Top 6 ways to make money online 2018

There a lot of ways to make money online, from paid surveys, reading emails, filling data’s etc. in reality there are 100’s ways to make money on the internet, but in my experience, these are 6 top ways to make money online in 2018.

Top 6 ways to make money online 2018

1: Affiliate Marketing

For me, this is the best way to make money online especially if you’re just starting out. Affiliate marketing is when you sell other people products and you get paid a percentage of that sell.

How affiliate marketing work

In few words is that, you find a person with a certain problem or need, then you go to a merchant where you will find a product that can solve that problem, you will get a special link that you will send it to your prospect, if your prospect buys the product you will get paid a percentage of that sale, it can be as low as 1% to as high as 100%.

How to start affiliate marketing?

As I said above, affiliate marketing is a process of three steps, first you find peoples with a specific problem, second you find a solution to that problem using 1000’s of products you can find online and the last step is that you present the solution to the peoples who need it.

I know it sound very simple to start as an affiliate marketer but you will need someone to guide you in your journey and my best recommendation is affiloblueprint.

Pay Per Click (PPC)

Sometimes in order to make money online people they don’t have actually buy from you, actually, you can build a website and get a simple code from big media companies like Google AdSense, they will display ads in your site and when your visitors click on those ads you will get paid.

The difference between pay per click method and affiliate method is that in pay per click your visitors they don’t need to buy anything in order for you to make money, the only thing they need to do is to click the ad.

Another way to sell clicks is to build an email list and then sell solo ads to other marketers, I won’t recommend this if you’re new because you will need at least 10,000 subscribers to your email list.

How to start to make money with pay per click.

In order to make money with pay per click, the starting point is to build a blog and start posting new content, after you start getting visitors you can apply for Google AdSense and place the code in your blog.

This is the easiest way to make money online but also is the least profitable one.

Cost Per Action (CPA)

Some people they call it Cost Per Acquisition, this is when a person who visited your website has to complete some kind of action.

In this method your prospects they have to do something more than just clicking the link, they need to fill a form with their email address, make a phone call, their zip code, take a trial etc.

The amount of money you will receive each time will depend on the complexity of the action they have to realize.

If it is just to fill an email address or zip code, you might be paid between $1 to $2, depending on the niche sometimes you can get $40 for just offering free trials.

The best place to find these kinds of offers is websites like,, the only problem with these kinds of offers is that it is a little bit complicated to get accepted to promote these kinds of offers, you need to have some kind of experience before you apply to promote them.

Selling digital downloadable products

This is another method to make money online, in this case, you are selling products that are downloadable for example eBooks, online courses, audios and software’s. The point is there are accessible online so there is no extra storage cost for you.

You can write an eBook, you can shoot a video or record an audio sell it online and make some money, also you can upload it in market places like Clickbank, Jvzoo etc. and let other people promote your product and split the money on the sale, you will be in the other side of the first method.

Selling physical products

You can sell really physical products, I mean like, you can start your own ecommerce store, you can sell existing physical products and have a storage for them, I will never do this but I know people who are crazy enough to do this you can be one of them.

If you’re like me and you don’t like having a storage for your products, you can do a drop shipping.

With drop shipping you can have a business and sell your physical products without even touching them, you know you can have someone make them for you in China and ship them directly to amazon or to your clients. This goes from books, DVDs, gadgets, electronics appliances, actually, it can be anything you can think about.

Selling your Expertise

If you have a knowledge in something you can use the internet to sell your expertise, it does not matter if you are a graphic designer, a school teacher, a physicist, etc. There is a market for all services that you can provide.

There are websites that will pay you to teach English online, or do homework’s for some kids online, translate documents from one language to another or in multiple languages.

There are websites like, etc. that you will find people who are willing to pay you a certain amount of money to do a certain task, some people they can pay you just to be their online friends.

Also, you can create a course in your area of expertise and sell it online.

Final words

For me those are 6 best ways to make money online 2018, you can choose either of these method and make enough money to cover all your needs, but you will need to know this, it will take hard work and perseverance to do this, but the benefit is huge.

If do you need a blue print of how to make money with any of these methods check out my highest recommendation here.

4 Basic elements needed to start moving toward your goal

I have found that most people struggle with the basic elements needed to start moving toward the goal they seek.

You need 4 things in place before you can really start moving.


Those who are successful at achieving any goal share a common set of beliefs. If you don’t have those beliefs, then it is very hard to make progress.

You have the belief that your goal is possible, that YOU can do it, and that you are capable of learning whatever it takes to accomplish it.

I know that you are all of those things. Anyone CAN learn what is necessary to be successful. Most people underestimate what they are capable of.

