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5 reasons why you should be giving away free stuffs to your subscribers

Giving away free stuffs from your blog or email list can be the key to your online business success. Every successful marketer give away some of their stuffs for free and here are the reasons why you should give away freebies:

5 reasons why you should be giving away free stuffs to your subscribers

To build your list

You can give away free stuffs in exchange with your prospects email addresses, this is the most common way of building email list. Every top marketer does this and you should too.

To presell your paid product.

The content in your freebie should in some way or another build awareness and anticipation towards your paid product.

To build a relationship.

Gifts are supposed to strengthen bonds, when  you want  to attract the girl or a guy you like the best way to do that is to give them a gift, we do that to every one we care in our life.

In online business is the same if you want to build a solid relationship with your prospects you should give them something that will help them for free.

To create subconscious reciprocation.

When you give something away for free, they will be urged to give something back in return.

To build Authority

When you give away stuffs to your subscribers, they will start to view you as someone who is generous in sharing.

The key is to share high quality stuffs, because then people will start to treat you as their reference all the time.

When they have a question, they will go to you. When they have a problem, they will go to you.

When they need a solution, they will buy from you.

You will be the one they look up to, and they will be willing to pay you good money to get access to what you know!

For these 5 reasons, giving away freebies can be the best way to monetize your subscribers.

Word of caution

I’d suggest giving away freebies a maximum of 3 – 4 times in a month, including the original freebies you offer in your squeeze page.

There’s a good reason for this. You don’t want your subscribers to be expecting FREE stuffs from you all the time. Once they develop a habit of receiving free stuffs from you, they won’t buy from you again.


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