How To Use A Digistore24 – How To Make Money With Digistore24 In 2020

Are you from the country that is banned from Clickbank? or are you just trying to diversify your affiliate marketing portfolio?  If this is you then you’re in luck because today I am going to share with you how to use Digistore24 and how to make money with Digistore24 in 2020 as an affiliate marketer.

What is Digistore24 about?

Digistore24 is an online marketplace like ClickBank where vendors and publishers can meet themselves and then grow their online business.

In other words, Digitstore24 is an affiliate network. It acts as a middleman between vendors and publishers who are looking for some products or services to promote.

Digitstore24 benefits for affiliate marketers

There are many advantages to join DIgistore24 as an affiliate marketer.

Here are the advantages D24 offers to affiliates:

  • You can join for free.
  • Affiliate application approval is immediate.
  • Products are listed by category making the process of finding an offer or product to promote very easy.
  • They offer many payment methods such as Bank transfer, Paypal.
  • Unlike ClickBank, D24 is a worldwide company, and no matter where you are located you can find products to promote and get paid. A better alternative to ClickBank if your country is restricted.
  • Possibility to get paid weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly.
  • The payout threshold is low ($50 for monthly payment option).
  • Commission rate ranges from 15% – 90%.

What is Digistore24 payment methods?

Digistore24 offers various payment methods such as Wire transfer, Paypal, Check, etc. That makes them a top choice for online entrepreneurs in countries that do not support Paypal.

How to join Digistore24?

You can get started with Digistore24 for free, all you need to do is to and then click create an account, fill out the form, and then click click account.

Go here =>

Fill out the form (use your real information)

How To Use A Digistore24 - How To Make Money With Digistore24 In 2020


After filling out all the required information click on the register for free now button.


You will get a confirmation email from Digistore24 and that is it.

How To Make Money With Digistore24 In 2020 as an affiliate

After joining Digistore24 affiliate network, you need to start using it to make money as an affiliate, in this section, I am not only going to tell you how to make money with Digistore24, I am going to show you how I did it in three steps, the traffic sources I used, the product I promoted and the sales I made.

Step 1: Pick the product to promote

The first step you need to take in order to make money with Digistore24 or any other affiliate network is to pick a product.

In order to pick the product, you need to go to the market place


How To Use A Digistore24 - How To Make Money With Digistore24 In 2020

On the left-hand side you will a lot of categories, just click on each category to find out the products they have to offer, pick one that is related to your niche, or the one that resonates with you.

Since I am on make money online niche I decided to pick a product from John Crestani called Work-At-Home Secrets & Internet Jetset.

It got a $1 trial products and the recurring price that is $39.95 per month with 90% commission, so for me it means that I make $35 per month for each free trial I give away.

How To Use A Digistore24 - How To Make Money With Digistore24 In 2020


Step2: Create a Squeeze Page

In order to create a squeeze page and building your business, you will need two tools, a landing page builder and an autoresponder, in this step, I am going to give you both of them and one step further I am going to give you the first email you should send to your subscribers.


An Auto-Responder Allows you To Build a List of E-mail Addresses Which you can Market and Deliver content to on Auto-Pilot.

Here is a Highly Recommend Auto-Responder: AWEBER
It comes with a 30 Day Free Trial.



A Squeeze Page is a Single Page That Allows You to Capture Your Subscribers E-mail Address in Exchange for a Free Gift or information.

Simple Affiliate Marketing Money Formula

Luckily for you, I already created one for you inside the Clickfunnel just download it here: DOWNLOAD SQUEEZE PAGE

If you have a Clickfunnel account just add funnel and you will have the funnel inside your account.


 If you do not have a Clickfunnels account just click fill out the information then click on Start 14 days free trial button.



With just few clicks you can connect your Clickfunnels account with Aweber, in this video, you can see how to do this.



When People Opt-in on your Squeeze Page. They Need to Receive an Automated Welcome Message containing whatever they opted in for.
Luckily For You, I Have Pre-Written One For You Here Containing The Free Gift For Your Subscribers.

Just Copy & Paste this as your First Message in your Aweber Auto-Responder. Click Here to Access.

Step By Step Instructions

  1. Download the message.
  2. Hover over the “Messages” tab and select “Campaigns”.

Select Campaigns under Messages

3: Next, click “Create a Campaign”.

Create Campaign button

4: Click “Create a blank campaign”.

Create blank Campaign

5: Give your new campaign a name, then click “Create”.

Name new Campaign and click Create

6: You can choose to trigger the campaign for all subscribers or for subscribers who match certain criteria.  To trigger a campaign for specific subscribers, click the “Add filter” button to the right.

Add campaign filter

7 After you’ve chosen to start your campaign for all subscribers or for a specific filter, add your “Send Message” actions to the campaign canvas.


On the right-hand side, it will appear a small tab with a create a message drop menu, if you click that one you will get three options, drag& drop, plain text, and HTML, just pick drag &drop.


Copy and paste the subject line and email, then click save and exit, guess what? you have your welcome email.

Change your affiliate link

When your prospects click on GET STARTED TODAY, you want two things to happen, one to add their email to your autoresponder (you build your list and they get the first message as we just added) and another thing you need to send them to the affiliate offer, so let change that link and put yours.

Simple Affiliate Marketing Money Formula

In order to do that we need to edit a link on your squeeze page.

Go to your funnels =>

Select the funnel you just downloaded.


Click on the edit page button


Click on the SETTING tab and then on the drop menu click on general


From Digistore24 copy the link from where it says Your Promolink

mine is


Paste that link where it says on submit go to, then click the big save button you’re done for this time.


Cloak your link

After creating your squeeze page, connecting it to your autoresponder you need to cloak your link, we are going to use Bitly for this.


After setting up everything you will get your squeeze page link, I do not recommend to directly promote this link, I will recommend to cloak it.

In order to cloak your affiliate link, I will recommend using Just go to, create an account (it is free ).


Click on the create button, copy the long ugly affiliate link that you got from Clickbank and paste it where it says PASTE LONG URL, then click create, that is it you will get the link like this one.

Step 3: Creating Website Traffic

The best squeeze page is worth nothing without visitors. There are different ways to get website visitors. This time I used Twitter.

Create and Optimize your twitter account

Now you have the product and the link you need to create a twitter account that you can use for your affiliate promotions if you have one you can use that one if you do not just create a new one, it is easy and very quick.

Just go to

Twitter will ask you to log in or create a new account, depending on your situation you can log in or create a new account, to create a new account they may ask you a phone number, email address, and your name.

For twitter username, I will recommend finding a name that is short and easier to remember, you can just use your name or pen name if you wish, if the username is taken, try to find a new one and avoid using numbers at the end (it creates mistrust), you need to create a profile that people can trust.

Optime your profile

Use your real photo

I found it easier to attract new followers when I use my real photo, I will recommend you to do the same. never leave the default profile photo.

Create a cover image.

I use a free tool called to create my twitter cover images, it is free, easy, and quick, again do not leave the default cover image.

Write a short bio and put your link on it.

Here is where things start to get interesting, you will need to create a short bio to introduce new people to your account and then at the end of it you can include your affiliate link.

You need to do this as most people before deciding to follow you, they can go on your profile and writing a good bio with a link on it will increase the chance of them to follow you and click the link.

here is my optimized twitter profile.

twitter page

Write your first tweet and pin it.

Before starting to follow anyone or having any followers I will recommend that you write your first tweet and pin it.


Write a short email with a call to action, include your affiliate link and then tweet it. After tweeting it, click a drop menu on your tweet and then click on the pin to your profile as shown in the image below. That is it.




Start following other Twitter accounts

After optimizing your twitter profile, now it is time to start following other Twitter accounts that might be interested in what you are promoting.

But before going into details on how to do this please follow my account @sekimarketing

Where to find people who might need your products?

You need to find out what are big accounts on your niche. In this example, I am promoting 12 minutes affiliate and this account is dedicated to all people who want to make money online via affiliate marketing.

So the first question I will ask my self is what are the influencers in affiliate marketing? Most people must be following them.

Big affiliate marketers, like Russel Brunson, big tools like Aweber, and Clickfunnels are the influencers and most of your audience must be following them.

The idea here is to steal followers from them, this is what I mean, go to the big affiliate marketing account, click on followers, and start following those people.


For example, if I was targeting Russell Brunson followers, I would go to his account and I will see who is following him and I will start following those people.

The idea here is that if these people are interested in Russell tweets they are interested in marketing and becoming online entrepreneurs, some of them might be interested in my content.

