Autoresponder Myths Debunked

Autoresponder Myths Debunked

We all know that building an email list is the most important activity you can do online for long-term profits. Marketing online is now all about building a list and building relationships with all the people in your email list. If you don’t have a relationship marketing strategy in place, you’re in trouble.

The number of myths about the use of auto-responders is astounding. If you want to maximize your email marketing, then you need to realize the truth about the use of auto-responders.

Let’s set the record straight with five Autoresponder Myths and I will tell you the truth about each myth that will help you to chose the best autoresponder that you can use to build your list and grow your business starting today!.


Many auto-responder companies market themselves as having unlimited size lists for a flat fee. They have convinced marketers that this is better.

The larger auto-responder companies like GetResponseAWeber or ConvertKit charge you based on the size of your list. Unlimited must save lots of money, right?

The truth

The truth is that all auto-responders are cheap when compared to the income that lists can generate if used properly. You don’t need a lot of subscribers to make a lot of money online, the truth is that if you have a good relationship with your list and you can generate clicks from a small number of people you can make money.

A person who generates 400 clicks from a list of 1000 subscribers will make more money than a person who generates 100 clicks from 10000 subscribers.

If you are keeping your list clean of those who have not opened or clicked an email in the last 6 months, then you can have a small, super-responsive list that should generate a minimum of $1 per month per list member. Most generate much more.

AWeber starts at $19 per month for 500 subscribers. GetResponse is $15 per month for 1,000 subscribers.ConvertKit is $29 per month for 1,000 subscribers. If you go over that number, the price for 2,500 goes up by about $20. If you are making $1,000 a month from your list and are now growing to $2,500 a month, do you think you will be worried about an extra $20?


Better for who? Better for the auto-responder company? Absolutely! Better for the marketer? Not a chance!

The truth

If you want to build a list, then you want to “minimize friction” when it comes to getting people subscribed to your list. We design processes to try to make it as easy as possible for people to join. We reduce the number of pieces of information we ask to the bare minimum. Maybe we just ask for email address, instead of email address and name.

After doing everything to make it easy, why would we make a large hurdle for someone to jump over as the last step? It makes no sense.

Frequently, the confirmation emails end up in spam folders or being delivered an hour after the person filled in the form. This is why 20-50% of those who join a double opt-in list never confirm their accounts. They wanted to join, but they never made it to your list.

You cannot find a single 7 or 6 figure online marketer that uses double opt-in. If single opt-in beats double opt-in for them, why not for us?


Some people think that double opt-in is required by law in certain countries, like Canada and Germany. That is absolutely false.

The truth

Some countries require “Express Consent” but that does not mean double opt-in. Single opt-in shows “Express Consent” by law.

No country requires double opt-in legally.


Double opt-in prevent spam abuse. Yes, it does, because someone else cannot sign you up for a list without access to your email account to click the confirmation email.

The truth

However, the risk of this happening is extremely low and abuse is very easy to spot. It is like eliminating all the doors and windows in your house to prevent burglars. Very effective, but not practical. We have to balance security with access.


It doesn’t matter which autoresponder you use, they’re basically all the same.

The Truth:

The auto-responder you use is directly linked to your success. Problem is, Google, Bing, Yahoo, and others tend to BLOCK your emails coming from some of those auto-responder providers.

All auto-responders are NOT the same.

Make sure that you really research the autoresponder that you choose beforehand to ensure that they have the features you need and that they have a good relationship with the major email providers.

Overcoming These Autoresponder Myths

There you have it… five Autoresponder Myths Debunked. I currently recommend only GetResponseConvertKit and AWeber due to the ability to set up your campaigns/list as single opt-in. Single opt-in is the accepted standard for professional email marketers.

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List Of Top Affiliate Programs

There are a lot of affiliate programs that you can choose a product and start promoting, for anyone who is starting out in affiliate marketing, you’ll notice that there are so many programs to select from and at that can be very confusing.

I’ve personally gone through a lot of them and have made sales using them all. But to help any newbie out I’m going to list my personal list of top affiliate programs that I think you’ll find much better to promote from.

List Of Top Affiliate Programs




Amazon Associates

CJ (Commission Junkie)

Rakuten Affiliate Network


eBay Partner Network

Deal Guardian

 For me those affiliate programs mentioned in the list above all the best ones around. Don’t sign up to all of them, start with one and when you make some sells you can joint others.

if you need help to get started in affiliate marketing please check out this course as it is perfect for beginners.