It’s easier to say that you CAN’T do it then it is to admit that you WON’T do it. You CAN do it, most people just choose not to.


If you have unrealistic expectations, then you are setting yourself up for failure.

If you think it is possible to build a successful online business in weeks or months, rather than years, then you are going to be very disappointed. When that disappointment happens, you will lose motivation and probably quit.

Expect that this is going to be 10 times harder and take 10 times longer than you think. If you still want it, then you will be happily surprised if it takes less than that, but not surprised if it does.

Consistent Action:

Building a reliable income in the hundreds or thousands of dollars per month will require full-time effort.

You need to arrange your priorities and schedule to give you the time to put in those hours.

You sleep 8 hours, you work your job for 8 hours, that leave 8 hours each day for other things, like your business. Of course, you also have weekends.

Successful people don’t have more hours, they have different priorities as to how they spend them.


The right mindset, expectations, and tons of action cannot save you if you are following the wrong strategy.

The way most people are trying to make a living online hasn’t worked since 2008. Program owners keep telling people to follow that route because it is good for the program owners.

You can only be successful online if you have built up an audience that you have a relationship with. A group of people who know, like, and trust you. Until you have achieved that, everything you do must be in support of that goal.

Before you take any action, ask yourself “Is this helping to build my email list or deepen my relationship with my email list?” If the answer is no, then don’t do it.

Take ACTION to Supercharge Your Success.

Choosing a web host

Choosing a web host can make or break your online business, a web host can help to make your website faster, secure and easy to access, all these aspects can make your online business grow faster.

Choosing a web host

What is a web host?

A web host company is an organization that will store, manages, and often times provide tools to make owning and operating an online business easy.

There are many web hosts available and within each company, there are a number of hosting plans.  Here are a few things to look for when evaluating a web hosting company and plan.

 Things to look in the web host.

Disk Space.

How much disk space is available to you?  Depending on the size of your website, the graphics, and features.  500 MB-1 GB is likely enough, however, make sure you have the option to upgrade should your site grow beyond this capacity.


Bandwidth is another measurable statistic and the more visitors you have, the more you’ll need.  Starting small is fine, again just make sure you can upgrade when you need to.

Customer Support

Is customer support available 24/7?  Internet businesses operate all day and all night long, it never stops.  You need a service that is available to you whenever issues arise.


How reliable is the hosting service?  It is important to evaluate the up-time of each host you’re considering.  It is understandable that downtime occurs because systems need to be maintained and upgraded; however, too much downtime can affect your business.

I will recommend to never pick a web host company with less than 98 uptime guaranteed.

If it fits your needs

What software features does your business site need? Examples include email accounts, message boards, FrontPage Extensions, shopping cart, web design service or templates, WordPress, e-commerce, and mailing lists.

Do they track traffic?

Do they track your website statistics?  This is important because you’ll want to evaluate the success rate of various advertising and marketing campaigns and you’ll want to see how many visitors you have on any given day and where they’re coming from.

It is encrypted?

As an affiliate marketer, it’s unlikely that you will collect credit cards or personal information from your visitors, but if you are planning to do so in the future then you will want a server that supports encryption.

These day having an encrypted website is an important ranking feature also it increases the credibility of your website, it is a must-have in any web hosting plan your buying.

Final words

For me, if you’re serious about your online business you need a solid hosting plan, choosing a web host is a no-brainer, I host all my niche sites in Siteground and my main site at Wpxhosting.

Why successful people leave their loser friends behind

Here’s an awesome quote for you:
“It’s better to hang out with people
who are smarter than you. Choose
friends who are more successful than
you and you’ll drift in that direction.”
– Warren Buffet
This piece of advice has helped me
succeed in life.
The question is, do you follow it?
Or are you shooting yourself in the
foot by hanging out with people who
hold you back?
I was the same when I joined my
first opportunity.
I hung out with friends who didn’t get
what I was doing.
The results?
Sneers every time I mentioned my
dream and stupid comments like
“Why not just get a job at Walmart?”
They just didn’t get it.
And it wasn’t their fault.
It was mine for thinking they’d be
supportive of my dreams.
Today I know better.
I’ve realized that being around people
who get it and have already achieved
the same dream you’re pursuing is the
most important thing.
Because they can navigate you past all
the pitfalls and accelerate you directly to
the moo-lah.
If you want to make as much income as
possible in the shortest amount of time,
then just copy what successful people in
your field does.
I’m plugged into a system just like that.
But it’s not for tire kickers.
There are a few simple steps to follow that
take a couple of hours to complete.
I have a feeling you’re up for the challenge,
so I’d like to invite you in.
Talking about friends, you can add me as your friend on facebook  here

The Best Affiliate Marketing Training Courses of 2018

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make money online, I am a true believer that you can learn affiliate marketing without investing in any of these courses but to be honest to you, it will take a long time to reach your goals.

