Best Affiliate Programs For Beginners

When you are new to affiliate marketing is can be difficult to get approved for many affiliate products, this is because you do not have an audience and no one knows who you are yet.

The workaround is to start promoting affiliate programs that you will get approved easily and also programs that are easy to sell. 

There are a lot of affiliate programs that meet these criteria but for me, these 5 are the best affiliate programs for beginners. The three important criteria I used to select these programs are that they are easy to get approved, easy to sell, and easy to get paid even if you do not live in a first-world country.

5 best affiliate programs for beginners

Best Affiliate Programs For Beginners


Aweber is one of the oldest and reliable autoresponders in the market, there was a moment where it was considered the best autoresponder.

Even though many autoresponders have surpassed Aweber in terms of the services in general, Aweber remains a solid option for email marketing. 

Their deliverability rate is high and most people still trust the brand, this will make it easier to sell to your prospects.

How to join the Aweber affiliate program

Aweber affiliate program is free to join, just go to and follow the instruction to join.

How much does the Aweber affiliate program pay?

Aweber will pay you 30% of each purchase made from their pro plans, they have a free version and a pro version, the cheapest pro version is $19, so you will get at least $5.7 for each pro user you refer, as they account grows your commission will grow.

Aweber affiliate program will pay you using PayPal, direct deposit for the US, and a check.

For me, the easiest way to promote Aweber is to become an expert in email marketing, sign up for Aweber, try their product, then start to teach list building and email marketing to other people and then recommend using Aweber.

Also, you can start a blog or a youtube channel where you can create content around email marketing and list building and recommend Aweber to your prospects.


Getresponse is like Aweber, is an email marketing automation autoresponder, personally I think it is a little better than Aweber in many aspects except that I find Aweber has higher deliverability and it is easier to use. But Getresponse has better templates and a better landing page builder.

How to join the Getresponse affiliate program?

To join an affiliate program is free and there is no approval process, you can join it from anywhere in the world. To join the Getresponse affiliate program go to

How much does the Getresponse affiliate program pay?

When you join the Getresponse affiliate program you have an option to get paid a recurring commission of 33% of each sale you generate or you can opt for a one-time $100.


Getresponse will pay you via PayPal when you reach the minimum threshold of $50.

What is the best way to promote the Getresponse affiliate program?

The same as Aweber is to become an expert in email marketing, sign up for Aweber, try their product, then start to teach list building and email marketing to other people and then recommend using Getresponse.

Also, you can start a blog or a youtube channel where you can create content around email marketing and list building and recommend Getresponse to your prospects.


WPXhosting is the best WebHost for WordPress blogs, they off free blog optimization, free malware remover, and their technical support is the best, you can get help with anything in less than 30 seconds.

How to join the WPX affiliate program?

If do you use Wpxhosting you will automatically become their affiliate, just log in to your account then go to affiliate hub. 

If you are not a WPX user just go to

If you are not a WPX Affiliate and would like to be, please raise a support ticket here: and create a new ticket, tell them you want to become an affiliate, they will create an affiliate account for you.

How much WPX affiliate program pay?

WPX affiliate program is one of the best paying affiliate programs in the market, they will pay you between $75 and $100 for each sign-up you refer to them, you will get paid your commission via Paypal.

How to promote the Wpxhosting?

For me, the best way to promote this affiliate program is to create an email or video course on how to start and grow a blog and then recommend it to your prospects as the hosting solution.

Also, you can write a review on a blog or review the program on Youtube and send the readers and viewers to WPX using your affiliate link when they buy, you get paid.


Bluehost is one of the most famous hosting companies in the market, they offer very cheap hosting options, this is the perfect option for beginners who just starting an online business.

How to join Bluehost

To join Bluehost is easy, just go to, there is no approval process, the only thing they will ask you to do is to fill up the tax form and when you do it they will let you promote their product.

How Much Bluehost will pay you?

Bluehost will pay you between $65 to $100 depending on the number of sign-ups you send them each month, the money referral you send them the more you will earn per referral, they will pay you via Paypal.

How to promote Bluehost?

As I said above Bluehost is cheap and they offer a free domain name, this can appeal to many beginners. I think the best way to promote it is to offer it as a cheap alternative to WPX hosting, the amount you pay for three months with WPXhosting, you can pay for the whole first year with Bluehost.

It is a good option to host for low-traffic blogs or new bloggers who just want to test the water and do not know if this is long-term for them, offer them this option.

One Funnel Away (OFA) Challenge

One Funnel Away Challenge (OFA) is a training program created by Russel Brunson and the Clicfunnels team, their main goal is to teach you how to make money online selling products online, there do this in 30 days period.

How to become a One Funnel Away challenge affiliate?

There are currently three ways to become a ClickFunnels affiliate.
  1. Method #1: Sign up directly by clicking this link.
  2. Method #2: Sign up for a 14-day trial of ClickFunnels (if you haven’t already).
  3. Method #3: Enroll in Russell’s FREE 30 Day Affiliate Summit

How much One Funnel Away challenge pay?

You will get paid $100 for each challenger who signs up using your affiliate link, the best thing about this affiliate program is that they use sticky cookies, this means every challenger who signs up using your affiliate link will be coded to you.

During the training, they will get offered some more high ticket training and if they buy you will get paid for those sales too, if that person decides to join Clickfunnels you will get paid recurring commission from their purchase.

For me this is the easiest way to make $100 online, if you can bring 20 high-quality people to check your link you can make at least one sale and that is $100 a day.

What is the best way to promote the One Funnel Away challenge?

If you have an audience from a blog, Youtube, or email list, I will recommend starting there, just share your journey taking the challenge with your audience, also you can ask some of them to take it with you.