Best Ways to Find the Right Keywords for Your Content Marketing

A critical component of creating an effective content marketing strategy is finding the right keywords for your content. Having the right keywords appear in your content will ensure that your content will see an increase in visibility, resulting in your website seeing a boost in traffic.

Finding the best keywords for your audience takes a little bit of time and effort but will pay off big in the long run. Here’s how to find the right keywords for your content marketing campaign.

Best Ways to Find the Right Keywords for Your Content Marketing

Brainstorm Possible Keywords

Before you can begin your keyword research and monitor the conversations online, you need to brainstorm a list of possible keywords. You want to consider topics that interest your audience in general that relate both directly and indirectly to your business.

Using a spreadsheet, list all the possible variations on a keyword that someone might be searching for regarding the topic you want to address.

Monitor Conversations on Social Media

To better understand how your customers think, become active in different social media communities and tools. Watching social media for topics that interest your audience can provide you with immediate insights into trending topics that affect your business.

You can start monitoring your audience’s conversations by using to see related conversations across multiple social media channels.

Use the Right SEO Keyword Research Tools

To improve your strategy for creating and promoting content, there are many free and low-cost online tools you can use. Google Wonder Wheel allows you to compile your initial keywords for further evaluations.

The tool provides you with a robust list of possible search terms that it thinks are related to your original search query. There is also the AdWords Keyword Tool and SEOmoz Keyword Difficulty Tool to help you narrow your focus.

My highest recommendation for free SEO tool will be Affilotools, you can get it here for free.

Organize Your Keyword Search

Every time you start on a new project, you should create a new spreadsheet that identifies the primary keywords you want to use. The spreadsheet should be used to track the following data:

  • The number of searches the keyword is getting from your location.
  • The number of searches done globally on the keyword.
  • The keyword difficulty (the lower the percentage, the easier it will be to rank in the search engines).

Your ideal keyword will take into consideration these factors and will illustrate the intent of those searching.

Finding the right keywords for your content is imperative if you want your audience to be able to find your content. Performing keyword research is the first step in any successful content marketing campaign.

10 reasons why you should choose Wpx Hosting

Having a good host to host your blog can make or break your online business. I know sometimes you need to use cheap or free tools to run your online business but in my honest opinion hosting is not one of them.

10 reasons why you should choose wpx hosting

There are a lot of hosting companies out there and if you go and search for web hosting review you will find out most of those reviews they will send you to the same types of companies, this is because most of them the just do that to make a commission.

When it comes to hosting your money blog, my recommendation is always Siteground or Wpx Hosting, in April this year 2018 I decided to move this blog to Wpx hosting and I never been happier, that is why today I am going to give you 10 reasons  reasons why you should choose wpx hosting to host your main blog.

1: Cheaper

They say that in life you get what you pay for, in this case, they are wrong, you see if you compare prices from other hosting companies that offer the same service, like Hostgator or Wp Engine, Wpx Hosting is the cheapest among them, see the image below.

10 reasons why you should choose wpx hosting

2: WPX is the fastest WordPress host

One of the best blogger around, Matthew Woodward, did six different tests to find out which one of the 8 hosting company was the best, his results were amazing and in those tests, Wpx hosting was the best overall and also he found out that it was the fastest WordPress host. You can read more about his tests here.

3: #1 most trusted host on Trustpilot

An independent company, Trustpilot did a research on the most trustworthy hosting companies and Wpx Hosting came first with 9.8/10 trust score and Hostgator came last with 0.7/10 trust score.

4: 30-second support

Wpx Hosting they have an amazing support team, they can help you to fix anything about your WordPress site in a matter of minutes but the most part I like is that they literally take few seconds to answer any inquiry to the support staff.

Don’t take my words WPX Hosting’s 24/7/365 Support Team AVERAGE under 30 seconds response time, according to Live Chat Inc (the independent live chat platform used by WPX Hosting)

5: World’s Fastest WP CDN

One of my reason I moved my blog from Hostgator to Siteground was that my website was slow, but the problem with Sitegroud is that they don’t have integrated CDN (you have to use a free one from Cloudflare), but with Wpx Hosting their CDN is integrated in the system, with just one click you can make your website faster.

6: They move your sites to us free

I Moved my sites a lot in the last 5 years, I started with GVO and when I wanted to move to Hostgator they refused to move them for me so, I had to move them myself. I messed them up and I had to start over.

