offers a What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) website builder, then you will probably end up paying $10 to $15 per month for the smallest amount of space. But if this is the only way that you can build a site, then it is necessary.

For web hosting, I highly recommend Siteground.

Their customer service is top-notch and has saved my sites a few times with their backup protection. Also, uber-easy one-click WordPress installations.

Get Siteground today using this link and save 60%

Three things you need to do in order to succeed in your online business

The problem most would-be marketers face is not knowing what to do next, you get a message that encourages you to join a program that will make you zillion dollar, you join the program then what next?

When it comes to online business there are few things that if you do them right you will become successful, that is one in this post I am going to give you three tips that will help you to become successful online.

Three things you need to do in order to succeed in your online business

You see, you need to find a way to motivate yourself to write and create content on your blogs and emails is an ‘inside job’, meaning if you just expect someone to show you the way, you will be disappointed.

Three things you need to do in order to succeed in your online business

1. Find your niche

Finding a niche is a crucial part of your online business, most people they will tell you to follow your passion but that is not 100 percent the truth. The truth is that you need to find something that you’re passionate about it and there are other people who have interest in it. For example, if you love dogs you can produce content about it because there are many people in this world who are interested in dogs. I know that’s an obvious solution but sadly a lot of people try to write emails about things they really have no passion for. If you LOVE something, you will get pumped up to write about it, share it and discuss it!

2. Find your platform

Now you have a niche, you are passionate about it and you know that a lot of people have interests in it. Now it is the time to produce some contents. There are only three ways you can use to distribute your content online.

Written word-This is through written words, you can produce contents in form of books, ebooks or blog post.

Audio-This is through spoken words, you can distribute your content through a podcast.

Video-You can produce videos and distribute them through platforms like youtube, Vimeo etc.

3. It’s a daily grind

Imagine going to gym one day and expecting to become the next fitness model or training for a week and expecting to win a marathon at the Olympics games, that is impossible.

If do you want to succeed you need to do this daily. Remember, inspiration comes from anywhere but the motivation to grind every day comes from within. You need a constant source of motivation.

Final words

Those are three things you need to do in order to succeed in your online business if you’re new to online business and you need a hand to help you get started I recommend you to check out this step by step blueprint of creating an online business.

5 Legit Ways to Make Money Online

Most people I know they would love to make money online, but there is a problem they have no idea on how to do that.

That is why I decided to come up with 5 ways to make money from home by just using your computer and internet connection, I mean anyone who can copy and paste and have access to a computer with internet can do this.

5 Legit Ways to Make Money Online

Who am I?

My name is Lusekelo and for more than two years now I have been making money from internet and I can tell you that there was a time 100% of my income was from internet although it is not the case for now (I have some projects that I do offline). All 5 ways to make money online I have tried them and they worked for me to a certain no guessing here.

Can you become rich online?

Off course you can, I know a lot of people who have become rich by doing online business but I must warn you, it won’t happen overnight, you must be able to work hard and do certain things in a certain way in order to achieve that.

5 Legit Ways to Make Money Online


1: Internet Marketing

I think this is one of the best ways to make money online, these days most people buy stuff online so you can literally sell anything on the internet and make money, website like eBay, Mercadolibre, Amazon, ClickBank etc. allows you to list your stuff and sell them online, also they allow you to sell other people stuffs and get paid to do so (we will talk about this later).

How to make money by internet marketing

As I said before making money by internet marketing is the easiest way to make money online, all you need is to find a problem that people have, figure out the solution and deliver that solution to them using the internet.

You can learn more about making money via internet marketing by getting free lessons from Affilorama my number one recommended resource to learn about internet marketing.


2: Become a virtual assistant

The second legal way to make money online is by becoming a virtual assistant. I must be honest with you; this job will not make you rich but it will allow you to make some extra money. The job consists of creating schedules and working with programs like Microsoft Word. What type of job you do really depend on the person you will be working for.

If you have no money and no job at all I will recommend that you give it a try and when you make some money you can start looking for another way to make money online.

How much you can earn: About $10 – $35 per hour, depending on your employer.

How you will get paid: Mostly via payment processors like PayPal for example. It is a secure way to transfer money online, so you do not have to worry about not getting paid.

Where to get started


3: Work as a freelance writer

This job requires a lot of writing. The best part about it is that you can do it on your own time and also choose what you write about. You will also start to earn and get paid fast.

It is not my favorite choice to make money, but it can make you some cash if you like to write. Some of the writing jobs pay as much as $120 per hour so if you take it seriously you can probably make between $1,000- $5,000 a month so this could probably replace your job and is the obvious choice for a “writer”

How to get started  (interesting option worth checking out)

4: Create a Blog

Creating a blog can be the most stable way to make money online, with all advance in technology, it is very easy to create your own blog.

