5 Simple Tips To Increase Affiliate Sales

What if you can make more money in your Clickbank, Jvzoo, Warriorplus account by using the same amount of traffic? will you be interested? Keep reading.

In this post, I am going to give you 5 simple tips to increase affiliate sales with the same effort. You will learn how you can make more money from the same amount of traffic you’re getting right now.

5 Simple Tips To Increase Affiliate Sales

5 Simple Tips To Increase Affiliate Sales

1: Get a niche related domain name

This is a point where most of the beginners fail to understand, you need to have a niche related domain name, a domain name should be short, easy to remember and somehow related to your niche, for example, one of my domain names is bellybailout.com, as you can see it is easy to remember and the name is related to the niche( belly fat loss).

The main purpose of having your own domain name is that you can use to redirect your affiliate link, most affiliate links are ugly, you can use your domain name in order to create pretty and clean affiliate links.

Sometimes products go out of the marketplace if you affiliate links redirected with your own domain name you could just find a related product and change the affiliate link.

2: make your own landing page

Some people call it presale page or bridge page, it is a page your visitors land before going to see the affiliate page (hence landing page).

The main purpose of your landing page is to prepare your prospects before they buy from you, this can be done by a video, audio or written words.

It could be a simple page explaining your prospects what they are going to get, a simple review of a product, how the product helped you, a bonus, etc.

3: Create a bonus

Another technique you can use to increase your sales is by creating a bonus, the main purpose of your bonus is to give your prospects an extra push to buy a product by using your affiliate link.

The bonus must be a compliment of the affiliate products, for example, if you’re promoting a list building product your product could a squeeze page software, a small guide on how to create high converting squeeze pages etc, don’t offer them a weight loss bonus.

You can create your own bonuses if you want them to be unique, also you can buy a PLR product and offer it as a bonus, some vendors they can create bonuses for you, just write them an email and ask for it.

4: Build a mailing list

I am sure by now you know that ”the money is in the list”, but you can make more money by having a buyers list, for every person who buys from you, you can offer them a bonus and just create a simple squeeze page where they can give you their email address in order to receive the bonuses.

This way you can build a list of buyers without even creating your own product.

5: Show them how to buy

This seems stupid but trust me, it increases conversion a lot, you can do a very simple thing in your landing page by showing your prospects the whole buying process, what information is needed and how the pages look like.

By doing this reduces fears to your prospects and it increases the conversion rate.

Those are 5 simple tips to increase affiliate sales if you liked them don’t forget to subscribe to this blog so that you can get other tips like this when I post them.

Have a great day.


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