60-Minutes Empire Review

Two days ago ( 2nd of May 2019) I got a copy of a new product called 60 minutes empire by a well-known marketer Lee Murray. After going through the training, this is my 60-minutes empire review.

60-minutes empire review


What is 60 minutes empire?

60-Minute Empire is a step-by-step and training course that provides you with strategies combined into 60 minutes per day system (hence the name 60 minutes empire), it teaches you how to promote  OPF (Other Peoples Funnels ) by driving a ton of free traffic using a blog and social media.

This course starts from scratch so don’t worry, even if you are a complete newbie in this field, you still find it pretty easy to digest all the content and instruction from this training.

The creator of the course

Lee Murray is a very known affiliate marketer and product creator, he is the creator of many amazing products such as Affiliate Psycho, Weight Loss Niche Domination, IM Niche DominationList Synergy Trifecta and many other names. His passion is to create online products that help marketers of all levels reach their success.

The concept behind the 60 minutes empire

The concept behind 60 minutes is very simple and yet very powerful.

Here is how it works.

Your blog gets people into your funnel.

Your funnels get people into your OPS (other people’s funnels).

These OPSs promote tons of passive, recurring, often multi-tier offers via affiliate links.

Your email follow-ups keep sending people back to your blog.

Your blog earns more and more affiliate commissions with growing traffic.

Your ever-growing social media following gets your fast traffic.

Your ever-growing blog gets you ongoing traffic.

And the money and traffic will keep pouring in for years to come.

What I like about 60-minutes empire

I like the whole concept of this training, Lee teaches you how to build a blog from scratch, how to set up your homepage so that it can funnel your visitors to the OPF and how to drive free traffic to your blog using social media, he uses a very simple language that anyone can understand.

Also, I like the way that he doesn’t promise riches overnight, he teaches you how to put hard work for at least 60 minutes per day in order to get success, probably it will take you longer to get success but if you follow his training you will eventually make money online.

The part I Don’t like about 60-minutes empire

Although the training is sound, the problem is he recommends three OPF (Other People Funnels), the first one is his own that will cost you $27 as OTO of the main product. The second OPF he recommends is Funnels Franchise that I think it cost you initial $5 and there are monthly fees and upgrades, also you will have to pay Builderall monthly fees, the third OPF is Global Profit System, this OPF promotes three programs that are Aweber, GDI, and Clickfunnels, all these programs require you to pay monthly fees.

If you’re going to follow everything he teaches means you will have to promote all these products, this can be a problem for many people because the monthly payment to all these products can escalate very quickly, and to my experience it will take at least 3 months for your blog to generate enough sales to make at least $1000 a month (for some it can take 6 months to a year).

The good side of this is that when you start making sales you can have multiple sales from a single person and your profit can escalate very quickly as well.

I know you are not required to promote all these programs and OPFs (even himself says that they are optional) as what he teaches can be applied to sell any other funnel including your own.

If you’re new I will recommend starting with one funnel and when you start to make money you can incorporate other funnels.

The cost of the product

I brought the product at the cost of just $7 front end. I am sure that the price will increase as he makes more sales probably it will end up between $10- $14, even at that price it worth it.

Additional cost

In order to implement Lee’s plan, you will need to have a domain name (you can get for less than $10 per year at Namecheap) and a hosting account, I recommend Wpx Hosting but Lee recommend and uses Hostgator. So that is an additional cost of 12 per month for hosting.

Who is this product for?

This training course is for everyone who is looking for profits online. I strongly recommend this product if you are a beginner. Instead of spending money on paid traffic as many people do, now you can use the free traffic method that Lee teaches and make money online by promoting Other Peoples Funnels.

Final Words

That is it, this is my 60-minutes empire review, as I said above I like this course and I will recommend it to you if do you want to learn about driving massive free traffic using a blog and social media and making a ton of money in the process.

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