6 Things to Know Before Starting Your Online Business

I had the idea of making money online since 2013 but I really never took it seriously until  2017, since then I learned a lot and used that information to quit my job and now I only live on my online earning.

If you’re in the process of starting your online business, here are something you might want to know.

Starting Your Online Business Takes a Ton of Effort

People who start an online business has this mindset of that making money online is very easy, it is a matter of clicking two or three times a day and in less than a month you will be a millionaire.

There are a lot of things you will need to do before having a proper online business, registering a domain name, building your first website, building squeeze pages, setting autoresponders, writing followup emails, selecting affiliate products etc.

I know you can get a done for you service but even if you can afford that (sometimes it is not cheap), there is something you will have to do and as a newbie, you will find them challenging.

Build it and They Won’t Come

You can have the best website, the best product or service but if no one can see them you will never make a dime, you will need to massive advertise your pages and services if you want to become successful, the good news is that there are a lot of ways you can use to advertise your products services. People won’t come to your blog if they don’t know it exists.

You Might Give Up

They say it takes between 3 to five years for an average person to start making money online, guess what most of them they quit in a way.

It’s totally common and possible for you to give up on your online business, especially if you don’t make any money for a while. To be honest with you when you’re just starting your online business your affiliate dashboard will be like this one in the image below.

6 Things to Know Before Starting Your Online Business

Those zero cash days can be very discouraging. This doesn’t mean you should give up now. It does mean that you should forget your distant dream of building a successful online business, and instead take action as soon as you can.

It Could Get Technical

I know that these days there are a lot of one-click install software, but for a new and nontech guy it can be very difficult and confusing, your squeeze page will not load because your CSV file has an extra comma, you installed WordPress in the wrong direction or like what happened to me, you accidentally deleted your blog thing can become very technical very fast.

Well, that is a very unlikely scenario, but they can happen.

It’s Surprisingly Rewarding

Making money online is very fun and very rewarding, sometimes I make more money in a day than the amount i used to make in a whole month in my old job.

6 Things to Know Before Starting Your Online Business

Imagine waking up and opening your email and finding out you make more money while you were sleeping and not having to worry about going to a job you don’t like and working with people you don’t like, it is a joy to live like this.

You Could Ask Me for Help

Yes, the last thing you need to know before starting your online business is that you could ask me for help.

Not just me. Many online marketers are willing to help you start. Just find one or two and ask for help and they will help you to get started.

Bonus Tip: Learn from These Brilliant Online Marketers

The nice thing about starting an online business is that someone has done it before and you could learn from her experience.

Mark Ling-Mark Ling is a brilliant affiliate marketer and mentor, he created a free program called afilorama where you can learn about affiliate marketing and making money online for free.

Kevin Fahey-Kevin Fahey has created a perfect program for you. It’s the perfect “starting place” for anyone who is new.

It’s called “IMNEWBIE”, and it’s EXACTLY what I followed to start earning money online. It only costs around $9.95, but the information is priceless.

AffiloblueprintThis is the best training on how to start an online business, it is a little bit expansive for some, but if you only have $200 to invest in your education, this is a must-have program, it cost $197 to be exact, but as they say, you get what you pay for.

Those are 6 things to know before starting your online business, my message to you, don’t give up and if you need any help or you have a question please send me an email via the contact form and I will respond as soon as I can.

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