If your account is brand new, I will recommend starting following 50 people per day in the first week then increase the number to 100, then 150 up to 400, Twitter allows you to follows up to 400 accounts per day.

Some of these people will start following you back and if you do this in less than a month you can have more than 1000 followers.

Unfollow users who do not follow you back

Twitter wants you to have a good ratio of people you are following and people who follow you, by using this method most people won’t follow you back, what you want to do is to start unfollowing people who are not following you back.

Free tool to follow and unfollow account on twitter

Following and unfollowing account on twitter can be a tedious activity, the good news is that I found a free tool that can help you to achieve that without hustling.

It is a free Chrome and Firefox extension, all you need to do it to go the following link and add an extension to your browser.

With the free version, you can follow and unfollow 50 accounts at a time but if you refresh it the count starts over.


Please carefully read About the following on Twitter. If you do long and frequent mass actions, your account may get suspended. Usually, you can unlock your account again. To prevent further account suspension, you can adjust the options “Interval (seconds)” and “Limit” accordingly. You can also do fewer mass actions. Note: The extension pauses automatically when the Twitter follow limit exceeded.

In order to change the setting, follow and unfollow limits, click on the Superpowers for twitter and then options.


This is an example of my unfollow settings


How to follow accounts using this extension.

Just find an account that post content related to your niche and click on the followers if the extension is installed then you will see the follow all button, click that one, and it will start following all those accounts without you doing anything.

If you have a free account it will follow 50 accounts if you have a pro version you can follow 400 accounts (twitter follow limit per day).


How to unfollow accounts using this extension.

In order to unfollow account which did not follow you back in a given period of time ( this depends on your settings mine is 5 days), just go to your account then click following, then the magic unfollows all button will appear if you click that it will unfollow all account which do you follow but are not following back, this way you keep the ration near to 1:1.


Start giving value

The secrets to free traffic are to add value to the community, start posting tips and information that your audience might be interested in. I found out that motivational quotes work almost for every niche on twitter, find them, and post 5 to 10 times a day, the more the better.

Interact with other users

When you start getting followers, you need to start to retweet or like their content, and in exchange, they will do the same to you, this will give your account exposer and your account will start growing organically ( without you following other people).

Ask questions and respond to the question they ask, some of them they will ask you what you do and you will explain to them that you’re an affiliate marketer and if they are interested you can tell them how to get started if they say yes, you send them your affiliate link.

You can tweak it a bit if you’re in a different niche.

How to Make Money With Twitter and Digistore24?

When we optimized your account, you created the bio and the pinned tweet with your affiliate link, these two will be the main source of traffic, many people will see your links and few will click on one of the two links (they go to the same squeeze page).

After they are opt-in they will be redirected to the affiliate offer, in this case, it is a $1 trial ( you get nothing if they buy) but after one month if they want to continue to receive the training they will be charged $39.95 and you will be paid 90% of that, that is around $35 per each free trial (some will cancel and some will stay, it is a numbers game).

How to Make Money With Twitter and Clickbank for Free in 2020

In this example, I got 515 people who visited my profile, you can get 100 times that if you do this consistently. and make some cash in the process.

how to make money with twitter and clickbank

Another way to make money will be through tweeting, I will recommend tweeting directly to your squeeze page link once in a while, I would say for every 5 value-added tweets on goes directly to your affiliate link.

You can make money also by sending direct messages to people, I do not recommend using automated software for this, as it can cause your account to get banned.

What do I recommend to ask a question on one of your tweets, for example, you can ask who wants a done for you system that takes 12 minutes to set up and can help you to make up to $460.02 per day? comment yes if you’re interested.

Then you can send your affiliate link to every person who comments yes to your question, you can say a simple thing like Hey [name], Thank you for engaging with my post, here you go this is the method I was talking about in the question.

This is very targeted traffic, if you can send 100 messaged like this I am sure at least 35 of them will opt-in, remember for each one who takes the $1 offer you will have potential to make $35 per month. Just 10 of them you´re making $350 per month.

How long it will take to make a sale with this method?

I know this is the question are you asking right now, the honest answer is that I do not know, it depends on a lot of factors, like how the product convert, how much effort you put in this, the quality of the traffic. I have done this in the weight loss niche, make money online niche, numerology niche. I generally make a sale between 10 to 20 opt-ins, so here the question is how much clicks you can generate per day? That will be your limit.

When I tried this, I made 4 sales in 10 days.


Do this method work everywhere in the world

The answer is yes, as long as you have a twitter and Digistore24 account.

Does this method work for other networks apart from Digistore24?

Of course, you can replicate this method to make money using an affiliate network and any product.

Final words

This is how to use Digistore24 and how to make money with Digistore24 in 2020 as an affiliate marketer, I am using the same method to make money online, yes it won’t be overnight and it might take time to get consistency sales, but if you follow the instructions and take action every day you will make some cash.

5 Tips That will Help You Build Any Online Business

We had a discussion another day on Facebook, what is the best way to build an online business, each person on the group had a different opinion.

Here are my best 5 tips that will help you to build an online business.

1: Show up every day!

Most people who start an online business think that they will join a program, click few links, and make a ton of money in the process, sadly that is not the truth, you need to do this every day.

Imagine if you go to the gym one day and get an athletic body, or train for one day and win the Olympics games, each and every person will do that.

Showing up every day means not only logging into your training and doing the work but engage with the community so that they SEE you take action.

People want to be around people that take action…So there’s the big answer to success online….Take action every day!

2. Build your platform!

You need to build your own platform where you can engage with your audience, prospects, and customers, this can be a YouTube channel, a blog, a podcast, other social media (Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, etc.).
For me, that’s a combination of Facebook, Twitter, my email list, and my blog! If you want people to come to you for advice, recommendations, and helpful guidance, you need a platform that you can be seen giving value to others…Every day!

3: Your list is gold, treat it as such!

They said the money is in the list and guess what? It is, if do you want to make money online you need to start building your email list.

If you are new and you do not know where to start to build your own email list and you want a done for you solution I will recommend to check out 12 affiliate system.

Well, to be put as straight forward as ever…Without a list, you have no online business! Work every day to attract new subscribers to your lists!

4. Embrace new tech!

Technology change every time, you need to catch up, most of the solutions in software and programs we have now we did not have a few years ago.

Each year there is a new autoresponder feature, they if a new social media on some kind of good toy, I do not recommend you to go and buy each and every one of those, what I want to say here is that as these technologies evolve your customers and prospects change they way they consume the information, you need to analyze and see where it is good for you to catch up, you do not want to be left behind.

5: Never give up!

As Napoleon Hill once said, Winners never quit and quitters never win.

It sounds silly… May be almost repeated too much…But those that WIN at online business, do not give up in 2 weeks!

Do not be like the majority on wannabe online entrepreneurs they join a program they do very little or nothing two weeks later they just to another program or just quit and call the program a scam.

Most people who succeed in online business or any other end over in life, keep showing up, they keep learning, they keep trying to things and they do not listen to the naysayers. Success can be yours; you have just got to choose it!

That is it, those are 5 tips that will help you build an online business, which one resonates with you? Let me know in the comment section below.


Simple Affiliate Marketing Money Formula

Most people who make money by selling other people’s products or their own products have one thing in common, they follow what I call the affiliate marketing money formula.

The formula is so simple, if you follow it, you will start making some serious cash online for yourself, let us investigate it.

Simple Affiliate Marketing Money Formula


Where S stands for subscribers, C stands for Clicks, E stands for Earning Per Click (EPC) and $ stands for money.

Just improving one of the three elements on the left-hand side of the equation will lead to a massive change in your monthly income through affiliate marketing.

Let us look deep on each of the three of them and how you can improve each one of these.


They say the money is in the list and this is still true, most people who make money online have their own email list, this is the first step you need to do if do you want to create a passive income online.

Meaning of building your list.

To build an email list means to collect email addresses from people who visit your squeeze pages or websites, you need to provide them with something of value to them and in exchange, they will give you an email address.

The simplest way to start building an email list is to build a squeeze page. I use Clickfunnels to build my squeeze pages and Convertkit as an autoresponder.

Simple Affiliate Marketing Money Formula

After building a squeeze page you need to send people to it, you can use either free methods or paid methods.

The fastest way to send traffic to your squeeze page is to pay for it and if you’re just new you can start with solo ads.

The best place to start buying traffic is Udimi.

It is estimated that you can make around $1 per subscriber per month, some make more some less but that is the average.

Now let say you send 100 people to your squeeze page and 20 of them subscribe to your email list, now you have 20 people on your email list.

