10 Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Affiliate Link Through Instagram

Instagram is one of the best platforms to get traffic, free or paid, in this post, I am going to share with you 10 ways to drive traffic to your affiliate link through Instagram for free.

I have used this method to drive traffic to my Clickbank affiliate products and I have very good results, that is why I decided to start another page and share the tips with you.

If you do not have any offer to promote to your Instagram page, you can pick one from Clickbank, I go into detail on how to choose the best Clickbank product to promote here.

10 ways to drive traffic to your affiliate link through Instagram

10 ways to drive traffic to your affiliate link through Instagram

1) Make Your Name SEO Friendly

This is crucial when naming your page make sure that it reflects your business or what is your page is about, stop using random names, be intentional and smart about this.

Keep your username whatever you’d like, but when it comes to your NAME (the bold text right above your bio, change it to something that clearly describes the goal of your page:

-Passive Income Jet

-Numerology Secrets

-Morning Meditation

-Affiliate Marketing Tips

-BBQ Aficionado 

-Retirement Income Strategies

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2) Keep Your Bio Short, Sweet, & Precise 

Before people start to follow you, they will check out your bio, in order to attract the right people who are interested in what you have to say make sure that your bio is short and straight to the point.

Don’t feel the need to overload it with emojis or give yourself a dozen titles:

For example.

I help complete beginners make money online through affiliate marketing.”

I help complete bloggers to make a living just using their blog.”

I help businesses to generate leads online.”


Just find a simple statement that explains what do you do online.


3) Use a Preset Filter On Your Photos

This will help you keep your page consistent without overthinking it when it comes time to post. Use VSCO or the Lightroom App.

4) Use Canva to create content for your page.

Inspirational Quotes and posts are doing well on Instagram. Hop over to Canva and check out their premade templates and plug your favorite quotes in.

If you don’t have design experience or a background in graphics, you’re going to love the simplicity of Canva.

5) Use Your Face, Not Your Logo


People like to follow and buy from other people, yes you got a great logo and you love it, I get this but if you put your own image on your page, people will trust it more and will click on your affiliate link.

Even sometimes post personal photos on your page, this will help you to connect with like-minded people in your niche.

6) Don’t Use Super-Long Links in Your Bio

I do not recommend using super long links like affiliate links on your bio, first, there is limited space for a link on your bio, second, they look ugly.

You can use Bit.ly for shortening your links as I used here below or If you have a WordPress blog you can install a redirect plugin ( my favorite is a pretty link) and use it to redirect your links. This will go a long way and make your link look professional and well planned.


7) Use #Hashtags

Before each post, you need to find hashtags that are related to your content and include them in your post.

Sometimes I use them in a description and other times I use them as a first comment, this will help your page to grow faster and hence generating more traffic to your affiliate link.


8) Engage with Your Audience Daily

This is huge, your page is new, you have few followers and get few comments, do your best to answer all of them.

People like to feel that their comment is heard, so while you do not get a lot of traffic yet, try to get involved with your audience daily, like their comments and respond to their questions, this will take make Instagram suggest your page to more users and your page will increase rapidly.

9) Comment on bigger pages

If you don’t have a lot of traction on your own page, find accounts that are similar to yours but bigger, all you need to do is to engage with their audience. 

Many big accounts don’t have the time to answer all of the questions underneath their posts so this is a chance for YOU to provide some value there and get some traction.

10) Do this every day

Most people post once per week and they ask themselves why their pages are not growing, if you want to get a lot of traffic and make sales every day you need to start doing this every day.

If this is a brand new page, I will suggest posting something 5 to 10 times a day, then use the rest of the time to interact with all people who are engaging with your content.

Final word

That is it, those are 10 ways to drive traffic to your affiliate link through Instagram for free. I hope these tips help you with your Instagram Accounts today.

Thank you for reading and please follow my Instagram page here.