If you do not have an audience I will recommend starting with social media, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram do not do all of them, pick one, start to build your audience, add your OFA affiliate link into the bio, get involves in conversation and give value, you will reach that $100 a day mark very quick.

Final words

That is it, those are the best affiliate programs for beginners. I picked those products by considering how easy to join, promote, and get paid.

My advice is that pick on start building your online presence and when you get some results you can use those results as leverage to get even more results. 

How to Get Approved on Warrior Plus

I get this question a lot, How do I get approved on Warrior Plus? so I decided to write a blog post explaining how to increase your chance of getting approved in Warrior Plus.

If you are just starting up and you do not have sales yet, it will be very difficult for you to get approved to promote products in Warrior Plus, but if you follow my tips here you will increase your chance of getting approval before I share with you those tips let use examine why vendors do not approve beginners.

How to Get Approved on Warrior Plus

Why are most vendors do not beginners?

The main reason why most vendors do not want completely beginners to promote their products is that they do not know you.

If you’re new, you have a brand new account and zero sales, the vendors do not know if you have knowledge and resources to promote their product.

They put a lot of effort and money into creating a product, they want to maximize their profit, they want only people who know what they are doing to promote their products, you need to convince them that you know what are you doing.

How to Get Approved on Warrior Plus

Now we know that they do not approve new affiliates because they do not know them, so in order to solve that issue is to let them know you. The first thing you can do to rectify that is to complete your profile.

Complete your profile

how to get approved on warrior plus

The first thing you need to do is to complete your profile, in your profile you must include your name, your blog if you have one, your Youtube channel link if you have one, and your social media accounts.

In your profile there is a section for the long bio, explain how do you promote affiliate products, if you have an email list, explain in details everything you are planning to do, the reason to do it is that if people do not know you they will click on your profile to find more about you, you need to show them that you know your trade.

Record a video

You can use your smartphone to record yourself showing your face, you can say something like this, Hi, Vendors name, my name is ‘your name’ I am a new affiliate here at Warrior Plus, I have been learning how to build a business from ‘name a big marketer who teaches affiliate marketing’ I would like to promote your product, I will use ‘name the traffic strategy’ as my main traffic method to drive visitor to your offer, thank you ‘your name’.

You can adopt a little bit to fit you, after finishing that video upload it to youtube make sure it is unlisted(only people with a link can see it).

Take a link and send it to them via the comment section on Warrior Plus, if you do this your approval rate will be more than 90%.

Do not promote the launch

When vendors launch their products, they want to maximize their profits, and they want to attract bigger marketers, there is a huge chance that they will reject a new affiliate, but if you go for a good product that is between 6 to 12 months old, you will increase your chance of getting approved, promote that product, make some sales and then you can apply for the launches.

Add them to social media

Another way to get approval is to add those vendors in social media, you need to make sure that your social media have the same name as in Warrior Plus and you use your real picture, after adding them, just reach out to them and tell them that you want to promote their product, most of the time they will approve you.

Buy the product

Another way to increase the chance of getting approval is by buying their product, most warrior plus products cost less than $20, they are very affordable.

After buying their product just let them know that you liked it (if it is the case) and you would like to promote it (send them a receipt to show that you bought the products), I got approved every time I used this trick.

Buy a resale license

Most of the vendors in Warrior Plus will offer you a chance to sell the whole product as your own where you will get paid 100% of the commission, this is a great way to get approved since they will have to whitelist you for 100% commission structure.

From my experience, I have seen vendors charge between $47 to $197 if you have that kind of money and you really like the product, you can get a license and promote the product and earn 100% commission, which means you need just one sale on the product to make your money back.

Final words

That is it, this is how you can get approved to Warrior Plus if you are a new affiliate marketer. If you’re new to Warrior Plus or in affiliate marketing in general and do you want a step by step training on how to make more sales in Warrior Plus or Clickbank click on the banner below for more instructions.

affiliate marketing


7 Big Mistakes New Affiliate Marketers Make

Most people who try to make money online end up making zero money and fail, chances are quite high you will fail. I know this is the kind of thing that you don’t get from the typical affiliate marketing guidebook, but this is reality.

According to statistics, more than 90% of people fail, but this does not have to be you, that is why in this post I am going to share with you 7 big mistakes new affiliate marketers make so that you can avoid them.

Be aware of the 7 big mistakes new affiliate marketers make in the affiliate game so you can do things differently. At the very least, if you understand why they fail, you would be able to spot the warning signs as far as your own affiliate marketing efforts are concerned.

7 Big Mistakes New Affiliate Marketers Make


Reason #1: No niche selection strategy

If you do not use a well-designed niche selection process, do not be shocked if the niche you pick is a loser. Maybe it gets a lot of traffic, maybe it gets a lot of media attention, but for some reason or another you’re not making any money out of it.

Your websites pull a lot of traffic, but few people convert. Worst yet, people might convert but you don’t make much money from the conversions. Something is wrong and if you do a postmortem on your business, it may be because of the fact that you did not have a credible, tried, and proven niche selection strategy getting out of the gate. You built your business on sand instead of rock.

Reason #2: Bad niche selection strategy

Just as bad as having no niche selection strategy is a bad niche selection strategy. What is a bad selection strategy? Well, it can mean you use “experts’” niche recommendations. This is a serious problem because it’s way easy for us to think that if a person is an expert or a recognized authority, then they would know what would work for you.

But here’s the problem, they’re not you. They’re not living your life. They don’t have your particular set of circumstances. They don’t have your particular collection of needs. They’re living their own life.

So, their decision as far as the “best” niche for them probably will not fit you. They can recommend a “winner”, but it often turns out that the reason why they do so well with that niche is that it fits them.

It doesn’t necessarily follow that that niche will fit you. You have no business automatically copying and pasting their niche recommendation. You have to have a niche selection strategy that makes sense as far as your needs are concerned.