How to increase your subscriber’s count

Send more people to it

Obviously the first way to increase your subscriber’s count is by sending more people to it, using the same example as above, if you send 1000 people to your squeeze page you should get around 200 new subscribers.

Improve your conversion rate

In the example above your squeeze page is converting only 20 percent, what if you can change a headline or a call to action and increase it to 50%, by sending the same amount to your squeeze page you will get more subscribers.


Now let us look to the second variable in the equation, Clicks. I am not talking about the clicks you get from your traffic source, here I am talking about the number of clicks you get from your mailing list.

For each email, you send to your list how many clicks do you get? For me I get between 10% to 15% of subscribers to click to my emails, some get more some get less that is how it works.


If you are getting a low number, there are some things you can do in order to get more clicks per each email you send to your list.

Get more people to open your email

People will not click on the link in your email unless they open it, you need to increase the number of people who open your emails.

You can do this by improving your subject lines, try different subjects, and those subjects that are getting more clicks to use them frequently.

If you are on other people list, keep your eye on which subject lines intrigued you to open the email and model from them.

Give more value

Make sure that most emails you send to your list contain sum actionable information that they can actually use and improve their life if in each email you focus on selling people will stop opening and reading your emails.

Build trust with your subscribers

One mistake most online entrepreneurs make is to treat their email list as just a number, remember these are real people with real problems, interact with them, reply to their emails and treat them with respect and in exchange, they will trust you and follow your advice.

The E

The last variable on this equation is the E, E stands for Earning Per Click, how much money do you make for each click do you send to an offer?

How to calculate EPC?

To calculate the EPC just use this simple formula, take all the money you make in the offer divide by the amount of click you sent to that offer, for example, let say you find a Clickbank product and you wrote an email to your list and 100 people clicked on it, you go back to your Clickbank dashboard and you find out that you make $200 from that offer then you are earning per click is 200/100 which is $2.

You send 200 clicks you make $400, that is why the S and C are important to this equation.

How to improve your EPC

Send relevant offers

If you have a list of weight loss and you try to sell them a product that is about building blogs probably no one is going to buy it.

Sending a high-quality product that solves your audience problems is very important to increase the amount you earn per each click you send to your offer.

Use a strong call to action

In order to increase the number of sales you need to use a strong call to action, most people in life are used to someone telling them what to do next, you need to apply this to your business and tell your subscribers what to do (respectively).

Use presales page

You can create a page to presale the products especially if you are an affiliate, On the page, you can write or firm a video explaining to your audience what they are getting and more importantly how it can benefit them.

Offer bonuses

The most effective way to improve your EPC is to offer bonuses to people who buy through your affiliate link. Just do not buy junk PLR products and give your customer.

The best way to do this is to find what you have that is a complement to the product and offer that as a bonus for everyone is purchasing through your link.

Final words

That is the simple affiliate marketing money formula, all you need to do is to start improving one part of the equation then another then the last one, if you manage to improve 10% in each of three variable of the equation you will triple your income in record time.

Thank you for reading.

How tо Host Your Own Website

Thе Internet аnd іtѕ myriad оf uses has taken оvеr thе mankind like а storm. I mean frоm shopping tо connecting wіth people thousands оf miles away tо doing аn online course, thе Internet has conquered аlmоѕt аll thе aspects оf оur life. Oh yes, іt саnnоt give uѕ daily workouts!

Except for fоr thе workout tо thе fingers! Nеvеrthеlеѕѕ, In thіѕ scenario еvеrу minute thеrе іѕ а website coming uр. Fоr thеѕе websites tо bе accessible tо people via thе World Wide Web, thеrе аrе services.

Thеѕе services аrе like apartment оr property owners whо give а part оf thеіr house оn lease оr rent. Thеѕе web hosting companies provide people whо create websites а space оn thе server thеу lease fоr uѕе bу clients оr thеу own thеmѕеlvеѕ.

But араrt frоm thаt, уоu саn host уоur website уоurѕеlf tоо, аѕ іf уоu take thе help оf thеѕе web hosting services, іt соuld bе slightly heavier оn уоur pocket.

How tо Host Your own Website Frоm Home

Well, hosting уоur own website might ѕееm tо bе а bit tough initially. But асtuаllу іt іѕ nоt tоо tough еіthеr. Just thаt уоu need tо bе careful аnd ѕhоuld bе wіllіng tо sacrifice уоur computer аѕ once уоu decide tо host а website, уоu wіll nоt bе аblе tо do аnуthіng оn уоur computer, nоt even Internet access. Here іѕ more.

Step 1 – All Clear

After уоu have taken а decision tо host уоur own website, bеfоrе starting off, check оut уоur computer аnd make sure thаt уоu do nоt have аnуthіng important оr useful remaining оn уоur computer. Thіѕ іѕ bесаuѕе thе computer’s data wіll have tо bе completely erased. Even іf уоu take help оf а web hosting service thіѕ factor might crop uр.

Step 2 – Take уоur Pick

It іѕ advisable nоt tо uѕе laptops fоr thіѕ purpose аѕ thеу аrе supposed tо bе used fоr extended period оf time. Mоrеоvеr, іn case уоu have а couple оf desktops оr ѕо, уоu wіll have tо choose еіthеr one аnd once уоu do thаt уоu wіll have tо leave іt running аll thе time. Whаt kind оf desktop уоu have аnd whаt processor іt has wоn’t matter untіl іt іѕ а rеаѕоnаblу good machine.

Step 3 – Serve іt Well

Bе іt hosting уоur own website оn уоur local machine оr fоr free, thеrе іѕ no escape frоm thіѕ procedure. Whаt уоu have tо do іѕ install а web server application. Apache іѕ apparently thе best bet аmоngѕt thе numerous options available.

Thеrе wіll bе things whісh wіll bе asked whіlе thе web server application іѕ set uр. One оf thе most important оf thеm іѕ domain name аnd IP address оf уоur DNS server. Leave thе column аѕ іt іѕ іf уоu аrе nоt going tо uѕе а domain name.

Step 4 – Copy іt

After thе web server application іѕ installed, whаt уоu wіll bе required tо do іѕ tо copy thе contents оf уоur website wіth images іn thе website files folder specified during the server application installation. Now thіѕ wіll make thе contents оf thіѕ folder accessible tо аnуоnе оn thе Internet. Thіѕ applies tо bоth – hosting уоur own website оn а mac, аѕ wеll аѕ hosting уоur website fоr free.

Step 5 – Routing thе Server

Here аt thіѕ stage, уоu аrе аlmоѕt coming tо аn еnd оf thе process оf hosting уоur own website. Here уоu wіll configure thе forwarding оf port 80. Thаt іѕ, frоm уоur router tо thе desktop whеrе уоu have installed thе software fоr web hosting. In case уоu аrе nоt using а router, forget аbоut thіѕ. Yоu саn give user’s IP address іn case уоu аrе nоt going tо uѕе а domain name.

Finally, thаt number (IP address) wіll go іn thе browser, akin tо а URL, leading уоur website tо bе brought uр. Congratulations! Yоu have accomplished thе task оf hosting уоur own website! Remember nоt tо store personal files аnd thе like іn ѕuсh а system аnd try using а proxy server tо check thе website, whеthеr іt іѕ working. All thе best!

It not difficult but if you feel that you need help and you don’t have the money to hire somebody, host your blog with wpxhosting and they will do all this for free.

How To Promote Clickbank Products Without a Website Step By Step

How To Promote Clickbank Products Without a Website Step By Step

As an affiliate, you can use blogging, email marketing, social media, product review pages, and many other ways to promote products and services online. In this post, I will show you how to promote Clickbank products without a website or blog step by step as an affiliate to make money online.

First, What Is An Affiliate?


An affiliate is someone who uses an “affiliate link” to send website traffic to a vendor’s site that sells a product. If a sale is made upon that visit, or within a set time of that initial visit, the affiliate receives a commission (a pre-determined portion of the sale price).

In the Clickbank, you’ll receive an affiliate commission if the prospect buys within 60 days of the initial visit. This is referred to as 60-day cookies (cookies is the internet term for keeping track of website visit history).

Why Clickbank?

The reason I recommend Clickbank is that they approve almost everyone to promote their products and they will pay you every Wednesday. If your country is not in the list of Clickbank approved countries, you can check out alternatives to Clickbank here.

But the information from this page can be applied to promote any affiliate product from any company, just remove the word Clickbank and put your affiliate network name and you will be set.

Without any further due, here is how you can promote Clickbank products step by step without a website.

Step 1: Create a Clickbank account

The first step is to create a Clickbank account, if do you have one you can skip this step.

