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6 Ways To Grow Your Online Business

So you have an online business and you don´t have any idea how to grow it? In this post, I am going to give you 6 ways to grow your online business.
Much of the time, we are not doing the right things with our time (80/20 principle). This post is to give you some small hinges that swing big doors for your income.
Here are SIX ways you can make sure you are growing your online business.
1. Raise the target rate in which you want to grow
This means INCREASE your expected goal. Think bigger and shoot for a larger outcome. Think big and became bigger.
2. Provide new forms of value
Innovate and shift what you are doing to provide more transformations to people who trust you. Invest in yourself and find out how to serve your existing customers in a new way.
3. Expand geographically
If your service or product target only people from one geographical region, probably it is the time to start targeting people from other countries too, or you can think doing it in different languages, like Spanish.
4. Create new products
Do you already have ONE product that works? Then now is the time to think about what’s “next” in the mind of your customer. Think VALUE LADDER as Russell Brunson describes in his book,Dotcom Secrets.
5. Launch into new channels
Have you established one channel of distribution that is predictable (i.e. Facebook ads)? Then expand to another social media platform to extend your influence.
6. Reach for new customers in your niche
Every vertical has several “versions” of your customer avatar. For example, if you sell to insurance agents…there are new agents, established agents who have plateaued, broker-owners with large teams, etc…all who have different needs and problems. Go get another one of those customers with a new product (refer back to #4).
Let me know if you have questions about these. I know they are pretty straightforward, but they can require modification based on experience, industry or knowledge level.
If you don’t have an online business yet you can grab this step by step blueprint on how to start an online business.

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