Learn how to pick an affiliate marketing niche here.

Reason #3: Trendy niches

Just because a lot of people are excited about a niche doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to jump in. It may well turn out that this niche is short-lived. This is especially true for everybody promoting that niche. You might want to research deeper regarding the demand curve and sustainability of the demand for a trendy niche. Otherwise, you might end up holding an empty bag.

Reason #4: No unique selling proposition

A lot of affiliate marketers fail because they put up website after website that at the end of the day doesn’t really offer anything new. People interested in their niche would always ask themselves, why am I on this website, when I can get the same exact stuff from other websites that I get here? Why go here?

If you cannot answer that question, you have no unique selling proposition. Your website as a practical matter is not going to succeed.

Reason #5: No independent affiliate branding effort

A lot of failed affiliate marketers share a common trait. They have websites that simply promote an affiliate product. They didn’t bother creating a specific brand for themselves. They just create website after website pushing a particular affiliate product and leaving it at that.

It is no surprise that when people are no longer searching for that affiliate product, they really have no incentive to search for these websites that these marketers have put up. These websites end up dying.

Reason #6: Instant millionaire mindset

If you automatically think that you’re going to be a millionaire the next time you put up an online venture, then that may be the reason why you’re failing. Affiliate marketing is a marathon. It is a long-term game.

The industry itself does not help that much, most of the products you will find in this space will promise you to make a lot of money in just a few clicks, and this is the reason most people believe that. I have a bad message for you, it is not a get-rich-quick scheme.

It is something that you have to stick to for a long time. It is a commitment. It is definitely not a sprint. If you have an instant millionaire mindset, you might not remain interested or passionate long enough to see your venture succeed.

Reason #7: Unwillingness to invest

I have met people who can not invest $10 for a domain name for the entire year and can not invest $10 per month for hosting and yet they want to make money online, yes you can make money online for free but if you really want to make this work you will need to invest in some tools and education.

If you are only willing to spend spare change or chump change on your business, don’t be too shocked to discover that it’s only capable of producing chump change. You reap what you sow.

Final word

That is it, those are 7 big mistakes new affiliate marketers make, you need to avoid them if you want to succeed online, if you want to learn more about making money online and creating passive income please click the link below.

free list building guide

Wayfair Affiliate Program: How to Sign Up and Make Money Fast

There are many affiliate programs out there that can help you to make a living online, today we are going to review the Wayfair affiliate program, we are going to look at what you should expect from them, how to sign up with them, and how to make money promoting them.

What is Wayfair?


Wayfair is one of the largest home goods, online retailers. they claim to have more than 2 million products in their database, which is huge.

If your niche involves kitchen, furniture, lighting, garden, pets, or other items related to your home or outdoor spaces you can find to promote from them.

Their affiliate program is run by CJ so there are great marketing support materials and you don’t need to worry about timely payments.

But can you make money as a Wayfair affiliate? Let’s take a look.

How do I become a Wayfair affiliate?

Wayfair’s warehouses are located in the US, Canada, UK, Ireland, and Germany. They do not offer international shipping, so if you are interested in becoming an affiliate, your audience needs to be located in those countries.

Previously handled by ShareASale, the Wayfair affiliate program is now hosted by CJ Affiliate. To be part of the affiliate program, you have to sign up with CJ as a publisher where, aside from Wayfair, you can also promote its sister companies such as Joss and Maine Affiliate Program, Birch Lane, and All Modern.

For US citizens, nexus tax laws prevent partners from several states from joining the affiliate program. These states are:

  • Alaska
  • Arkansas, Delaware
  • Hawaii
  • Idaho
  • Indiana
  • Iowa
  • Kansas
  • Louisiana
  • Minnesota
  • Missouri
  • Mississippi
  • Montana
  • North Dakota
  • Nebraska
  • New Hampshire
  • Oklahoma
  • Oregon
  • New Mexico
  • Nevada
  • Tennessee
  • South Carolina
  • South Dakota
  • Vermont
  • West Virginia
  • Wyoming

Wayfair Affiliate Program Application

If do you want to apply to this affiliate program you will have to meet some requirements, Wayfair affiliate program is one of the most strict programs out there so before applying to it make sure you have a fully functioning website that meets the following criteria.

Wayfair Affiliate Program Application


1) Have a URL and website

You need to have a fully working URL and a blog, if you do not have this they will reject your application if you do not have a blog you can start one here.

2) Have a good amount of traffic and content

Having a blog is not good enough you need to have high-quality content in it and you need to have some traffic going to your blog.

3) Focus on Wayfair relevant content

Your blog needs to have content that is relevant to Wayfair, since this company is about decor, you need to be producing content around this niche. This can be general information, reviews, or buying guides.

4) List all sites you will promote from

If you have other sites that you are going to use to promote their affiliate programs you will need to let them know. If you’re going to use social media, my recommendation is to send people from social media to your blog and redirect them to

5) Provide a detailed description of your audience and marketing plans

You will have to provide a detailed description of your audience and your marketing plan, do not leave anything by chance.


These are sites you should never submit while applying for their affiliate program.

1) No comparison price sites

If you have a site that compares items, do not submit it, they will reject your application without thinking.

2) No coupon, cashback, voucher, or another reward for purchase sites

This is called incentive marketing they do not allow it, do not submit sites that provide incentives to the customers.

3) No controversial sites (Politics, religion, sex, drugs, etc.)

If you write about controversial topics like politics, religion, vaccines, do not apply to this program, they will not accept your site.

Wayfair Affiliate Program Commission

Wayfair has a 7% commission which is a little less than Amazon’s 8% on furniture but do not forget that Amazon has only 24-hour cookies while Wayfair has a seven-day referral period.

If someone who has a Wayfair Pro account orders via your link, then you are not eligible for commission.