To create a Clickbank account go to:

You will find a page like this one below


Just fill in all the required information, you need to put your real information, including your real name, your real address and your real email (I know it sounds obvious but I know people who put fake information), this will save you from troubles when Clickbank pay you in the future.

Then click next, and fill up your correct bank information, after finalizing everything you will have to confirm your email and you are set to go to the next step.

Step 2: Pick a product to promote

After finalizing the creation of your Clickbank account you will need to pick a good product to promote.

All you need to do is to login in your Clickbank account and then click marketplace, that will take you directly to the Clickbank marketplace.



In the marketplace you will find a search bar, if do you have an idea of what niche do you want to promote just type it in the space ( for example I was going to promote keto diet products so I typed ‘keto’, if you don’t know yet what niche to promote just leave it in blank and then click the search icon as shown in the image below.


When the search results appear, click in the drop menu and choose sort by gravity

clickbank gravity

For those who don’t know, Clickbank gravity is an estimated matrix that indicates the number of an affiliate who has made a sale promoting a product in the last 12 weeks, for each affiliate who made a sale the product is given a number between 0.1 and 1 depending on when the sale was made.

All you need to do after that is looking for a product that you do want to promote, for me these are the things I look from the product.


Most people will tell you that you need to promote products with the highest gravity, Personally, I think this is a myth because higher gravity does not necessarily mean it is a good product and because everyone and his dog preach about promoting high gravity products most affiliates especially new ones tend to promote these products and create unnecessary competition also Clickbank gravity can be manipulated.

I will say choose a product between the gravity of 10 to 50 if this is your first Clickbank promotion stick with between 20-30 if there is no product in that range you can go a little bit low or high depending on the niche.

Initial Sale

This is the amount of money you will make when people buy a certain product by using your affiliate link, I tend to choose products with initial sale equal to or above 20. This means if I make at least one sale per day I will be making at least $20 day, it is not a bad thing.

Avg $/sale

This is the amount of money you will make on average for every sale you generate if Initial sale amount=Avg $/sale this means that the product does not offer any Upsales or people just don’t buy them.

Avg Rebill Total

If this number is $0.00 means the products do not have recurring payments so you will not make any money after the initial sale, if it is bigger than 0 means it has a recurring income.

Avg %rebill

This number represents the average affiliate commission percentage for a sale, including only the rebill commission.

For me, the most important factors are gravity and initial sale, for that reason that is why I selected the second product in this list (see the image below).

But that is not all, now you have selected the product you need to check out their sales page or sales video, you need to make sure that it is a nice and clean sales page/video, no link to other websites, no gimmicks or false claim and you need to ask yourself this question, I would buy this product for myself? if the answer is yes and you have money then buy it, if you don’t have money but the answer is yes you can also promote it, but if the answer is no, don’t promote it and chose another product.

It is always good practice to buy and use the product yourself before promoting it.


average sale

Step 3: Get your affiliate link

So now you did all the work and you found your product, you need to get your affiliate link, this is easy, just click the promote button (the one below Avg $/sale and this popup will appear in a new window.


In, enter your information part you should have your Clickbank nickname there, if you clicked from inside your Clickbank account it should be there by default if it is not there just type it, make sure it is correct so that you can be credited for the sales you will be generating.

Also I will encourage you to enter your tracking ID, this is optional but it is useful because it will tell you where the sale came from and it will help you to decide which traffic generating method to focus on, in this article I am going to use the blog commenting method (spoiler alert) that is why I put BC for blog commenting, you can put anything you want there.

Ather that click generate HopLink and Clickbank will generate one of the ugliest URLs you will ever see, just click to the icon in the right-hand side of your link to copy it and paste somewhere you can remember like in notepad and save it in your computer.

Step 4: Mask your link

Now you need to mask your link and in this step, you will need to use some cash, I know this guide is supposed to teach you how to promote Clickbank products without a website and for free but, you will need to spend a little amount of money.

The method we are going to use to promote this Clickbank product is called direct link, this means you send your visitors directly to the sales page or sales video, there is no presale page or landing page.

Benefits of this method

The main benefit of this method is that you will get 100% CTR, CTR means Click Through Ration, in simple words means all people who will click to your link will go directly to the sales page or sales video.

The bad part of this method is that you’re not preselling or building your list, that means you’re not building a foundation of your online business.

My recommendation is that do this method, make some cash on demand and them invest some of that money by buying hosting and some other tools to build a real business online, for starters it is a good starting point.

Why you need to mask your affiliate link

it is ugly

As you saw above, the link you get from Clickbank is very ugly, imagine a friend telling you he/she wants to check out the product your promoting and she/he wants your affiliate link, how are you going to tell him/her that my link is they will think you’re crazy, the best thing is to mask it with a memorable domain name like, assuming your name is John.

And when they click to it will take them to that ugly link.

Most websites hate affiliate links

It does not matter if you’re going to promote it on facebook, twitter, Instagram or by commenting on authority blogs, if they see it is an affiliate link, they will not let you promote it, masking it reduces that risk.

It protects you in the future

Let say you’re going to dedicate at least two hours to do the method I am going to show you, after one month you will generate a lot of clicks per day and if for any reason the vendor is out of business, you can just go in your domain registrar and change the affiliate link and promote the related product, if you don’t do this you will have to search for every place you left your link and change it, it can take days or you will lose your traffic overnight, be smart.

How to mask your affiliate link

You need to buy a domain name, my highest recommendation is Namecheap as they are a very reliable domain register company, but the initial price is around 9.

If you don’t have that amount of money you can google for ‘GoDaddy one dollar domains’ you will be able to buy a single domain for just $1.

Yes, that what it will cost you to start making money with Clickbank using this method.

So since I am using Namecheap that is what I am going to use to show you how to mask your affiliate link.

Just go to and type a domain name do you want to buy, it can be or my case I decided to go with just be creative and don’t waste more time in this.


Just click the search icon, if a desirable domain name is available, then add it to cart, if you don’t have an account they will ask you to create one, pay for it by using Paypal or debit/ credit card then you own a domain name for one year.

After you complete the process above you will need to log in into your Namecheap account and click domain list then manage as shown in the image below.


Make sure that in nameservers it is Namecheap BasicDNS (it should be like this by default) and then click Advanced DNS.


Click on the drop menu where it says A Record, in the menu choose URL Redirect Record as shown in the image below.


You will have something like in the image below, in the host, space write the symbol ‘@’, in de destination URL copy your ugly link from Clickbank and post it there, in the drop menu choose Masked and then click the save button (in the red circle).


After that you will need to click add a new record then select URL Redirect Record, this time in the host space write ‘www’, in the Destination URL post the same link from Clickbank, choose Masked in the drop menu and then click save.

If everything is done right, your record should look like the image below.


It may take up to 48 hours to update the host records, so if you test out and it does not direct you will need to wait a bit but after than any person who clicks or types your domain name will be directed to your affiliate link.

Now let us move to the last step of this tutorial, to drive traffic.

Step 5: Use a Trojan horse traffic method to drive free traffic

I first found out about this method about three years ago, I brought a product called Operation 10K by Desmond Ong and as a bonus, he teaches this method and he calls it Trajan Horse Method.

The method is very simple and it is in three steps.

you find 5-20 authority blogs in your niche.

The simplest way to do this is to use Google, you can just Google ‘your niche+best blogs’ for example in my case it will be ‘ keto diet best blogs’

For better results I will recommend doing your search in incognito mode as if you the normal browser, Google will show you results depending on your search history and other user-related behaviors, you need to see natural results.

best blogs

Find blogs with these three characteristics

You need to find between 5-20 authority blogs that have these three characteristics, one, the blog needs to have constant updates if the owner of the blog does not update his/her blog regularly there is no need to comment on it because probably you will not get traffic.

The blog needs to allow comment with a link, this is important because we are going to live a comment and then leave our link there if they don’t let you do this don’t waste your time on them.

The third and last characteristic is that the body must have active readers, you can check this by checking if there are some people commenting on the blog or if it has many shares in social media.

As I said find 5-20 of these blogs and keep them in the notepad.

Leave a helpful, respectful comment 

You need to write a good comment, you need first to read the whole article, find some points that you can comments on, leave your comment, your name, and your link.

For example in my case, I found a blog named, they meet all criteria I mentioned above, all I need to here is to write a good comment, select save my name, notify me on follow and notify me of a new post then hint submit a comment.


What will happen is that if I write a good and helpful comment the owner of this blog she will approve my comment and when her readers see it, they will want to click on my name and they will be redirected to my affiliate link.

