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An autoresponder is a software that does all the technical stuff like sending the emails, managing subscribers, handling unsubscribes, verifying emails, customizing the messages, and the list goes on and on. In order to run your online business will … [Continue reading]

Essential tools to build your online business

Essential tools to build your online business

There are a number of essential tools that will be at the core of your business in this industry. They are extremely important and I don’t personally do business without them. I highly recommend getting every one of the tools I show you in this first … [Continue reading]

Traffic generation with blogging

Blogging is one of the best free methods for getting targeted traffic to visit our squeeze page. If you already have your domain name and hosting account. Now, we have to setup a Word Press blog. There are many video tutorials on how to set up a … [Continue reading]

This is why i like Kanye West

Kanye West

I remember when Kanye West canceled a tour. Fans got mad. Producers got even madder since they had refunds to give. Kanye's reasons? To this day nobody knows. He was on stage rapping and getting into the flow. Then, out of the blue, … [Continue reading]

6 Things to Know Before Starting Your Online Business

I had the idea of making money online since 2013 but I really never took it seriously until  2017, since then I learned a lot and used that information to quit my job and now I only live on my online earning. If you're in the process of starting … [Continue reading]