But in order to shorten a learning curve and avoid making silly mistakes, you need to find a person who achieved what do you want to achieve and follow their blueprint. This is the reason that I compiled the list of the best affiliate marketing courses for 2018.

When it comes about building the successful online business, learning is the crucial parts. Thus, the affiliate marketing courses are aimed to shortcut the learning curve & get you results that you want much faster. Just follow the recommendation and invest in the affiliate marketing courses given below.

The Best Affiliate Marketing Training Courses of 2018

1). Affiloblueprint

For me this is the best affiliate marketing training course of all the time, I purchased a lot of courses during my affiliate marketing journey, but when it comes to value vs price there is nothing better.

This course was created by Mark Ling, the super affiliate and  successful marketing expert

This affiliate marketing training system has been created for the newbies and affiliates who need to recap all the basics because they aren’t getting the desired results.

You’ll learn:

  • How to determine profitable niches accurately
  • How to build well-designed and user-friendly websites.
  • How to market a site to generate traffic.
  • How to monetize a website and maximize profit.

AffiloBlueprint is based on ‘tried and tested’ business practices. It includes over 90 easy-to-follow tutorial videos, downloadable lessons, notes, and bonus content. Also, you’ll get an access to a website builder and a progress tracker.

If I am given a chance to choose only one course to invest this will the one.

Another thing is that after joining this training course you will get free hosting for 15 websites for one year, a free premium theme, and some of the best plugins for free.

The Best Affiliate Marketing Training Courses of 2018

You can check it out here



As its name suggests, this program is designed for newbies, in my humble opinion, this is a cheaper version of affiloblueprint.

This is an affiliate marketing training course which was created by Kevin Fahey, another super affiliate and digital marketing expert.

He covers everything, from choosing a niche, selection a domain name, buying a hosting, building your blog, choosing the best affiliate offers to promote, getting free traffic, getting paid traffic, scaling up etc, to be honest with you I really don’t know why he charges very low for a such high-quality training.

If you’re just starting out and you don’t know where to start and you can’t afford $197 for affiloblueprint, then this is a perfect program for you.

The Best Affiliate Marketing Training Courses of 2018

You can get it here:


This is another affiliate training course that I tested and it worked for me. This course was created by a guy named Brendan Mace.

He teaches the same basics stuffs like choosing a niche, selection a domain name and buying a hosting account, lovely stuff.

But for me what makes this course stand out is that he teaches three free traffic methods that actually work, and he uses them, you know there are some gurus out there the teach something they don’t do themselves.

Also, there is a bonus training I think it was done by Ben Martin, I think it is worth all the money you pay for the training.

Also, he teaches you one paid traffic method and more a lot of stuff people normally don’t post in blogs or facebook. I will recommend this to my own brother, it is that good.

The Best Affiliate Marketing Training Courses of 2018

You can get your copy here.


To be honest with you, I got this product for free, I don’t remember exactly what happened, but one day I received an email from the creator giving me an access link.

This is actually the real case study his creator, Jason Fulton did with his student named Jeff.

It is a case study in which you will learn how to pick a high converting product, building two pages around it and sending traffic to the squeeze page and making money.

Actually, Jeff made $160.43 in this first attempt.

The best part of this training course is that, he gives you the name of the product they used, he gives you done for you pages they used and where they got the traffic, literally if you follow this training you can make your first sale in 24 hours or less.

Also, he teaches you a free traffic hack that you can use to make your first sale online without spending a dime on traffic.

For me this is the best training if you need to make money asap, the only one thing I don’t like about this case study is that it about affiliate marketing or make money online niche, yes you can apply concepts in other niches but some things they won’t work, for example, the free traffic hack it won’t work in other niches than make money online niche.

The Best Affiliate Marketing Training Courses of 2018

Grab your copy here:

Final words

Those are the best affiliate marketing training courses for 2018, as I said above I followed all of them and I applied the training and got results with all courses, which one would you choose? it depends on what do you want to do.

If do you want to learn how to sell anything online through blogging then affiloblueprint is your choice, but if you don’t have $197 to pay for it then I will recommend going for the best thing and that is IMNEWBIE.

If do you want to learn the shortcut to $10k per month using some amazing tricks and tips then go for 10xcommission.

And finally, if you do you want to make money online in the shortest time, Jason Fulton is your guy.

One thing you need to know, all four training courses works but in order to get results you will need to learn and apply what they are teaching you, remember nothing works unless you do.