If you do on average 6 minutes per comment that means that if you dedicate 2 hours, you will be leaving about 20 comments per day and if you do this every day you will start getting a huge amount of clicks every day and for sure you will make some sales.

Question and Answers

Do this method works?

Yes, it works, I still use it to make sales and drive traffic to my blogs and I know a lot of big name marketers like Neil Patel you used this method and reported massive results.

How much money I can make from this method?

There is no guarantee how much money you can make, but in my case, I make a sale between 140 and 300 visitors to my affiliate link, sometimes I make more, it depends on many factors.

If you could post 20 comments per day in a month you will have 600 comments, and if each comment gives you 1 visitor per day this is 600 visitors per day and if you make 2 sales per day, you will be making at least $40 per day, assuming you picked a product with an average sale of $20+

Is this long term?

No, this is not a long term stratergy, but you can use this method to make at least $100 per day but it is very difficult to scale up, you will need to start building your list and probably creating an authority blog yourself.

Final word 

This is how you can promote Clickbank products without a website or blog, there are many methods you can use, I will keep posting them here.

If you like this content make sure that you subscribe to my email list to get an update on a new post and learn how to create a passive income online.




If you have been doing online business for some time you might hear people telling you that blogging is dead, let me tell you that it is not true, they are just trying to sell you something.

In this post, I am going to highlight the importance of blogging for affiliate marketers and how you can start your own affiliate marketing blog.

Importance of blogging for affiliate marketers

Blogs are an essential part of your affiliate strategy. You can use them to promote your own products or to promote other people products i.e. affiliate marketing.

If you post quality content on your blog, search engines, such as Google and Bing, will reward your blog with some of the highest quality prospects for free.

When people start reading and sharing your content, your blog authority will increase with time. That means when you put content on a blog it shows up quickly in search engines and people will find your blog posts and you’ll start to build up a relationship with prospects. Each post on your blog is actually a separate webpage – so you can create a huge content and keyword-rich “website” by blogging frequency.

How to Get Started With a Blog

I use WordPress for all my blog and if you’re just starting out I will recommend that you do the same as it is very easy to start a WordPress blog.

Here is one of my blog traffic after three months of posting one or two articles per week then posting it on facebook.




Not bad for blogging two times per week and an investment of a few dollars for domain name and hosting.

Blogs are not an expensive investment and can help bring you an online second paycheck very quickly. Here are the steps to get it set-up.

Step #1 – Pick a niche.

A niche is a market you want to get in, your blog should target a specific group of people, for example, weight loss is a niche but weight loss for women is more specific, you can start a blog about weight loss for women and post tips and recommendations about this topic to your audience.

Also, you can target a certain hobby, for example, you can start a blog about football (soccer) or you can go a little bit deep and start a blog about Arsenal football club and targeting their fan base as your prospects.

When it comes to choosing a niche you should make sure that you have interest in it, this is very important because it is not fun to write about something you don’t like or enjoy and people can actually spend money in it (this is how you will make sales).

Step #2 – Buy a domain name.

You must have your own domain name if you want to promote affiliate products using a WordPress blog. However, if you don’t have money to spend, you can buy a domain name for just $1 at GoDaddy, just google ‘GoDaddy one dollar domains’, but if you have $10 I will recommend buying your domains at

NOTE: You want to pick a title that has some type of related keyword in the title. If possible go for a .com.

Unfortunately, a lot of the best domain names are gone, so you’ll need to be creative. Keep it short and snappy if possible.

Step #3 – Host Your Blog

Pick a good company to host your WordPress blog. Blogs hosted for free on the servers are not allowed to have any type of advertising (including affiliate links) so that’s why you need to buy your own domain name and find a hosting provider to put your blog on.

If you are new and this is your first blog, I will recommend that you host your blog at Hostgator. This is because there are cheap and they can handle a low traffic site.

But when you start having some traffic to your blog and making some money (for me I will say if you get more than 1000 page views per day) you will need to get a more reliable web hosting, my highest recommendation when it comes to web hosting is WpxHosting.

If you have some extra cash, you can skip Hostgator and start with WpxHosting from day one.

Step #4 – Install your blog

Installing a WordPress blog is very easy, you can just go to your hosting dashboard and find a WordPress icon, click it follow the instructions and in 1 minute you will have WordPress installed in your servers.

But I know this is not easy for everyone so my recommendation to you is to go to and for $5 you can get someone to install and configure your blogger.

 If do you want a really nice design and premium themes there are a lot of guys that can do that for you in for less than $100.

Step #5 – Add WordPress Plug-Ins to Your Blog

WordPress plug-ins enhance the effectiveness of your blog. Some plug-ins help with SEO, others help arrange comments, while others help you track stats with Google Analytics. Even without any plug-ins, WordPress is great, but adding a bunch of these free plug-ins will “soup up” your blog and make it work even better.

You can find the plugins at  Some of the plugins that I use on this blog  are:

Akismet – A comment spam manager that is part of the base WordPress install.  You really need to enable this plugin otherwise you’ll get all types of spam on your blog.

Yoast Seo – This plugin really helps improve your Google ranking.  The higher your rankings, the more traffic you get.  The more traffic you get, the more opportunities to make some money and gain some readers.

WP-Super-Cache – This dramatically decreases the load on the hosting provider’s server so everyone stays happy in case you get a lot of traffic. If you don’t have this and you get a lot of traffic to your blog, your hosting company could shut down your site.

Most Popular Posts – This plug-in allows you to list the most popular posts according to the number of views or comments.

Pretty Links – There is a free version of this plugin, which allows you to mask and shorten affiliate links you might be promoting on your website.

 Google Analytics Dashboard for WP (GADWP)- Displays Google Analytics Reports and Real-Time Statistics in your Dashboard. Automatically inserts the tracking code in every page of your website.

Jetpack by the power of the cloud to your self-hosted WordPress. Jetpack enables you to connect your blog to a account to use the powerful features normally only available to users.

Smush-Reduce image file sizes, improve performance and boost your SEO.

Wordfence Security – Anti-virus, Firewall, and Malware Scan


Step #6– Get a Google Account & Use Analytics to Track Your Blog Stats

I really recommend getting a Google Account –  Use Google Analytics to provide statistics on your blog traffic (use Google Analytics Dashboard for WP for WordPress if you use this service).


Step #7 –Get an Autoresponder.

 You need to build your email list if you want a long term success with your affiliate marketing career.

In simple words list building is the process of collecting email address from your prospects, you give them something valuable to them, they give you their email address in exchange., then you send them emails with tips and recommendations, and you may include your affiliate links in those, if they buy you make money.

To get started you need to create an account with and then create a form that will integrate with your blog, there is a plugin for that and again if you don’t know how to do this you can get someone to do it for you for just $5 in

To get the sign-up form on your blog, you’ll simply need to get the HTML code for the sign-up box to your blog/website developer and they’ll know what to do next.


Step #8 – Start writing/posting to your blog

As soon as you’ve set up your blog, write an introductory post welcoming your readers, introducing yourself, and describing the purpose of your blog. After that, be sure to post consistently. At the very least, you should post twice per week.

How to Create a Word Press Blog Post


1 – This is the screen you’ll see to start.

add new post


2 – Add the content in the main box.

add content


3 – Choose 3-6 tags related to the content. When you first start your blog, you won’t have any tags, but you can just enter a new tag name into the text box and add it. The tags you choose will be keywords and keyword phrases that show up in your content.




4 – You also need to choose 1 category related to the content. Again, when you start your blog, you won’t have any categories, but you can just click the “Add New Category” link.  This will allow you to organize your blog posts by related content.




5 – If you use the Yoast SEO plug-in, you can also enter in additional keywords and a title tag for the blog post. Scroll to the bottom of the post and enter in the “title”, “description”, and “keywords” related to your content.



6 – To add images within a post, look for the image icon in the top left of the screen you’ll see these icons. Click the square icon beside the word “insert”.

add media


7 – Once you click on the images icon, you’ll see this screen. Click “Select files” to choose your image and choose an alignment. You can also add in a caption (this will be keywords) and a link URL (if someone clicks the image it will take the visitor to that link). This example below requires the SEO Friendly Images plug-in.

add media 1

8 – Once you insert an image, you may have to resize the image to fit your post.


9 – To create a link within your blog post, highlight the text you want to use as the link text with your mouse and then click the little “chain link” icon (it will only be available if you’ve highlighted text in the post). Then type in your link URL and Insert.


10 – And if you want to insert a Youtube video into your blog post, you must first go to YouTube and copy the URL from youtube.


