10 List Building Tips

If you have been trying to make money for more than a day, I am sure someone has told you that the money is in the list. That is why today I am going to share with you my top 10 list-building tips that you can start applying today and build a huge list.

10 List Building Tips

10 List Building Tips

Make Your Content Relevant

Content always a king, especially when you want to attract prospects using free traffic, the big mistake that most people make is to produce content that no one wants to read.

You need to produce high-quality content which is relevant to your niche, if you are in the manifestation niche, just find out what your prospects want.

This is easily overcome, just ask them, if you are using Facebook or any social media you can ask questions to your friends or followers about what type of content they want and start producing it.

You can use a tool like Semrush to do your marketing research and use the results you find as a guide to creating the content your prospects want. Do not guess.

Add More Subscription Boxes To Your Blog.

This sounds simple enough, but few people actually do it. If you have a 100-page blog, you should have 100 newsletters subscribe boxes on your website.

You can integrate a subscribe box just about anywhere on a blog. You could add one just before an article starts, in the middle of an article, or even at the end of the article.
As long as you have good content on your website, you won’t have a problem getting people to subscribe to your email list.

I have another article in which I explain different places on your blog where you can add your sign-up form. Read it here.

Offer something great to incentivize people to join your email list

I have seen many people who have option forms in their social media and blogs with just subscribe to my list for more updates.

This is better than having nothing, but it is not enough, you need to offer your subscribers something valuable to them, find out what is the problem they have, and offer them a solution for free in exchange for their email.

For example, If I was in a manifestation niche I will create a report with 7 steps to manifest anything in life, then I will offer it for free in exchange for the email address.

This way people will have a valid reason to give you their email and you will have a valid reason for asking it from them.

Use Pop Up

Pop-ups are still one of the effective ways to get subscribers. There are many types of pop-ups you can create but for me, the exit pop-ups work the best.

I prefer the exit popup. So, when someone leaves a page on your website, they get a popup window asking them to subscribe to your newsletter.

This can get annoying so what you want to do is use a popup that allows you to tell if a person has already seen your popup before, so it won’t keep showing.

I use the Sumone plugin to create these popups.



Use a Squeeze Page

You can create a simple squeeze page, the main function of this page is just to collect emails, you can include the link to the squeeze pages inside your blog posts and when your readers click those links, they will go to the squeeze page and have a chance to opt-in.

There are many free WordPress plugins that you can use to create a squeeze page, if you can code you can create using HTML or PHP, or you can use a page builder.

I use Clickfunnels to build all my squeeze pages, as I think they are the page builder in the market.

Here is an example of the page I built using Clickfunnels.

squeeze page


Use A Paid And Well Known Autoresponder

I can’t stress this enough. Don’t use free Autoresponders or mailing lists! These services can go down at any time and are not professional looking at all.

Plus they also get used to spamming and are abused badly.  I use Aweber and never had any problems at all. They offer all I need

Network All You Can

Everywhere you go, network with people. You never know exactly who you might run into. Let as many people as you can know about what you do and that your the best at it.

Going to seminars and trade events is a great way to network with people in your markets and a great way to start building relationships with key online businesses.

You never know who might be able to help you with something down the track.

Take advantage of your social network

This is the part of networking, communicate with people who are in your social media circle, ask them questions, provide answers to their questions, these people will start to know and like you (probably you will piss off some of them but it is ok), and some of these people will subscribe to your email list.

You need to make sure that in all your social media you add links to your blog and a squeeze page so that people can check out your content and subscribe if they like it.

Give Your Newsletter Personality

What makes you different from any of the other newsletters out there in your market? 1 thing and 1 thing only.


Don’t be a lifeless drone, add some spark to your writing, be funny, be witty, be controversial, just don’t be boring!

Tell a story. Stories are a great way to get people hooked before they realize you
are actually selling them anything at all.

Don’t Buy Mass Email Lists

There are some people or companies that will contact you in order to sell you a list of people who are interested in your niche. In theory, this sounds like a good idea, for few dollars you get thousands of emails from people who are interested in your niche.

The problem with this is that first, it is illegal, you have no idea how these emails were collected, what if they were hacked from an FBI database? you can get into deep trouble very quickly.

Another reason that I do not recommend buying mass email lists is that these people in those lists do not know you, when you start sending them unsolicited messages, they can report you, this will hurt your reputation and the autoresponder service with close your account, it is not worth it, do not do it.

Final words

Those are my top 10 list-building tips, thank you for reading, for more tips about blogging, making passive income online and list building, please subscribe to the form below.