How to make money with Wayfair affiliate program

For me there are two main ways to make money with the Wayfair affiliate program, one is content marketing and the other is social media. I am going to expand on this below.

Content Marketing

This is the strategy when you produce content that is related to home decor or furniture, you can do this by producing written content and publishing them into your own blog or you can just them on sites like the medium.

Also, you can start a youtube channel and produce content around this niche, and you will recommend your audience products from

If do you want to learn more about how to create content for your blog or youtube channel check out the course below.

wayfair affiliate program


Social Media

Another way to promote the Wayfair affiliate program is using social media if you have a huge following on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, you can leverage that and drive massive traffic to your Wayfair affiliate link and make a living from it.

Pros and Cons — Wayfair Affiliate Program

In this section, I am going to share with you the pro and cons of this affiliate program.


 Dedicated in-house affiliate management

You will get a dedicated affiliate manager, they will be able to assist you in the whole process and provide you with the materials that will help you to make money.

 Strong Partner in CJ Affiliate

CJ affiliate network is one of the most reputable affiliate networks out there, they will track your links and commissions and they will pay you commissions in time every time.

 Over ten million products

You will have a lot of options to promote, if one of the products does not sell that well to your audience, you can always choose another product from their website.

 Datafeed of 1 million products

Another important thing is that you will have access to more than 1 million Datafeed, this will help you to create content from the analytical data point of view and this will increase your income.

 Average order sizes of $300

The average order size at is $300 if you’re going to get a 7% commission that is at least $21 per sale, if you make 5 sales per day, you can make more than $3000 per month.

Another benefit of being accepted to the Wayfair affiliate program is that you are automatically enrolled in the programs of their sister sites …

  • Joss & Main
  • AllModern
  • Birch Lane


 Can be difficult to get approved

For me the main disadvantage of joining the Wayfair affiliate program is that it can be very difficult to get approved, this is a stumbling block to many new affiliates.

My advice with this is that start a blog, work in it, create content, after three months when you start to get some traffic, go on and apply to this program, if they do not accept you, keep improving your site and try again.


How much does Wayfair pay its affiliates?

Wayfair affiliates are paid 7% of the total purchase amount made by their referrals.

How long do you have to make a sale from someone who uses your affiliate link?

Wayfair has a 7-day cookie. Any purchases made in that time period will be credited to you. As long as the customer purchases within 7 days of arriving with your affiliate link you will receive the commission.

What products are eligible for affiliate sales?

All products purchased by your referred customer at are eligible for commissions.

Does Wayfair run its own affiliate program?

Wayfair’s affiliate program is managed by Commission Junction (CJ). CJ provides affiliate support and marketing materials.

Should You Become a Wayfair Affiliate?

In my opinion, Wayfair is a good affiliate program. They run their affiliate program with a very reputable CJ. They have a flat 7% commission across all products. They also have a 7-day cookie window vs. Amazon’s 1 day.

If you are in the home or decor niche I would go for it.

How to get approved to sell on Wayfair?

Wayfair is among the stricter affiliate programs, but it is worth it. To become eligible to the program, you need to satisfy the following requirements:

  • A website URL
  • Quality content and decent traffic
  • The website is focused on Wayfair-relevant content (i.e. home décor, furniture, and furnishing)
  • Include all sites you will use to promote Wayfair products
  • A detailed description of your site, audience, and marketing plans

How to Make Money with Wayfair without Risking to Get Banned?

Given those limitations, here are some recommended strategies to make money from Wayfair’s Affiliate Program:

  • Create a niche website and/or social media accounts on home furnishings and décor to promote Wayfair products.

Final words

That is it, in my opinion, the Wayfair affiliate program is worth the trouble, I know it is difficult to get approved but if you are willing to follow their requirement and put in the work, you can make this work.

Personally, I am not  in the home or decor niche, but I have  built many niche sites, if you want my help you build your niche site go to


Top Affiliate Marketing Quotes That Will Shift Your Mindset

Starting an affiliate marketing business can be challenging, most of the time you will find yourself alone and unmotivated, if this is the case these affiliate marketing quotes should help. They illustrate just how powerful affiliate marketing really is, and how easy it is for individuals to learn and start making passive income.

I have compiled affiliate marketing quotes that will shift your mindset for taking massive actions to produce prominent results.

Top Affiliate Marketing Quotes That Will Shift Your Mindset

Top Affiliate Marketing Quotes (Mind Shifters)

Affiliate marketing has made businesses millions and ordinary people millionaires.

Top Affiliate Marketing Quotes That Will Shift Your Mindset

The beauty of affiliate marketing is that you don’t have to invest the time and effort to create a product to sell.

make money online

Think big and don’t listen to people who tell you it can’t be done. life is too short to think small.

life is too short

Don’t find customers for your products, find products for your customers.

dont find customers

Create a high converting lead page, build a quality email subscribers list and earn lucrative affiliate commissions.

create high converting landing page

Marketing is no longer about the stuff you make, but about the stories you tell.

tell stories

You can build it but if nobody knows about it then they are not coming.

build and go and get them

The size of your success is measured by the strength of your desire, the size of your dream, and how you handle disappointment along the way.

dream big

Just remember, fans are vanity and sales are sanity.

Top Affiliate Marketing Quotes That Will Shift Your Mindset

People buy from those they trust. When you build a personal brand-one that people can learn to trust- people will buy from you.

Top Affiliate Marketing Quotes That Will Shift Your Mindset

Final words

That is it, those are 10 affiliate marketing quotes that will shift your mindset for taking massive actions to produce prominent results, if you want to see more quotes like this please follow my Instagram page.

If you are new to affiliate marketing and do you want a guide on how to start building your list and business please click here to download my free guide.