Then go back to your post and click add media, then insert from URL ( you will insert your youtube URL ) then click insert into post, your youtube video should be integrated into your post.


Click the Preview tab to make sure your blog looks the way you want it to, and then go back and hit the Publish to make it live on your site.


Step #9 Get traffic to your blog

 This might sound cliché, do you remember I said that we use a blog to drive traffic to our affiliate offer? That is true but when you have a new blog no one knows about it, it will take you forever to get traffic to it, you need to drive some traffic to it.

There are many ways to drive traffic to your blog but these three are my favorite.

 Niche related forums

You can find a forum for every market you’re in, just google ‘your niche+ forum’ you will find plenty of them. This is what you need to do.

 Step 1 find the forums

As I said google for forums in your niche and join three of them, look at the forums that are popular and have a lot of active members.

Step 2

After you join, introduce yourself in the forum, this will make many people notice you and participate in other people threads by giving advice and asking some questions, in short words be helpful.

 Step 3 add your blog URL

Most forums allow you to have a signature in your profile, just add a small description of your site and a link to it.


How it works

When you participate in forums discussions, your signature will appear under your name and if you help people, they will start clicking to that link and will go to your blog and consume your content, some will sign up to your email list.

 Blog commenting

This is one of the oldest ways to get traffic to your blog, all you need to do is to find a popular blogger in your niche, you don’t know them great just google it.

For this strategy I will recommend you to find 10 to 20 popular blogs and subscribe to their email list or feed, each time they post new content, read it and write a constructive comment, put your name, email address and website URL in the boxes, then submit a comment.


What will happen is that if you left a good comment the site owner will approve your comment and his/her readers will see that comment and when they click to your name they will be directed to your blog and by this way you will get a ton of traffic to your blog.

If you dedicate 30 minutes per day to comment on popular blogs, you will have enough traffic to make a full-time income online, just do it daily and you will be amazed by the results.



I just added this method to my traffic arsenal, if you do this in the right way you will get an unlimited amount of traffic to your blog.

This is how you get traffic from

 Step 1

Create a business profile, this is simple just go to Pinterest and create a business profile if by accident you created a personal profile you can change it to business and follow the instructions.

Step 2

Verify your blog

In order to get access to Pinterest analytics, you will need to verify that you own a blog,  there is a plugin that can help you to verify your blog on Pinterest, you can use that.

 Step 3

Create 5 to 10 boards and add some pins on them.

You need to create 5 to 10 boards in your Pinterest profile, I will recommend using categories on your blog as board names and in each board add some related pins, you need to do this so that if someone visits your profile can see that it is an active profile and has some content in it.

Step 4

Find the influencers in your niche and follow their followers

This is the crucial point, you need to find some influencers in your niche, (for me anyone with more than 10k followers is an influencer) and follow their followers.

This is important, if these people are following someone who has content similar to yours there is a good possibility that they will like your content.

20 to 40 percent of these people you follow they will follow you back, I will recommend following at least 100 people per day and if you do this daily in a month you will have more than 500 followers, those are people who have shown interest in a content like yours and if you write good content for sure they will visit your blog.


Step 5

Join group boards

This is when things get serious when you get more than 100 followers you can start asking to join in group boards.

 This is how it works:

There are some large boards on Pinterest that has many contributors and many followers, all you need to do is to ask the moderator for that board to let you in as a contributor, once you’re in you can start posting your content in those board and get an insane amount of free traffic.

How to identify a group board

group board

The trick I use is to go to the profiles in my niche with a lot of followers and I start to examine their board, if you see a board with more than one image on it (like in the red circle in the image above), it is a group board, most of the time if you click to that board you will find instructions on how to joint it, just follow the instructions and they will let you in.

This is how you can drive an insane amount of traffic from Pinterest.

Final Word

This is how you start an affiliate blog and drive traffic to it, I know it sounds like a lot of work and to be honest with you it is (and it is a good thing because most people won’t do it and this reduces the competition).

Thank you for reading, if do you like the content I produce feel free to share it and also to subscribe to my email list below so that I can send you an email each time I publish a new post, thank you.





7 Steps to Start Email Marketing for Beginners


Email marketing is one of the best money making model known to the humankind, think about this, how many persons do you know who have an email address, for me everyone I know has at least two of them.

Everyone is competing for your email, do you want to sign up for Facebook, YouTube, Instagram or any other social media, they want your email, do you want to find a job one of the things they will ask you is to provide your email address.

That is why in this post I am going to tell you why you need to do email marketing and 7 steps to start email marketing for beginners.

Before we move on let me answer some of the questions you might have, in case I didn’t answer your question, in particular, let me know in the comment section below.

What is email marketing?

Email marketing is the act of sending a commercial message, typically to a group of people, using email. In its broadest sense, every email sent to a potential or current customer could be considered email marketing.

What are the best email marketing services?

This is not a simple question to answer, there are a lot of good email marketing services out there, from high-end ones like Infusionsoft or Consfusionsoft as I like to call them, they are very good but very complicated to understand and very expensive, you will need to hire somebody to do it for you or dedicate a lot of time learning how to use them.

Also, there are lower end email marketing services, like MailChimp which are free to get started but they have a very complex design.

So if we take into account the price of the service and how easy is to use them, for me ConvertKit and Aweber are the best email marketing services at the moment.

How can I email marketing for free?

Yes, you can start email marketing for free, ConvertKit offers a free two weeks trial, all you need is to register using your email, no credit card required, you can get your ConvertKit free trial here.

*If you finish your onboarding training with them when you sign up, they will send you a ConvertKit Tshirt for free.

Aweber also offers a 30 days free trial, with Aweber you will need to provide your credit/debit card.

You can get your Aweber free trial here.

What is an email marketing strategy?

An email marketing strategy is part of your overall marketing strategy and business plan. It helps you market your products and services with the use of the email channel with the best chances for making a profit and reaching your goals.

What is the best email marketing platform?

Personally, I tried almost every email marketing platform on the market, and I will tell you with confidence that ConvertKit is the best email marketing platform.

They have easy design, simple and yet very powerful automation, you can integrate them with most of the other tools you need to run your business and the feature I like the most is their tagging feature, you can tag people on your list according to the products they bought from you, the way they joined your newsletter, the lead magnet they used to opt-in, the links they clicked, etc, your imagination is the limit.

You can read my experience with ConvertKit here.

Why email marketing

There are many reasons to start email marketing and here I am going to list and discuss a few of them.

You have more control

There are many ways to build a list online, you can do this by starting a Youtube channel and your subscribers is your list, you can build Instagram followers, you can do the same with Facebook and many other social media platforms, but there is one major problem with those, you don’t control them, a policy change, an algorithm change can wipe out all your following on the brink of an eye, when you have your own email list you have more control and for any reason if the autoresponder company want to shut you down, they will let you download your list.

There is no limit of how many of your subscribers you can reach

Most social media platforms will limit your organic reach, even if you have 10000 YouTube subscribers, when you publish a new video it will not reach all of them, they want you to pay to reach more people, but if do you have 10000 email subscribers and you send an email all of them will get your email.

Higher return of investment

There is research that came to a conclusion that you will earn around $40 for every $1 you invest in email marketing, this is a very lucrative business, again that is why every company is after your email address, you should too.

Ability to print money

This is one of the most powerful aspects of email marketing, literally, you will be able to print money from the thin air.

Imagine this, you have 10000 persons in your mailing list, you wake up in the morning and you realize that you need $5000 asap because there is an emergency, you sit down, in 20 minutes you find a product that cost $100, and they pay you 50% in commissions, you study the products and you are convinced that it will help your audience, you write an email and sent it to your list, recommending that affiliate product.

If only 2000 people open your email and out of those 1000 clicks your affiliate link that is 1000 clicks to the offer and if just 100 of them buys, you will have enough money to pay for your emergency (it could be more if you have a good relationship with your audience and the offer has some upsells).

I am not saying you will be able to do this since day one, that will be stupid, but with time if you learn how to do email marketing in the right way you will be able to do to this in the regular basis.

Forget about $5000 days, you can do this and pull a lot of $100 days, and in my opinion, this is enough to have a good life in the most part of the world.

If do you want to learn more about doing this you can check out a course called mailing for money by Ben Martin.

The difference between list building and email marketing

Many people get confused when they see terms list building and email marketing and sometimes they interchange them. Here is the difference between them.

List building is the process of adding prospects to your email list (I will write a guide about this in a few days), this includes picking the market in which do you want to build your list, creating a lead magnet or a freebie to give away as an incentive for people to join your email list, creating a landing page or a squeeze page, choosing your autoresponder service and deciding your traffic strategy.

