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5 signs that you’re not a good affiliate marketer

This post will make some people feel offended and if you’re the kind of the person who gets offended easily please don’t read this because I am going to cover the brutal truth about 5 signs that you`re not a good affiliate marketer.

5 signs that you're not a good affiliate marketer

In my online adventure, I interact with different kind of people every day and when I ask them what they do for living they tell me that they are affiliate marketers or influencers, business owners, mentors or something fancy, but after looking at their social media activities I realize that in reality, they are none of those or at least they are bad at them.

So if do you consider yourself an affiliate marketer, I created a checklist of 5 signs that you’re not a good one, this is not to scare you or something, it is a reality check that if you find one or two things that you do on the list, probably it is the time to change that.

5 signs that you’re not a good affiliate marketer

1. You don’t remember when you made your last sale

We are into affiliate marketing in order to help people and make money. So when do you know that you’re a proper affiliate marketer? When you start making sales.

Even if you’re making some sales but they are too far between them, this means there is something wrong with your approach and it is the right time to change.

2. You spend more than you make

As I said above, your aim as marketer or entrepreneur is to help people and make money in the process. Unless you’re running a charity, you should be making more money than you spend.

Another way to look at it is that how many products you bought this month? and how many products you sold? if you buy many products that the products you sell you’re not running a profitable business and it is time to change some things.

3. You don’t build your tribe

A tribe means people who are interested in what you have to say, most big-time affiliate marketers they have a huge following online.

In order to become a successful affiliate marketer you will need to do the same, you can start building your followers by just starting to build your email list, blog readers, social media followers, for sure it will take time but you need to build that.

4. You spend a lot of time on social media

Being an affiliate marketer and working from home with your computer can be confusing to some people, they confuse between doing a productive work and wondering in social media. Most so-called affiliate marketers they spend the entire day scrolling in social media feeds and hoping to catch on new shine object and sending unsolicited messages. I am sorry to burst your bubble but that is not marketing, it is wasting your time and spamming.

Good affiliate marketers they spend their time making things happen,  new product, researching for a new market, learning a new skill, preparing a content etc.

5. You consume content more than you produce

Another sign that you’re not a good affiliate marketer is that you consume content more than you produce, let me put this in this way, you wake up, you open your computer and start reading emails from zillion persons who want to sell you something, you go to facebook you do the same, you go to youtube and you do the same. At end of the day, you send email to two safelists and you count as a productive day (i used to do this by the way).

Yes, it is good to read other people contents, especial who can teach you something but you need to chose 2 -5 people who you will follow and ditch all others.

You should follow the principle of learning, apply then earn. In those 2-5 affiliate marketers, you follow learn something they teach and actually apply it and you can earn from it by teaching other or by applying what you learn to grow your online business.


If you have one of the 5 signs above means you’re in trouble but the good thing is that I have a solution for you, actually, I have two depending on what do you need to do right now.

If you are promoting affiliate marketing products, make money online products or online marketing systems then my highest recommendation will be this done for you affiliate marketing system, you can get started today with everything done for you for just $1 here.

If you are interested in promoting any other online products, you can check out this step by step guide that will teach you how to do affiliate marketing in the right way and start profiting from it.

Final words

Those are 5 signs that you’re not a good affiliate marketer, read them and give yourself a reality check, if you have any of those signs it is not too late to change, also I gave you two solutions I recommend, that can help you to start and build a profitable online business.







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