Affiliate Disclosures and Why You Need One

There is no rule that requires you to issue affiliate disclosures. However, you should have one if you are a professional affiliate marketer who plans to succeed in the affiliate marketing and networking niche.

Affiliate disclosures are a short statement declaring that the review, report, or opinion published on a webpage or website is authored by someone who is an affiliate and gets paid a commission on sales, subscriptions, or signups that result out of redirected traffic or visitors.

Affiliate Disclosures and Why You Need One

You may wonder if that will be detrimental to your sheer existence as an affiliate marketer. Here are the reasons why you need affiliate disclosures.

People are smarter these days

The world is a much more open and free place today than it was ever in recorded history. Information is not censored.

Everyone has access to every bit of information that is available on all public domains. Even the governments around the world cannot hold onto their secrets, classified information that is apparently protected by people, state of the art security systems, and legal provisions charging the leakers with sedition, treason, and even waging war against the nation.

In such a world, it is akin to blasphemy if you believe that unsuspecting internet users are not aware of people writing reviews to generate traffic and to redirect visitors to products or services sales pages and earning a commission.

Many people might not be aware of how exactly affiliate marketing works. But paid news and paid reviews are not an invention of the post-social media era. People know such practices exist.

It increases trust

Having affiliate disclosures will make you appear upright and truthful. People will appreciate the fact that you are not concealing your reality of being an affiliate marketer.

This will help you to make your point without being judged wrongly. For instance, positive reviews often get trashed as paid articles, and hence people don’t even consider clicking on affiliate links.

Disclosures will instill a sense of frankness up front and people will read the review for what it is. There will be some who would suspect the authenticity of the review after reading the disclosure but it becomes too obvious so people give the benefit of doubt to the review since the declaration is already in place.

It makes you an authority

Finally, affiliate disclosures establish a reviewer as an authority in the niche. Affiliate marketers don’t write about anything and everything.

They do have their niches. Authority leads to reviews being taken seriously. People realize that affiliate marketers are aware of other products and services in the same category since it is such knowledge and application of the knowledge that helps them to earn money.

Final words

That is it, these are the three reasons why you should have affiliate disclosures in your promotions. I hope you start implementing this on your affiliate business. Thank you for reading.

Best Way To Get Sales Using Digistore24

One of my subscribers asked me the other day, What is the best way to get sales using Digistore24? Here is the answer and I am going to share it with you.

Best Way To Get Sales Using Digistore24

The best way to get sales using digistore24

For me, the best way to get sales in affiliate marketing is to focus, it does not matter if you sell the best product ever created if you do not focus you will not make any sales.

By saying that you need to focus I mean that you need to put all your effort into few things that work, do not try to do 100 things and not master any of them, these are the things you need to do if you want to increase the sales.

1)Pick a niche

Most beginners I know want to promote all the products in digistore24, this is a mistake I know this because I used to do the same, my way of thinking was the more products I promote the more chance of making money. I was wrong, my advice is to pick a niche and start building your business around it.

Here I explain how to pick a niche for your affiliate marketing business.

2)Collect email address

Most people will not buy the products you’re promoting the first time, you need to start collecting email addresses of people who are interested in more information about your niche.

Then after you get their email address you can start sending them emails about tips and solutions that will help them, you will include your affiliate links in some of those emails, and if they click and buy something you will make money.

The process of collecting email addresses from people who are interested in your niche is called list building.

In order to build your email list, you will need an autoresponder. I recommend Aweber, and you will need a squeeze page. I use Clickfunnels.

squeeze page

If you can not afford Clickfunnels for now, you can build one using HTML, here is my tutorial on how to build a squeeze page in HTML.

3)Drive traffic to your squeeze page

After building a squeeze page, you need to start sending people to it. My recommendation is if you’re just starting and you do not have money, start driving traffic using Facebook or Instagram.

If do you want to learn how to drive traffic using Facebook click here

If do you want to learn how to drive traffic using Instagram click here

Do not do both methods, pick one and stick to it for at least three months. 

After you make money then you can invest it in paid traffic to scale your business.

4)Use the power of organic traffic

Posting on Facebook and Instagram will get you started and will help you to start making money in Digistore 24, but for me, organic traffic from search engines is the best traffic ever, what you can do is to create a Youtube channel, Podcast, or a blog, whatever that suits you the best.

Put your content in one of those channels and you can share it with your followers on Facebook or Instagram.

With time search engines will start to pick up that content and you can use it to promote affiliate products or your squeeze page.

5) Use the power of email marketing

I mentioned building your list, when people subscribe to your email list means they think they can learn something from you.

You can use that powerful tool called autoresponder to send emails to people who are on your list, you do not need to promote a product every time, you can send them your new content, you can tell them stories, you can give them tips and of course you can recommend affiliate products to help them further.

Threat them as human beings with real problems and who want real help be the one who helps them, and they will follow your recommendations.

6) Take consistent action

Do you know why most people do not make money online?  it is because they do nothing. It is that simple.

People will tell you that they are bloggers or Youtubers but if you go to their blog or Youtube channel the last content was three months ago.

They do not promote their squeeze page, they do not post on their Instagram page, they do not post in Facebook or contribute to the groups.

How are they going to make any sales? Do not be one of them, take the one-time actions like finding your niche, creating a squeeze page, writing an initial follow-up series in your autoresponder, and deciding which traffic method you will follow.

Then take your daily actions, for me is to create content and post it on my blog or social media, if you’re using Facebook it will be answering questions, providing value for your audience, etc. 

In Instagram the same just focus on creating and posting helpful content and remember to include a link to your squeeze page in the bio.

Spread your message and the right people will hear it and follow you.

Final words

That is it, for me, the best way to get sales in Digistore24 is to focus, you need to focus on few things and the sales will come to you.

I have another blog post where I explain who to make money in Digistore24, you can read it here.

