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5 Things You Need to Do in Order to Start Affiliate Marketing Business

Most people why try doing affiliate marketing they end up failing miserably, one of the biggest reason for this is because the really don’t where to start.

5 Things You Need to Do in Order to Start Affiliate Marketing Business

If you want to start affiliate marketing business there are some things you must have in order to get any chance of success. These five things will be like the foundation of your business, without them your chances of success are very limited.

What is affiliate marketing

For starters, affiliate marketing is when you (a marketer) you someone’s products or services (the vendor or merchant).

This is how it works, you as a marketer you find a group of people with really life problems, you go to another person who have the solution for that problem, you take the solution and presents it to the peoples with problems, if the solution solves their problems they will pay for it, and when they do, the vendor will pay you some percentage of the money he/she gets from the sale.

By this way the person who had the problem is happy because he/she got the solution, the vendor is happy he/she sold the solution and made some money and you my friend you will be very happy you just make some cash too.

This is a scenario all three parts involved get what they want and everybody, I just hope you will be promoting only legit products.

So now you know what is affiliate marketing now let me explain to you need to do in order to start affiliate marketing business.

5 Things You Need to Do in Order to Start Affiliate Marketing Business


This is the most important thing you will need to start affiliate marketing business; this is what will determine what kind of marketer you will became. This will determine how serious you will be with your business, how you will react to disappointments (trust me you will have many).

The good news is that you can change your mindset, you can change your mindset by reading some books my highest recommendation will be, Think and grow rich by Napoleon Hill, Rich Dad,Poor Dad by Robert Kayosaki, and Awaken the Giant Within by Tony Robins, just start will those three and then read more books as you wish.


This is another very important thing you need to do if you want to start online business, as in as real business running affiliate marketing business will require you to invest some money in it, this could be to by software or traffic to your site or affiliate site.

My recommendation is will be to set out at least $500 per month in your first two months, if you can’t afford that it is ok you can start lower, just set up a budget and stick to it until you start making some money.

When you’re just starting out you will lose money so, if you don’t have any money it is better to get a side job to support your family and your business.

This doesn’t mean that you can’t start affiliate marketing business without any money, yes you can do it, actually I did it, but it will take you long time before making any substantial income and many people quits before that.

Traffic source

You will need to choose a single traffic source to start with, jumping around for trying multiple traffic sources at once when you’re just starting out is one of the surest way to fail as affiliate marketer.

If you have a budget just pick one of the paid traffic source and go with it, learn about it inside out and became the master of it.

For starters my best paid traffic source will be solo ads, this is because most solo ads vendors are affiliate marketers themselves and they can actually help you to optimize your ad copy and pre sell pages. Just go to and create a free account and start driving traffic to your pages.

Another paid traffic sources I will recommend are and, also you could try Facebook ads, Bing ads and google ppc.

If you don’t have a budget to buy ads, I will recommend to set up a blog and create good contents and then promote it to social media for free, also you could write a great content and ask people in your niche to publish in their blogs and they will give you a link to your blog or squeeze page. That is the best free traffic source for me.

Affiliate networks

These are networks that will give you permission to promote products, if you’re just starting out my highest recommendation will be to start with clickbank, as it is very easy to promote affiliate products with clickbank and in most in the products you won’t need a vendor permission to promote those products.

Some of affiliate networks you can join are


When you start affiliate marketing business you will need some set of software tools to run it here are some of them.


You will need to host your files and pages somewhere online, so you will need a hosting software, there are a lot of software’s out there but my highest recommendation will be siteground as they are cheaper, faster and created just to fit your needs.

Domain name

You will need a domain name for example mine is, you will need your too, it can be any name you choose, just make it easy to remember, short and sweet, if you can get a .com great if not just get a .net. For your domain name I will recommend namecheap.

TIP: Don’t ever use the same company to register your domain name and hosting, don’t do this even if they offer it for free, the reason behind this is that if you have a problem with that company you will lose everything but if you register in different companies when that occur your troubles will be a half.

Web creation

You will need WordPress software for your blog or website, I think this is a great software for website or blog creation and it is free.

If you are going blogging as one of your marketing strategies, I will recommend to install a professional theme to your WordPress blog. I use eleven pro theme in all my blog and i never been happier.

For all your pre sell pages squeeze pages and marketing funnels I will recommend clickfunells as they are the best software in the business.


If there is a single most important task on your affiliate marketing business and that will be list building, they say the money is in the list and it is true, list building is the easiest way to make money as affiliate marketer.

List building means collection email address from people who are interested in your business, this does not mean that you can go there and crap emails from internet and email them, no, you will need to offer them incentive to join your list and then email them related offers.

You will need to store somewhere those emails you collects, and the best software for that is called getresponse, it is the cheapest and one of the best auto responders in affiliate marketing world.


You will need to track everything you do online, and the software that I recommend for that task is clickmagic, it is the best tracking software.

So those are five things you need to do or to have in order to start affiliate marketing business, it is your time to start affiliate marketing business, if you have and question just let me know by leaving a comment below or just contact me via contact form and I will be very happy to help you in anyway.

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