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The 4 Steps to Affiliate Marketing Success

Having a successful affiliate marketing business it is not a rocket science, it is easy as following few simple steps, if you do these steps right I can guarantee you that you will start generating leads and sell you your business.

The 4 Steps to Affiliate Marketing Success

In this post I am going to give you 4 simple steps to affiliate marketing success, these are the same steps that I use to promote other people’s products aka affiliate marketing.

I will dig in to more detail but here are the basic 4 steps to affiliate marketing success:

  1. Drive Traffic to…
  2. a Capture Page to generate leads.
  3. Follow Up with your leads.
  4. Broadcast offers to your leads.


Traffic is the online word describing people who visit your website. There are many ways to get traffic. There is free traffic and paid traffic. You can spend time, money, or both. Driving traffic really isn’t complicated. The idea is to get people to see your capture page so they can request your information.

Squeeze page

This can literally be a simple one page that you can set up, the only aim of your squeeze page is to get your visitor to give you their email in exchange of a free gift.

If you don’t already have a blog or web site, clickfunnels  is a good option to get started quickly because it  gives you the ability to set up squeeze  pages within minutes.

A good squeeze page may include nothing more than a headline, a few descriptive sentences, and a simple opt-in box the visitor can use to request your offer (a free pdf, report, discount, etc…).

If you want to get really fancy, you can include an image of whatever it is that you are offering, or an image that shows the benefits of your offer. The job of this squeeze page is to convert the web site visitors you generate to high quality leads.

 Follow Up

The job of your autoresponder is to collect the subscriber information and send out your follow up messages.

I would recommend you to set up between 4 to 6 follow up messages, these are messages that will introduce you to your subscribers, it is your chance to tell them a little bit about you, your business, about what they can expect from you and off course you can introduce them to your business or just offer them a solution to their problem.

One thing that I love about autoresponders is that they work for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Whether you’re sleeping, or hanging out with friends, your autoresponder system keeps taking in new leads and sending out your follow up messages.

As long as you keep driving quality traffic, my list keeps growing and my autoresponder keeps following up. It’s a lot of fun to wake up in the morning and see reports that you have new leads that came in while you were asleep.


Creating an automatic follow up system sound sexy but there is one problem with it, it will keep sending the same messages to your subscribers even if the offer is not active anymore.

Also there is a danger that the information might be outdated, the only way to combat it is to set up a short autoresponder messages and the rest of your messages; you can send them as a broadcast.

As your list begins growing, you can create and send out special targeted offers to drive sales. You can literally send out an offer, have your readers open the email, click the link and buy your offer within minutes.

Also you can use broadcast messages to send out surveys, your opinion on current issues and marketing trends, new products launches, the sky is the limit here.

This is the really secret of making money as an affiliate marketer.

So those are the 4 steps to affiliate marketing success, if you have anything to add to it or a question just let me know in the comment below.

Thank you

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