How To Start Affiliate Marketing Without Any Investment

There is a huge misconception that you need a lot of money to start with affiliate marketing, actually, you can start affiliate marketing without any investment and in this post, I am going to prove it.

For me, the main thing you need to make money online is the burning desire to make money online, you do not need to invest money to make your first sale or your first $100, but what I will recommend is when you make money for free invest in traffic, training, and tools so that you can scale your income.

How To Start Affiliate Marketing Without Any Investment

How to start affiliate marketing without any investment

So as I said before, in this post, I am going to explain how to start affiliate marketing without any investment in just five steps, and as always the first step is picking your niche.

Find your affiliate niche

The first step to making money online is to choose what is the niche you are going to serve.

An affiliate niche is a specific market, interest, problem, or goal that people share.

Affiliate marketers make money by promoting products and services to people interested in the niche.

For example, “weight loss” is a huge market with millions of people interested in the topic.

You need to find a niche that many people are interested in and they are willing to pay money for products or services also you need to make sure that you have some kind of interest in that niche if you just go for the money it will drain a lot of your energy and it won’t be funny.

You can learn more about picking an affiliate niche here.

Pick a high converting product

After choosing your niche, you need to find two or three affiliate products in your niche that you can promote, you need to pick, one main one and another or two that compliment the main product.

You need to avoid promoting products that contradict each other, you need to have a clear vision of how you’re going to help your prospects.

There is an affiliate program for each and every niche you can imagine, you can start with the amazon affiliate program for physical products, you can go to Clickbank for digital products.

There are a lot of affiliate networks out there where you can pick digital or physical products but also there are some in-house affiliate programs that you can apply and promote their products.

If you can not find an affiliate in your niche just google your niche+affiliate program, you will find a lot of them.

After finding the affiliate program, make sure that the affiliate product you pick to promote is already selling and a lot of people are buying it.

Most beginner thinks that when you find a product that no one is promoting is gold, it is not true, there is a reason why the product is not selling don’t promote those, only pick and promote the proven products.

Build a landing page

Most social sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others won’t let you promote direct affiliate links to their platform.

Also, I do not recommend directly promote affiliate products without building your email list, you need to make your prospect join first your email list before accessing the sales page or the download page.

I use Clickfunnels to build my squeeze and landing pages, but if you are just starting out and you do not have money to invest in it there is a workaround.

In order to build a squeeze page and build the list, we a going to use Aweber, a marketing tool that will help us to accomplish both goals.

So the first step is to join Aweber for free.


You will get a page like this, just fill it with your name and email address, then click sign up.

Aweber free

They will send you an email to confirm your information, that is it, you’re ready to start.

How to build a landing page with Aweber.

After confirming your email address and setting up your password, you need to log in and create your first landing page by using Aweber.

It is very simple, after login in click on landing pages and then click on create a landing page.

landing page

It will take you to a page where you will find templates, I always pick the simple template, but you can pick anyone and just click on the design and customize it.


You do not need to reinvest the wheel in this, take the headline from the sales page reword it, and use it for your headline in the squeeze page.

After customizing the form you need to click on the submission button, in this page you need to click when it says thank you page, click the drop menu, and select custom user, and in the space below it paste your affiliate link, do the same on the already subscribed page.

What it will do is that, when people subscribe to your page, they will be taken directly to the sales page and at the same time they will be added to your email list.

form 1

After finishing it, click on save and exit, then you will see an option that asks you to publish it, go on and publish your landing page.

Just copy the link like the one below and save it in a notepad, we do not need it now but later we will need it.

The link will be like this one.

Cloak your link

The link you got above is a very ugly one.  I do not recommend directly promote this link, I will recommend cloaking it.

In order to cloak your affiliate link, I will recommend using Just go to, create an account (it is free ).


Click on the create button, copy the long ugly affiliate link that you got from Clickbank and paste it where it says PASTE LONG URL, then click create, that is it you will get the link like this one.


When People Opt-in on your Squeeze Page. They Need to Receive an Automated Welcome Message containing whatever they opted in for.
Luckily For You, I Have Pre-Written One For You Here Containing The Free Gift For Your Subscribers.

Just Copy & Paste this as your First Message in your Aweber Auto-Responder. Click Here to Access.

Step By Step Instructions

  1. Download the message.
  2. Hover over the “Messages” tab and select “Campaigns”.

How To Make Fast Sales As An Affiliate On Warrior Plus

3: Next, click “Create a Campaign”.

Create Campaign button

4: Click “Create a blank campaign”.

Create blank Campaign

5: Give your new campaign a name, then click “Create”.

Name new Campaign and click Create

6: You can choose to trigger the campaign for all subscribers or for subscribers who match certain criteria.  To trigger a campaign for specific subscribers, click the “Add filter” button to the right.

Add campaign filter

7 After you’ve chosen to start your campaign for all subscribers or for a specific filter, add your “Send Message” actions to the campaign canvas.


On the right-hand side, it will appear a small tab with a create a message drop menu, if you click that one you will get three options, drag& drop, plain text, and HTML, just pick drag &drop.


Copy and paste the subject line and email, then click save and exit, guess what? you have your welcome email.

Drive traffic to your landing page

You guessed it, we are going to use Facebook to drive traffic to your landing page.

Facebook is huge for free and paid traffic, but today I am just going to explain how you can generate free traffic from Facebook.

Basically, there are two ways to generate free traffic from Facebook, using your own Facebook profile and creating a Facebook group.

Generating free traffic by just using your profile.

Generating traffic by using your profile is the simplest way to generate traffic from Facebook, you can do it in just two steps.

1) Create and optimize your Facebook profile


You can use your current Facebook account or you can create a new one just for your online business, this depends on you.

Once you create your account, you will need to make sure you use your real name and photo, this will increase the credibility, also make sure that you add all relevant links to your profile like links to your landing pages, blog, social media, etc.