You can create a blog on free platforms like Blogger and WordPress and you can make some cash but those blogs won’t stand out if you want to make a serious cash from your blog you will need to create your own blog.

In order to create a blog, you will need to have four things

A topic of your blog

Your blog must be about something of interest this could be about sports, celebrities, finance, weight loss, you can blog literally about anything.

A domain name

You will need a domain name for your blog, you could choose any name but I will recommend it to be short, memorable and related to your blog topic.

I will recommend that you register your domain name at namecheap as their name suggest they are cheap and trustworthy.


You will need to host your blog somewhere, there are a lot of hosting companies out there but most of them they don’t deliver what they promise for all your hosting needs I will recommend siteground as they are the best in the market and they are cheaper, you can go now and get 60% off in your hosting if you use this link.

Monetizing strategy

If you are going to make money from your blog you will need to have a kind of strategy behind it, this could be using google AdSense, selling other peoples products aka affiliate marketing, selling your own products and services, list building, just pick one and move one.

How to make money from your blog.

There are many ways to make money from your blog, you could sell your own products and services in your blog, you could advertise other people’s products, you could sell advertising space in your website, you could put AdSense to your blog and when someone clicks in those ads you could get paid.

For me list building it the most profitable way, you give something for free to your readers and they give you their email address and with time you send them related recommended products (yours or affiliate products) and if they buy something you make money.

Building a successful blog, it is not that difficult but most people especially beginners they don’t know what to do, if you’re one of those people I will recommend to check out affiloblueprint, this is a complete course on how to build a successful online business, it will teach you how everything we discussed above and more and in no time you will have a really online business.


5: Affiliate Marketing

This is my favorite way of making money online, it is the simplest and yet the most effective way to create an online income.

If you’re just starting out I will recommend to start out with affiliate marketing.

How affiliate marketing works

This is how affiliate marketing works

You find a person with a specific problem

You find a person who have a solution to that problem

You recommend a product from the second person to the first person and if he accepts and buy it you get paid a percentage of the price. Everyone is happy the person with the problem is happy because he got a solution, a person with a product is happy because he sold his product and you my friend you will be happy because you made some cash in the process.

This is great because you act as a middle man between the person with the problems and the owner of the solution, you don’t need to create the solution, you don’t need to have a support team, you don’t need an inventory and sometimes you don’t even need money to start it.

You just need to master two things finding peoples with problems and providing them a best solution possible and you will make money online.

If you’re new to affiliate marketing and or you want to learn on how I got started to make money online just read my another post on how to get started in affiliate marketing business.

Final words

Those are five ways to make money from your own home by just using your computer and internet connection, don’t try to do all methods at once, just pick one that appeals to you and give it a go. If it does not work out as you expected just try another one, don’t think too much about it just take action and start generating some money online.



My Values as Internet Marketer and Human Being

If you read my about page, you will find out the values a rate the most as an internet marketer and human being, the aim of this post is to elaborate a little more on that.

about Lusekelo Hudson ,My Values as Internet Marketer and Human Being


My Values as Internet Marketer and Human Being

1)Add value to others in any way possible

In this internet marketing world, most of the people are after a quick buck, they offer no value to their prospects and customers. I think if you want to stand out, you need to offer value to your prospects, you need to make an effort that after reading your blog post, your email or watching your video they gain something that will help them to grow as human and also help their business to grow.

2)Work Hard

Life is not easy and neither affiliate marketing, if you want to be successful you need to work as hard as you can, people can throw you phrases like work smarter and not harder, it may be true to some extent but what if you work harder and smarter? Trust me you will be more successful.

3)Be the best you can be

Every master was a beginner once, who cares if your blog post sucks, or your videos do not look professional. The only thing you should care is for you to be the better version of yourself.

You can become better by reading books about your topic, attending an online meeting in your niche, interacting with others who are in the same journey as you and if you can afford to attend live events can help you to improve. Make sure your mission is to improve every day and be the best you can possibly be.

4)Be humble

They say success can change people and I don’t believe it, I do believe that success reveals the real character of most people. If you don’t give up and keep improving eventually you will succeed and even after your success makes sure you stay humble, don’t get carried away. Stay humble stay awesome.

5)Have fun in everything you do

Most successful people they will tell you that they never worked in their life. You know what is the secret? they love what they do. If you love what you do you will have much more success and you will be happier.

Yes, affiliate marketing is a serious business but it does not mean that you should not have fun doing it, enjoy the ride and enjoy those juicy commissions coming in your way.

Those are my 5 core values as an internet marketer and human, I some people will disagree with me but it is ok and I respect their opinion.