While email marketing the process of sending email to your list, this can be promotional emails, educational emails or a combination of both.

The main purpose of email marketing is to build a relationship between you and your prospects, you need to write those emails as if you’re writing them to your own friend.

You see, people tend to buy from people they trust, if you can earn trust from a group of persons, they can buy most of the things you will recommend to them and this will make you money in the process.

In few words list building is everything that happens before your prospects give you their email address and email marketing is everything that happens after that.

7 steps to start email marketing for beginners

So these are the 7 steps you need to start email marketing especially if you’re a beginner.

Step 1: Pick an email marketing platform

Earlier in this post, I talked about the best email marketing platform, and that is ConvertKit, If do you want a simple design, powerful automation and a modern email marketing platform for content creators this is it.

Convetkit have a 14 days trial and then $29 per month up to 1000 subscribers, remember the cost increases as your number of subscribers increases.

Start email Marketing for Beginners convertkit


If you don’t have money to invest, for now, you can start with Aweber, they have a 30 days free trial, they are reliable, easy to use and beginner friends.

Start email Marketing for Beginners Aweber marketing

If you’re doing email marketing for the first time in your life go with Aweber and them when you start making some money move to ConvertKit.

Each of those two email marketing platforms has a lot of tutorials on how to use them. If do you find any problem, let me know via the contact form and I will be glad to help you.

Step 2: Set up a website and a professional email address

It does not matter if you are using Youtube, Podcast, Facebook or any other marketing channel, you need a website as the central hub of your online business.

In order to create a website, you need a domain name, the easiest domain name you can get is your own name, just go to and buy a domain name for less than $10.

Also, you will need a hosting service, if you are just starting out I will recommend you to get started with Sitegroud, they are fast reliable and relatively cheap. You can get a 60% discount on Sitegroud by clicking the link below.

Start email Marketing for Beginners siteground

Can simply install a WordPress on your domain name, if by any means you can’t do this let me know and I will help you to install a WordPress site for free.

Also, you will need to set up a professional email address, this is because when you use a free email address like, there is a big chance that your emails will end up in a spam box, also having an email address like will increase trust and it is more professional.

You can use Gsuite to create your professional email address.

Step 3: Create a lead magnet

The third step is building a lead magnet; this is a part that most people ignore but yet it is a very important one. You need to ethical bribe your prospects to join your list, you need to find what is your audience main problem and offer them something that will help them to solve this problem in exchange of their email list.

A lead magnet does not have to be complicated, you can create a one-page PDF checklist on foods you never eat to lose weight or a pdf on 5 steps to build your email list.

The main thing about this is that your lead magnet should be practical, easy to consume and directly to the point.

Also, you can a video, audio or even an article as your lead magnet, you don’t need to over complicate this. Just do it.

Step 4: Build a Squeeze page or Opt-in Form

So now you have an email marketing platform and a lead magnet ready, the next step is to create an opt-in form in order to give away your lead magnet. You will need to connect your opt-in form to your email marketing platform.

I always recommend to just ask for an email address for exchange with a lead magnet, but if do you want to add personalization you can ask for a name too, don’t ask their phone number or zip code, remember less is more.

This is how it works, a prospects go to your website and he/she find a landing page offering a lead magnet, he/she thinks that it is exactly what he/she needs, they give you an email address, they get added to your email marketing platform which instantly them a thank you message with a download link.

You can build your squeeze page using WordPress plugins or if you can code you can build one coding from scratch, on my case I use Clickfunnels to build my squeeze pages

Step 5: Create the main email list

When you’re new you just need to create one email list or email sequence, you can name it according to your free gift (I will talk about this in the next step).

If you are using ConvertKit they call them a sequence, you just need to go and create a sequence and follow the instructions (again there is a lot of information about this in the ConvertKit website).

convertkit sequence

If you’re Using Aweber, they call this a list, you will go and create a list, give it a name and description, a reply email (the email you created in step 2) and you’re good to go.

 aweber list

Step 6: Create a Welcome message and a Soap Opera Email Sequence

After your prospects opt-in, you will need to send them a thank you message, the purpose of this message is to introduce yourself to your prospects, thank them for getting your lead magnet, tell them what they can do with it, give them the download link and tell them what to expect from you in the future, that is the main purpose of your first email.

After creating a thank you email, then you need to create and set up a Soap Opera Sequence.

Start email Marketing for Beginners soap opera emails

In few words Soap Opera Sequence (SOS for short) as a sequence of emails that move subscribers through a serialized narrative, like this: In the example above, SOS #1 is a sequence of 4 to 5 emails. … The main aim of this sequence is to introduce you and your services/products to your prospects

This the method I learned from Russell Brunson in his famous book DotcomSecrets, you can get it here for free.

Step 7: Send Seinfeld emails

Do you remember a famous sitcom Seinfeld? It was a comedy sitcom about nothing, there was no pre-written script, all they used to do was, make episodes about their daily life, for example, if they go to coffee shop, whatever happened there it was an episode, the same thing if they go to a restaurant or hospital, they made a whole series about nothing.

Seinfeld emails are basically emails about nothing—oddly enough, they’re effective. When writing a Seinfeld email, connect with people in your writing while subtly leading them to your products and services too

Start email Marketing for Beginners seinfed email

These can be your content, the conversation you have with people in social media or in daily life, trending news of the day, it can be anything, the main thing here is that in each of these emails you need to connect them to the product your promoting, this is like making money without being too pushy.

People will be entertained and they will buy through your link and you will make much more money.

This also I learned from Russell Brunson, DotCOmSetrets book, again you can get it here:

Final words

Those are 7 steps to start email marketing for beginners again if you have any problem, let me know and see how I can help you. Thank you for reading.




We all know that paid traffic is the best kind of traffic especially if you’re just starting out, this is because it is easy to get (if you have money of course), it is scalable and it is very quick, but sometimes especially when you’re are just starting out you don’t know if the traffic is going to convert and you’re taking too much risk on buying those expensive clicks.

What if I can tell you that you can get started with paid traffic for free, yes most of the major paid traffic source they can give you some kind of credit to help you to get started and test their platform. I have done this with a lot of them, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, Google, Bing, etc.

Today I am going to explain to you how you can get free bing ads coupon, this method works in 2019 and beyond.

What is Bing Advertising Network?

According to Wikipedia, “Bing Ads (formerly Microsoft adCenter and MSN adCenter) is a service that provides pay per click advertising (PPC) on both the Bing and Yahoo! search engines.” So, you may not be as familiar with Bing Ads but you have probably heard of Google’s Adwords and this is a similar network where advertisers bid for impressions, clicks, etc.


As I said above Bing Ads is a service that provides pay per click (PPC) advertising, just like Google, the problem with Google Ads is that most of the big companies are advertising on them, this makes the competition very fierce and hence they charge much more for a click.

Because they have fewer clients (around 30% of market share), Bing Ads fewer restrictions, they are cheaper and they still accept direct link (you can advertise your affiliate link direct with Bing Ads but you can’t do that with Google Ads).

How many $?? I will get with my Bing Ads Coupon

This will depend on two major factors, like your geographic location and the method you use to get the Bing Ads coupon.


There are three ways to get free bing ads coupons that work, you don’t need to do them all, just choose one that matches your current situation and do it, the secret here is in taking action.

The Rules

There are some rules that you will need to follow in order to get these coupons.

There are a few simple rules:

  1. You must have a new Bing Ads account

These coupons are for new advertisers only, so you need to have a new Bing Ads account, if you already have a Bing Ads Account, you will have to create a new one using a different email address.


  1. You must use a new payment method

Before redeeming your Bind Ads coupon, Bing will want you to set up a payment method, this can be by bank deposit, Credit/Debit Card or PayPal, In most cases, they will charge a small amount to make sure that your payment method is working.

You can get around this by using different card in the new account, also in order to reduce the possibility of one person having multiple free coupons Bing will track your IP address, if you have an old Bing Ads account it is a better practice to create a new account from different place (different IP address).

If you meet those requirements, then you just have a few steps to collect your free Bing Ads coupon code.


Three methods to get a free Bing Ads coupon

1. Get Web Hosting with Bluehost

Bluehost is a leading website hosting service that hosts more than 2 million websites with pricing as low as $3.95 per month. Bluehost offers a free $100 Bing ad credit to Bluehost users to drive traffic to your site and to jump-start your marketing (also they give you $100 in Google Ads coupons). Bluehost is good for new businesses that need hosting services as well as a free $100 Bing Ads coupon code.