2) Find big Facebook accounts in your niche and start interacting with their content, leave comments, likes and share their content, look to people who reply to your comments, and add them as friends ( some of them will add you first).

Some of these people will start coming to your Facebook profile to find more about you, and since you optimized your profile in the first part, some of them will click on the links on your page and subscribe to your squeeze pages and some of them will buy from you.

This method works very well even if you have zero experience, let them come to you, do not spam them, do not inbox them but if someone inbox you with a question reply to them and build some connections.

What next?

People will visit your profile and some of them will click on the link and join your email list, the autoresponder will send them your welcome message, some will buy some will not, but your email list will start to grow.

Aweber will allow you to build up to 500 subscribers for free, if you do this right you should have at least one sale for every 10 people who join your list, by reaching 500 you should have made many sales enough to pay for your monthly subscription.

The landing page you created is good but it is not the best,  when you start making some money you can invest some in a better landing page.

Also, you can invest some of that money in buying traffic in order to increase your earning potential.

Final words

That is it, that is how you can start affiliate marketing without any investment, all you need is to follow the plan and take action each and every day.

Thank you for reading.

Digistore24 Vs Clickbank: Why Digistore24 beats Clickbank

If you’re new to affiliate marketing I recommend you start promoting digital products, this is because it is easier to promote them and you get a bigger percentage of commission.

In the world of digital products, there are two giants in town, one is Digistore24, and the other is Clickbank, both of them paid more than $1 billion in affiliate commissions last year.

Both of them are good for affiliate marketers and I am lucky enough that I have money in both. In today’s post, I am going to explain why Digistore24 beats Clickbank.

Compare these two affiliate marketplaces for promoting digital products online. Which is better? Clickbank or Digistore24? Find out now.

Digistore24 Vs Clickbank: Why Digistore24 beats Clickbank


Clickbank has been around for more than 20 years, it is based in the United States of America, it allows affiliates from many countries especially from Europe and America, it does not allow affiliates from many African and Asian countries.

Digistore24 is new and is based in Germany, it allows virtually anyone from any country to join their affiliate marketplace ( except Nigeria ). This is the best option especially if you live outside the United States and Europe.


Most of the products in Clickbank have commissions from 1% with 75% being the maximum, (some products will whitelist you to have 90% commissions but are very few).

Digistore24 offers a higher commission from 15% to 90%, this might sound strange but some products are on both platforms and you make more money promoting the same product in Digistore24 than in Clickbank.

Payments methods

Both companies will send you money with a direct deposit via Check or direct deposit but Digistore24 goes a step further as you can get paid via Paypal while with Clickbank that is not an option, this is something you can consider depending on where you live.

Cookies duration

Cookies are being used to track your referral link. When someone clicks on your link there is a good possibility that they will not buy for the first time, the cookie will be installed on the customer’s computer and if in the future they decide to buy the product you will still get a credit for the purchase.

The cookie in Clickbank is valid for 60 days while Digistore24 the life of a cookie is 180 days.


You can earn by inviting people to register as affiliates on Digistore24, but not on Clickbank, even though this will not make you a fortune but it can help to increase your affiliate revenue.


Clickbank has over 10000 products in its marketplace, which makes it the largest digital marketplace in the world and it gives you different options especially if you’re just starting out, while Digistore24 has less than 1000 products, this makes your options a little bit limited.

Final words

So that is it this my Digistore24 Vs Clickbank comparison, and in this post, you read why Digistore24 beats Clickbank especially if you’re not from the United States, Europe, or America. 

At the end of the day, you can make good money on both platforms, all you need to master is your marketing skills and after that, you will be able to sell digital products from one or both of them.

You can learn how to make money on Digistore24 here.

My Honest 12 Minute Affiliate Review

In my opinion Affiliate marketing is the easiest way to make money online, you do not need any skills, you do not need to create a product, you do not need to have a website, you do not have to support the product, you do not even need to be an expert on the product you are selling, and the most of all you can start without any investing.

Since affiliate marketing is relatively easy, most people create crappy products and sell them to people, and that is the reason that this industry has bad publicity.

One of the products that teach people how to make money online by selling other people’s products is called 12 Minute affiliate, and in this post, I am going to give you my honest 12-minute affiliate review.

My Honest 12 Minute Affiliate Review

What is the 12-minute affiliate?

A 12-minute affiliate is a done-for-you system that can help any person even without any technical knowledge to set up and start affiliate marketing in just 12 minutes.

Why it is called a 12-minute affiliate?

The creator of this system decided to call it 12 Minute affiliate because this is the exact amount of minutes you need to set up the system, some people who never used the program claim out that the system suggests that it will take you 12 minutes to make money, that is not true, the system name is because it will take you 12 minutes to set this up, here are the steps.

12 minutes


Who is the creator of the 12 Minute Affiliate

The 12 Minute affiliate was created by Devon Brown. Devon is a well know affiliate marketer and a teacher, he has been doing affiliate marketing for a long time and he has shared stages with some of the biggest names in the affiliate marketing community.

12 minutes


How does 12 Minute Affiliate work?

12 Minute Affiliate system is a pre-made system. Once you are set up, all you have to do is to wait for getting commissions.
But still, you have a question that how it works. Well, it’s an online-based selling funnel that has pre-designed pages and necessary e-mails. And to set up all this you have to do a few tweaks and establish a computer for yourself after which all you have to do is follow the below steps correctly.

  • Step-1: customize the system

First of all, customize your landing page, so that it can contain useful links. Add your affiliate links to the products or items which you are promoting, then set your email auto-responder and other funnels aspects. And link it to the 12 Minute Affiliate. A point to note is that the auto-responder is not free of cost.

