5 Affiliate Marketing Predictions For 2021

We are in the third week of this brand new year, and here I am predicting what I think will happen in 2021, here are my 5 affiliate marketing predictions for 2021.

For starters, 2020 was a very strange year, the global pandemic and the lockdown caused a lot of uncertainty around the world, many people lost lives due to the pandemic, people lost their jobs and it has been even harder to get a job in the last year.

My affiliate marketing predictions for 2021

5 Affiliate Marketing Predictions For 2021


Content will be a king

Anyone in the digital marketing sphere knows that content is the king, but most people think that content marketing is the way to generate free traffic, this is true but I think also this will be applicable to the paid traffic.

Nowadays many advertising companies do not accept thin content landing pages, they want you to promote your content to their platforms, and then from your content, you can promote your offers and services.

So if do you want to double or triple your affiliate income this year you will need to produce high-quality content and supply to your prospects, this content can be written, ( Facebook posts, blog post, etc, ) audio ( podcasts ) or video ( youtube, Facebook live, etc).

Influencers Will Become Even More Important

Talking about content, you will need to become a kind of influencer if you have to make it big this year, you do not have to have a massive following in order to an influencer, if you have 1000 followers in social media who you can help with this will be huge.

Trust continues to be a key factor in purchasing. The current period of uncertainty and increased privacy concerns due to perceived Big Tech overreach add to this. Consumers prefer content marketing’s softer approach to inform and educate without being intrusive.

If you can create content that will be entertaining, and educative people will follow you like you and buy whatever you recommend them to, so get to work.

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Video marketing will be huge

Two years ago most people did not know what zoom was, due to the pandemic, most people started to work virtual using their computers, and most people use video conferencing software like zoom to conduct their daily meetings. This makes most people become comfortable with participating in video conference calls.

You can take advantage of this by creating more video conference calls to promote your affiliate products and services.

Also since many people will be still working from home in 2021 they will consume more content especially videos on Youtube, 2021 is a great year to start a Youtube channel if you do not have one.

Live streaming will be more popular

Talking about people being comfortable with videos and being bored at home due to lockdown restrictions, many people will be more willing to watch live streaming on a social network like Youtube, Twitter, Twitch, Facebook, or Tiktok, make sure you use these social media in the combination of live streaming to get in touch with your prospects.

Affiliate marketing will be still the way to go

People are still losing jobs and it is even harder to get a new one, lockdown makes people depressed and loses hope, you can promote products that teach people how to make money online, you can promote products that teach people how to homeschool their kids, etc, these products will have massive appeal to most of the people and you can make cash from them.

It is nothing wrong or bad selling people products like this during the pandemic, as long as the products are legit and they really help people you can do this.

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That is it, those are my five affiliate marketing predictions for 2021, what are your predictions? Let me know in the comment section below.