BlueHost Bing coupon code highlights:

  • Ad credit: $100
  • Who it’s for: All businesses in need of a professional website hosting service
  • Eligibility: New Bluehost customers
  • Us Citizen
  • Free domain name

Get Your Free Bing Ads coupon by using three steps

  1. Visit Bluehost by clicking here or the banner below.


The link will take you to the page where they will show you some benefits of using Bluehost.


Then click get Started, it will take you to the next page:


Select the plus plan and click select, In the next page, you will need to fill out your domain name and your details after that just click the submit button and you will have your account set up.

They will send you an email containing your Cpanel login details, just log in and you will find a Cpanel that look like an image below.


Under the Marketing tab, you will find a Bing-Yahoo $100 icon, Click there and you will have your free $100 Bing Ads coupon.

2: By Submitting your Blog/Website to Bing Webmaster Tools

The second method you can use to get a free Bing Ads coupon is by submitting your blog/website to the Bing Webmaster Tools. Below I am going to explain how you can do that step by step.

What is Bing Webmaster Tools?

Bing’s Webmaster tools are similar to Google Search Console/Google Webmaster Tools. It alerts you to crawl errors on your website, shows your visibility in search results on Bing, and helps you resolve issues.

Signing up for Bing Webmaster Tools

First, you will need to go to the Bing Webmaster Tools website and create an account. This is pretty easy because they don’t limit you to just using a Microsoft account but you can use Gmail, Yahoo, etc. Most of the signup process is pretty standard but they do require you to include a phone number.

Adding Bing Webmaster Tools to Your Website

1: Go to

You will find a site that looks like this:


Note: This may look different depending on your country also the amount of coupon credit will vary, for example, if you’re from Mexico it will be like this:


The value of the coupon is MXN $1000 which is around $52 USD, sometimes they may use different language depending on your browser.

Simply click “Sign Up” there.

2: You should get pop-up with next options:


Choose whichever you want. I used my Google account.

3. After you finish the sign-in process it will navigate you to the next page:


Just fill the relevant information and click on SAVE.

4. Now it will redirect you to this page:
Now you need to verify your website.


4: Now you need to upload it on your website. Login to your Cpanel
This is from Bluehost, If you’re using different hosting it might look a little bit different.


Enter Cpanel username and passwords.

5: Open-File manager and navigate to your domain location

file maanager

6: Click on upload and choose your file (BingSiteAuth.xml)


7: After uploading visit it once, – navigate to
Then go back to Bing master, scroll down and click “VERIFY”.


Congratulations now you have verified your blog/website, wait for 2 to 3 working day and Bing will send you a message with your Bing Ads coupon code.

The message will look like this one.


This is how do you get a free Bing Ads coupon by submitting your blog/website to Bing Webmaster Tools.

3: Request a Voucher via Support

This is the last method I am going to share with you in this post, this works especially for those who can’t get Bing Ads coupons using the first two methods.

Do you remember a book called Ask and it is given? That title can be applied here, you can get a free Bing Ads coupon by just asking their support.

After creating a new Bing Ads account you can contact their support and explain to them that you’re interested in testing out Bing Ads network and ask them if they have any coupon they can offer to you.

Trust me this works, I tried three times and I got coupons three times, the first time I got 650 Mexican pesos (It is around 35 Usd).

The second time I hit a jackpot with $150 in Bing Ads and the third time was $50, this method work, just try it, there nothing to lose.

You can log-in and follow the three steps as shown in the image below, don’t be shy they won’t bite or kill you.

bing chat


Signing up for a Bing Ads Account

1: Now when you have your Bing Ads coupon,  you are almost there. Now go to
And click on Sign Up Now.

bing ads

Enter your email and click next.

2: Next fill out this form:

bing ads


Fill out all required information. Scroll a little bit down and click on Create Account.

3: Next, Choose “Create a new campaign”

bing ads

4: Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on “Skip campaign creation”


5: On the next page we need to add Billing info to be qualified for Bing Coupon – Click on your preferred billing method.


6: Now go and fill out your billing information.

That is it congratulations, now you have a Bing Ads Account.

How to redeem your Bing Ads coupon

After filling out your billing information Next, you can enter your Bing Ads coupon code on the bottom middle of the screen ( see screenshot below)


Setting up an Advertising Campaign

Next, you can set up the text for your advertising, select what search terms you want to compete for, and manage the bidding process.
Setting up the ads and spending your money well can be a daunting task with terms like pay per click (PPC), cost per click (CPC), and cost per mile (CPM) being thrown around.
In the next few days, I am going to create a detailed post on setting up an advertising campaign in your Bing Ads Account and I will post a link below.

Final words

That is it, in this post I went through on how to get a free Bings Ads coupon and how to set up your Bing Ads account.  If you run into problems or would like help managing your campaign, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

When Minor Tasks Aren’t Minor

Are minor tasks taking you all day?

If you find yourself spending all day to compose an email, write an article, or create a memorable video, chances are that you’re getting very, very distracted.

When Minor Tasks Aren't Minor

If you start lots of projects that take too long or don’t get finished at all, apply these distraction-busting tips:

1. Kill your internet.

Your mind will be blown at how much more productive you are at a computer with no internet connection. No “research” that transforms into a search for the perfect crazy cat video. No twitter, IM, phone, or any other element that crushes your time.

Gather your research materials, and when it’s time to put rubber to the road, cut your internet off – it’s too tempting to write when stress reliving diversion is just a mouse click away.

2. Addition by subtraction.

The brain works in very strange ways. The more stuff you can see, the more your brain can latch onto it and create an “urgent matter” in your brain – notice how easy it is to get distracted by trivial things when you are doing something important? So clear the mess off your desk, and get rid of excess files from your desktop.

Usually, you let stuff stack up on your desktop because you’re trying to get to it quickly. But it’s harder to put those items away once you’re done.

Reduce your visual clutter and enjoy the results.

3. Start with the small things.

It’s easier to get distracted and quit altogether when you work a long block on a single task. The thing of that kind of attention as a heavyweight – you wouldn’t just walk in and lift the heaviest thing in the gym, so why try to focus for a 2 or 3 block stretch?

If you’re having problems staying focused because the work is monotonous, put on some music (not talking) and work in 20 minute stretches.

4. Don’t multitask.

If you’re chasing down three projects at once, you’re hurting yourself. Especially if those projects require a broad set of skills and you’re losing your ability to niche down and specialize. Devote yourself to doing one task, and if you can use one skill at a time (like writing), even better. This helps you get into a “groove” and become more productive.

5. Stop.

Basically, instead of going up and down and up and down into attention, you want to create a smooth, uninterrupted ocean of productivity, and then take frequent breaks. Don’t let yourself burn out on a single task!

6. Work fast.

Get things done as fast as you can. Once you’ve really started to get things humming, you’ll kind of hypnotize yourself with activity, becoming more and more pleased with your results.

Your Psychological Relationship With Money as Someone Self Employed

Your Psychological Relationship With Money as Someone Self Employed

If you’re working from home and running your own business, you may well find that your relationship with money changes to quite some degree.

On the one hand, this is a good thing and you might find that you become a little less stressed about your finances. At the same time though, the opposite can also happen – and you can find yourself obsessing over your bank balance.

If your objective when choosing to work from home was to be happier and healthier, then this can, of course, is somewhat contrary to those aims and so it’s very important that you focus on fixing that attitude and on understanding what may have caused it to go wrong in the first place.

The Problem

So where does this odd relationship with money come from?

The first change is that you’re going to find yourself earning a different amount every day. You won’t get paid at the end of the month and depending on the nature of your work you may even get paid daily!

And if you are paid per hour, or per word, or per sale… you might find that your income is directly linked with how well you perform on a given day or how long you work.

This immediately creates some issues because it now means that you could stay working for 24 hours… and quite possibly earn several hundred dollars in a day. That temptation is always going to be there… which is odd.

And when you look at your money in this way, you then realize that if you decide to treat yourself to a $30 gadget… you can just work for an extra hour or so and earn that $30 back. And if you manage to earn $20 less that day? Well then you just cancel your plan to go out that night and you breakeven…

The Fix

This is unhealthy of course because it now means that every single decision is a financial and business decision. Instead of looking at it this way then, what works better is to set yourself a strict time limit for working and a strict goal for how much you earn.

For instance, you might aim to earn $170 every day. You can then make sure that no matter what happens, you earn at least that much before 5 pm. If you can earn more then that’s great but you don’t go over that time unless you’ve failed to meet the target. This system creates a much more stable income and a much healthier outlook.