  • Step-2: Active your 12 Minutes Affiliate funnels

The most unique part of the 12 Minute Affiliate website is, it comes with pre-designed funnel pages, as I mentioned earlier, including 3 different niches, which makes it easy to select a funnel from which you want the domain. These funnels help to host on your account with a program. That’s why you don’t need any other separate hosting service. There is also a done-for-you setup, by which you can get the team set up help.

  • Step-3: add traffic

The basic rule of affiliate business is to get traffic. Without having traffic, you will not get any chance for commissions. So, in this important step, the 12 Minute Affiliate system has a unique feature. 12 Minute Affiliate system offers you to start receiving traffic from it.

Devon, the creator of this marketing system, claims to have a secret traffic source that can help you to earn nearly $4 per click. What can be easier than this! That’s the greatest benefit of this 12 Minute Affiliate program.

The whole process takes at most 12 minutes after which making money is not hard anymore. Also, They provide two types of membership to get started
1. The Basic membership, which starts at $47 per month
2. The Golden membership, which starts at $97 per month

But each member will get almost all the facilities, but only the golden members can get access to all 3 niches and more done-for-you affiliate funnels, and more follow-up messages, which is also an important benefit of 12 Minute Affiliate system.

What do you get when you buy 12 Minute Affiliate?

When you buy a 12 Minute affiliate system you get a completely done for you, affiliate business in the box, here is the summary of what you get.

done for you


Greate squeeze pages and thank you page.

These squeeze pages were designed by using Clickfunnels templates, they look great and you get them when in your member area, they are fully customizable.



80 days follow-up emails

You get 80 days of follow-up messages to send to your list, while you will be focusing on adding people to the email list, these messages will be sent via Aweber, to help you to build a relationship with your list and making sales at the same time.


Education center

In the members’ area, you will find an education center where you will be able to find different training in different topics related to affiliate marketing, from how to set up an email autoresponder, how to send a broadcast email, how to find affiliate products to promote, etc.

Free traffic methods

One of the hidden secret bonuses of this program is that you will learn 16 different ways to drive traffic to your funnels for free, this is gold especially if you do not have money to invest in traffic.

Personal development library 

Running any successful business is difficult, and most people fail not because they do not know what to do, they fail because they do not have the right mindset, in this section you will find ebooks, audio, and video about personal development, becoming an entrepreneur, how to overcome failure, etc.

I would pay the same fee just to have access to this library, for me, this is one of the highlights of the program.

Top affiliate products

In this section, you will get top affiliate products they recommend that you can promote in any of the three niches, make money online, personal development, and weight loss.

Facebook group

You will get access to like-minded people who are on the same journey as you, in the group you can post your success story or read stories from other people, this is great especially if you are coming from a nonentrepreneurial family.

facebook group

What else do I need to make 12 minutes affiliate system work?

In order to make this system work you will need to have an autoresponder, they recommend Aweber, also you can buy your own domain name so that you can customize the done for you funnels.

Also, you will need to have some cash to buy traffic, this gives you two options, you can either get a done for you traffic or they teach you or two buy traffic, this is not an issue, but remember buying traffic is optional to make this system work, in the 12 minutes affiliate you will learn 16 free ways to drive traffic to your funnels for free ( most people do not know this), my only recommendation is that if you do not have money do not try all 16 ways just pick one and concentrate in it.

Who needs the 12 Minute Affiliate System?

Well, this is the $1000 question, for me, if you are a well-established affiliate who is making a lot of money online probably you do not need this program.

If you are not willing to invest time and a little bit of money to make affiliate marketing work this is not for you, because you will have to pay for it and work for it to work for you.

So who is for then?

For me, this system is for people who want to start to make money online but they do not have enough time or knowledge to set their own system, for people who want a simple yet powerful system that can help them to make money online as quickly as possible.

Also, this is a good fit for affiliate marketers who are making some money but need to diversify their online income portfolio.


Is 12 Minute Affiliate is a legit opportunity or spam?

I get this question a lot, 12 Minute Affiliate System, is a great program, it is not a scam, but there are some people with their own agendas that will tell you that this is a scam.

I am a member of the 12 Minute Affiliate System myself here is the proof.


If 12 minutes affiliate is a legit system why many are calling it a scam?

Most people who are calling this a scam never actually used the product, they use this blackhat method where they write a fake review of any make money online, they call it a scam in order to promote they crappy program if you do not believe me, google and product add the word scam to it, you will find most of the pages calling it a scam sending you to the same product.

It is a blackhat trick but it works even though it is not ethical, do not do that. here is an example of what happen when you search ”12 Minute Affiliate Review ”.

12 Minute Affiliate Review

How much money I can make with 12 Minute Affiliate?

I am sorry I can not guarantee you how much money you can make, this is a business like other business, what you will make it will depend on a lot of factors like how much effort do you put into the business, and sometimes just it is a matter of pure luck, but what I can tell you is that a lot of people are having success with it.

12 Minute Affiliate Review

In the Facebook group, you will see a lot of posts like the one above but that is not a guarantee that you will make the same amount of money.

Do you offer any 12 Minute Affiliate bonus?

I believe that the 12 Minute Affiliate System is one of the most complete systems in the market today but if you buy the program through my affiliate link here (I will make some commission), as a thank you, I will get in a phone with you, or zoom if you like for 30 minutes where I will discuss your business with you, which niche you should focus, traffic strategies and you can ask me anything.

12 Minute Affiliate Review

After buying it send me a message via Facebook with proof and we will arrange the call my Facebook is

Final words

This is my 12 Minute Affiliate Review, for me, 12 Minute Affiliate system is a legit system, it is helping thousands of people over the world to start their business in the affiliate marketing field. Moreover, you don’t need to worry about setting up the website. Neither needs any previous experience to grow your business in this marketing field.

12 Minute Affiliate Review