When I was moving from Hostgator to Siteground they helped me with one site, they said that if I wanted to move more sites I had to pay, I decided to move others on my own (this time I had some experience so I didn’t mess them up).

When it was time to move from Sitegroud to Wpx Hosting the story is different, they moved my five sites for free and when I decided to change the sites and move different ones they did it again for free.

They can move an unlimited number of sites from any web hosting company for free, that is the moment I fell in love with Wpx Hosting.

They moved my 5 sites in less than 2 hours and it was midnight.

7: Unlimited free SSL certificates forever

SSL certificates became more important when major browsers like google chrome and firefox started to flag all websites without them as unsafe, also according to study having https in your blog increases chances of ranking in search engines.

Hostgator  give you a free SSL certificate only for one website you have to but for the rest of your sites, last time I checked it was around $39 per year, Siteground they give it free but only for the first billing, from the second billing you need to pay for them, they wanted to charge me $99 per year that was one of the reasons I ditched them and moved to Wpx Hosting.


8: Malware removed for you

Trust me, when you start getting some traffic many people will try to hack your site or infect it if you’re not technically savvy this can cost you a fortune, the good news is the Wpx Hosting can do it for you for free.

Although I always recommend having your own back up of your site, it is good to know that in case something goes wrong they are people with technical know-how who are willing to help to remove those infections.

9: Thet fix other technical issues for you for free

In point above I pointed out that they can help you to remove malware for you, but in reality, they can fix any other technical issue for you for free.

You installed a plugin and your WordPress became blank and you have no idea where to start, contact their support and they can help you with that.

Do you feel that your blog is not as faster as do you want, contact support and they will analyze in which part of the word you get your visitors from and they will optimize it for you, if there is a plugin that makes your site heavy to load they will tell you which one and they will recommend to your the lighter solution.

They can fix for you any technical problem you might face for free.

10: Helping Homeless Dogs

You don’t like other 9 reasons why you should choose Wpx Hosting? What about this? WPX feeds 350 homeless
dogs every day. So by being a part of Wpx Hosting community, you will be contributing to the well being of those 350 homeless dogs.

The official Wpx dog is called Joey, you can read more about this initiative here.


Final word

Those are 10 reasons why you should choose Wpx Hosting to host all your WordPress Blog, and I meant everything I said, if do you want to check them out click this link, try them out for one month, and if there are not what I said, ask for a refund and then send me an email, I will match that refund, in other words, you will get double your money for just testing them out.



The 4 Best Keyword Research Tools to Use for Finding Your Niche

When it comes to finding a viable and profitable niche market, the secret is finding the right keywords. Without the right keywords, you could be selling yourself short on your potential to be successful.

Researching keywords is a lot like fishing, you have to cast your reel at the right time and in the right place. Here are four outstanding keyword research tools that you can use to find a profitable niche. The 4 Best Keyword Research Tools to Use for Finding Your Niche


The 4 Best Keyword Research Tools to Use for Finding Your Niche

WordStream Keyword Tool

The WordStream Keyword Tool ( is a free tool that allows you to target specific niches and gives you more suggestions for different keywords. It also allows you to group the keywords based on common themes making it easier to create easy ad group launches.


Soovle ( is the perfect tool if you have multiple channels that you wish to do keyword research on. Soovle allows you to explore the most searched for keywords on various search engines based on the keyword root you provide. An excellent brainstorm tool as well, it will enable you to type in your idea and auto-generates its own ideas.


Ubersuggest ( is another free tool that takes the keyword you enter and immediately provides you with an unlimited list of alphabetized and numerical keyword variations. The program will provide you with data on volume, seasonality, cost per click, and more.

Google Keyword Planner

To access the Google Keyword Planner (, you have to have an AdWords account. The Google Keyword Planner will show you several different kinds of stats like monthly searches, the average cost per click, and the level of competition.

While it doesn’t give you an exact keyword suggestion, it does provide you suggestions for variations and synonyms that you can use for your keywords. AdWords Display Planner The Google AdWords’ Display Planner isn’t just a keyword tool.

It provides you with some excellent functionality for making the most of your Display campaigns, including keyword-driven video ad campaigns for YouTube. The Display Planner also provides you with valuable insights into the demographics and interests of your audience.

This can allow you to create highly customized Display campaigns. You can access this tool from the Tools section of your AdWords account. Utilizing these free online keyword research tools will allow you to find a profitable niche. With the right keywords, you can create a successful niche business.